Mac Miller Gets Emotional On New Posthumous Song "That’s Life"

Mac Miller has been terribly missed since his passing in September of 2018, but fans can still make more memories and honor the late rapper with his new music. Record producer 88-Keys released Mac Miller’s new posthumous song "That’s Life," on Thursday, June 20. Miller is featured on the verses with Sia on vocals, and it marks one of his first posthumous tracks to be approved for release by his family.

Miller died on Sept. 7, 2018, of an apparent overdose after having publicly struggled with addiction and sobriety, something he mentions on this new track. "They told me don’t make a promise you can’t keep/ All the drugs in your system, you can’t sleep," he raps. "How many times you had to buy a Plan B for a girl you’d never bring back home to meet your family/ I swear this is what a dream about/ Ever since my mom told me she need me out/ Always smoking weed, causing trouble, never clean the house/ But I paid her back for everything, I guess we even now," he continues right at the top of the track over soulful, chilling pianos.

88-Keys expanded on the inspiration for the track in a statement obtained by Bustle. "’That’s Life’ is a song which sums up the sentiments of the music I’ve been working on over the past few years," he said. "We all have to forge through the good, the bad and the ugly. Mac came up with the concept for the song stemming form a conversation we had in the studio about relationships as we shared with each other what made the ones we were in at the time special."

According to 88-Keys’ statement, he played the song for Sia who "personally identified with the sentiments of the song and felt strongly about contributing her own thoughts on the subject matter." The singer, who tackled addiction in her own hit "Chandelier," ended up contributing a moving and beautiful verse to close out proceedings. "At the end of it all," he said, "my dear friend Mac and my new found friend Sia helped me make a song to touch the world and help many deal with adversities we’re faced with, but ‘That’s Life.’"

In an interview published on Thursday, 88-Keys told DJBooth that the song was recorded in February 2015, back when the rapper was recording his album GO:OD AM, and that the song ended up inspiring that title. "There was no mention of that title in the song, but it just inspired the title of the album," he said. "I vaguely recall him saying that this was one of the best songs he had ever made. He hadn’t made a song quite like that before."

"That’s Life" follows Miller’s first posthumous feature on the Free Nationals’ "Time," alongside Kali Uchis, which was released on the same day that his former girlfriend and collaborator Ariana Grande paid tribute to the rapper when she performed in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

It seems fans haven’t heard the last of Miller just yet. Let’s just hope that, like "That’s Life," any future releases come out with the blessing and support of Miller’s family to honor the rapper in the way that he deserves.

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Anthropologie’s Summer 2019 Sale Includes Discounts On Over 1,500 Items, So Make Time To Shop

While I love when my go-to stores have sales, I’m even more excited when stores that are typically out of my price range have major markdowns, because it means I can snag cute pieces that I otherwise couldn’t afford. That’s why I’m so jazzed up about Anthropologie’s Summer 2019 Sale — while I do shop there every now and then, their gorgeous pieces are sometimes budget-breakers for me, so the chance to buy them for less is a big, big deal. If you feel the same, or you’re a regular Anthro babe who still wants better deals, read on for everything you need to know about the retailer’s huge summertime sale, happening right now.

While I love Anthropologie’s unique, colorful clothing, I’m also a huge fan of their home goods section, from the luxe bedding and intricate throw pillows to the rugs, lighting fixtures, and furniture of my wildest dreams. Literally, everything they touch becomes boho-chic, wanderlust perfection, so I’d be happy to snag just about anything on sale. Given that tons of items are priced at up to 70% off at the moment, it appears I’ll have my pick of the lot, and believe me, I’m going in.

If you see me this summer looking ~effortlessly boho chic~, know I most likely snagged my look during the Anthro sale:

The sale started on June 18, but there are still hundreds of discounted items left on the site, so no need for FOMO. In fact, according to the site, there are over 1,500 pieces marked down. That said, Anthropologie has yet to announce an end date for the deals, so get ’em while they’re hot. Personally, I plan on snagging dozens of dresses. Okay, maybe just a few.

I’m so into the Brianne Cowl Neck Dress ($60, originally $120,, which is available in standard, petite, and plus sizes. Go off, Anthro:

Brianne Cowl Neck Dress




I’m also strongly tempted by the cool-artist-girl vibes of these Pintucked Chino Pants ($60, originally $110,, still available in standard and plus sizes:

Pintucked Chino Pants




My heart wants the white, but my head knows I’ll stain them. Sigh, moving right along.

If you’re in the market for a new handbag, the Jamie Acrylic Basket Bag ($60, originally $88, comes in 7 cool colors:

Jamie Acrylic Basket Bag




I bought this purse as my sister’s roommate’s graduation gift, and I can confirm it was a hit. Like my sister wants one, too, and now that it’s on sale, she can totally buy it for herself. I will not be gifting another. Sorry not sorry.

And jumping to home goods, the Candlefish Ceramic Candles ($20, originally $28, are both gorgeous and very much on sale:

Candlefish Ceramic Candle




Another fun story you didn’t ask for: I’ve been to the Candlefish workshop in Charleston, South Carolina, and took a class that made me an official chandler, aka a real-deal candle-maker. Spoiler alert, I didn’t make the candles in the Anthro sale, but I thought you might still want to know.

Lastly, I’ll round out my list with everyone’s favorite, a good throw pillow. The Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Wool Camille Pillow ($80, originally $118, is an absolute must-have:

Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Wool Camille Pillow




And to think, the above are only a small sampling of over 1,500 items marked down! The sale won’t last forever, so get your booty to an Anthropologie near you or shop on the site now to make the most of some major savings.

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‘Lovecraft Country’: Jamie Neumann, Erica Tazel & Mac Brandt To Recur On HBO Series

EXCLUSIVE: Former The Deuce star Jamie Neumann, Erica Tazel (The Good Fight) and Kingdom alum Mac Brandt are set for recurring roles opposite Jonathan Majors, Courtney B. Vance and Jurnee Smollett-Bell on HBO’s upcoming straight-to-series drama Lovecraft Country, from Misha Green, Oscar winner Jordan Peele and his Monkeypaw Productions, J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot, and Warner Bros Television.

Penned by Green based on the 2016 novel from Matt Ruff, Lovecraft Country follows Atticus Freeman (Majors) as he joins up with his friend Letitia (Smollett-Bell) and his Uncle George (Vance) to embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father. This begins a struggle to survive and overcome both the racist terrors of white America and the terrifying monsters that could be ripped from a Lovecraft paperback.

Neumann will play Hillary, an outdoorsy woman who migrates to the big city – where her dreams turn into nightmares.

Tazel is Dora Freeman, spitfire personality and life of every party, who enjoys nights on the town with her beloved, boozy husband Montrose.

Brandt will portray Lancaster, a former thug who grew up on the streets of Chicago and is more brawn than brain, he’s strong armed his way to the head of Chicago PD’s organized crime unit, where his corruption has been allowed to thrive.

In addition to Majors, Vance and Smollett-Bell, the three join previously announced cast Michael Kenneth Williams, Wunmi Mosaku, Aunjanue Ellis, Abbey Lee, Jamie Harris, Jamie Chung and Jordan Patrick Smith.

Green, Peele and Sackheim executive produce, along with Bad Robot’s Abrams and Ben Stephenson, Bill Carraro and Yann Demange, who directs the first episode.

Neumann can currently be seen in AMC’s series NOS4A2, opposite Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Ashleigh Cummings. This summer, Neumann will appear in Netflix’s Jessica Jones, opposite Krysten Ritter, and in STX Entertainment’s upcoming crime drama 21 Bridges, alongside Chadwick Boseman and Sienna Miller. Her previous credits include starring roles on HBO’s The Deuce and Hulu’s The Looming Tower. She is repped by APA, and MGMT.

Tazel’s television credits include Roots, The Good Fight, The Night Shift, The Office, ER, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Sex and the City, Life, Heartland, Bones and Firefly, as well as recurring roles on Jericho and Third Watch. She can currently be seen on Ava DuVernay’s drama Queen Sugar. Tazel is repped by Buchwald and manager Gladys Gonzalez.

Brandt played the role of Mac for four seasons on DirecTV’s Kingdom opposite Jonathan Tucker and Frank Grillo. Brandt also recurred on Night Shift, Colony and Valor and appeared on Game Over, Man opposite Adam Devine. Brandt is repped by AKA Talent and Schlegel Entertainment.

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Rita Ora, Tiesto & Jonas Blue Debut ‘Ritual’ Music Video – Watch Now!

Rita Ora, Tiesto and Jonas Blue are teaming up on their new single “Ritual,” and you can watch the music video right here!

The accompanying visual was released on Thursday (June 20).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rita Ora

“We had such a blast putting together this piece of art for you and I hope you love it as much as I do,” Rita wrote on her Instagram.

Rita‘s last studio album, Phoenix, was released in November of 2018 and went Top 20 in the UK.

Watch the music video for “Ritual” inside…

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Cancer Season Keeps Drama TF Out of Your Life

Gemini season has been a month of spilling tea, going out, and feeling just a little bit (okay, a lotta bit) obsessed with only having fun right now. If you’re feeling winded from one of the most socially fast-paced months of the year, Cancer season, starting on June 21, is the pit stop you need to collect yourself and catch your breath…or at least, Cancer season is usually the perfect post-Gemini season recovery period.

It’s normally a slow moving, quiet, and calm time, but not this year—thanks to Mercury Retrograde and two (TWO!) eclipses coming up! Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces will have the easiest time navigating this Cancer season, while Aries, Libra, and Capricorn better learn to swim before they drown in their feels!

It’s almost cancer season!!!! I’m ready 😈

Cancer season 2019 is gonna be a real crab roast, but there are a few upsides. After making tons of new friends during Gemini season, Cancer season’s vibes make you want to cut the small talk and turn casual relationships into something deeper. Cancers are solely motivated by their emotions, so this time of year is when your feelings rule your every move—you’re urged to form deep connections, act with intention, and prioritize safe and stable relationships, so the scatter-brained and flighty vibes of last month are long gone. Venus is still in Gemini, keeping relationships fresh by making sure there’s a steady stream of new friends and first dates, but your biggest focus right now are your best friendships, your family, and, if you’re in a relationship, your partner.

Eclipses are the zodiac’s way of pushing you towards your next chapter in life either by taking something away or introducing majorly important opportunities

The Moon represents emotions in astrology, so it makes sense that it’s the ruler of Cancer, the moodiest sign. New Moons and Full Moons are always emotional moments, especially during Cancer season, but this month holds a Solar Eclipse on July 2 and a Lunar Eclipse on July 16, instead of a regular New Moon and Full Moon. With an eclipse, it’s like the Moon is on speed, so you’re chock full of feels. Eclipses are the zodiac’s way of pushing you towards your next chapter in life either by taking something away or introducing majorly important opportunities in the realms of love, friendships, work, or education. You have to take advantage of them fast—or they’ll disappear as quickly as they showed up!

FYI, July 9 and July 14 are two days to especially watch TF out for. On July 9, the Sun in Cancer is opposite Saturn, planet of blockages and restrictions, in Capricorn. This means you feel like you’re being backed into a corner by forces outside of your control and others are walling you in, so expressing yourself and being heard isn’t easy. And on July 14, the Sun is opposite Pluto, planet of destruction and transformation, which brings a totally different but equally difficult vibe. Those walls put up around you by Saturn get ripped down by Pluto and you’re no longer being restricted or held back, but the change in scenery is disorienting and you probably want to crawl back into your shell!

Cancer season is just a few days away who’s ready to CRY #astrology #horoscope #sunsign #sun #moon #moonsign #aries #taurus #gemini #cancer #leo #virgo #libra #scorpio #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces #dailyhoroscope #instastrology #astrologyfacts #astrologymemes #astrologyreadings #retrograde #space #memes #astrology101 #zodiac

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For instance, if your S.O. breaks up with you, look at it as an opportunity to focus on yourself and reclaim your power as an individual. If you miss out on a big promotion (or get laid off) then try to look forward to future opportunities and keep an eye out for a new, better job. If you and your bestie have a falling out, try to view it as a chance to strengthen your bond with your other friends.

You could be feeling like 2007 Britney Spears this month and like you hit rock bottom—but the only way you can go after Cancer season is up!

Saturn may rule blockages, but it also rules responsibility and structure—so when you push through all of the problems you’re facing this month, it becomes experience that you learn and grow from. Pluto rules destruction, but it’s also the planet of rebirth, so after you deal with the BS and whirlpool of feels, you become a totally new person. You could be feeling like 2007 Britney Spears this month and like you hit rock bottom—but the only way you can go after Cancer season is up!

Everyone is just as moody as you are this month, so try not to take anything too personal and lash out with your claws. When the going gets tough, Cancers usually shuffle away from the drama and defend themselves by receding into their shell. It’s the sign of family and domestic life, so staying at home to avoid drama is defs in your favor this month! Get in touch with your family—they’re likely to know exactly what to do or say to make you feel better despite all the hectic happenings. Cancer is associated with art and music, too, so channeling your creative side (or just blasting your favorite Spotify playlist in the car and screaming along to the lyrics) is a great way to deal with the stress of the month.

Had one of the most terrible experiences of my life this weekend so mercury retrograde will probably be the death of me. Rip me yall! #astrology #horoscope #sunsign #sun #moon #moonsign #aries #taurus #gemini #cancer #leo #virgo #libra #scorpio #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces #dailyhoroscope #instastrology #astrologyfacts #astrologymemes #astrologyreadings #retrograde #space #memes #astrology101 #zodiac

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Above all else, Cancer season will test your perspective and make you realize who or what is most important to you. Are you going to struggle? Oh hell yes—especially with the Mercury Retrograde in July—but these challenges are a one-way ticket to major growth when you work through them! Don’t stress, because with how busy you are this month, it’ll be over in a flash anyway, and you’ll be proud of how great you did.

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Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley Split 3 Months After Welcoming Baby Pilar Jhena

Wedding bells are no longer ringing for Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley.

According to E! News, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her fiancé of 8 months have split — three months after welcoming their daughter, Pilar Jhena.

Williams’ rep did not return PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Fans began to speculate that something was amiss between the couple when Williams, 37, unfollowed McKinley on Instagram in May. Around the same time, rumors began to circulate that he had cheated on her.

But despite the rumors, Williams, who welcomed her daughter on March 22, re-followed her fiancé and McKinley denied the cheating allegations in an statement to E! News earlier this month.

“These false and slanderous allegations against me are made solely to damage my reputation, jeopardize my ongoing businesses, and negatively impact my family,” he said at the time.

During an episode of the star’s spinoff series, Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Having a Baby, Williams shut down rumors that there was any trouble in paradise and revealed that she and McKinley decided to postpone their wedding due to her pregnancy.

“I didn’t postpone a wedding ‘cause I’m unsure. I postponed a wedding because I’m pregnant,” she told McKinley’s mother, Mama Gina, assuring her future mother-in-law that the two were prepping New Year’s Eve nuptials.

The couple was also in the middle of negotiating a prenuptial agreement which Mama Gina was involved in. And while Williams and McKinley had started discussing the terms of the agreement, they also decided to put negotiations “on hold” after they learned about their now-daughter.

“We put that on hold. I’m pregnant so I don’t want to deal with nothing that has to do with stress,” Williams said. “I originally wanted to get married before I had baby PJ. But Dennis and I haven’t really gotten into the nitty gritty of the prenup. Now I don’t think it’s the time. We should be concentrating on PJ.”

The split news comes just days after the new mom was snapped enjoying a vacation with her daughter at the Costa Hollywood Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida, without McKinley on Father’s Day weekend.

“Porsha was spotted eating with her family at the resort’s rooftop pool lounge Cielo and cuddling her adorable three-month old daughter at the pool,” a source told PEOPLE of the Bravo’s trip.

“There were no sightings of Pilar’s father, and Porsha’s fiancé, Dennis McKinley,” the source added.

The couple got engaged in September and announced the news on October 1.

“Dennis rented out a venue and took Porsha via helicopter there,” the star’s rep told PEOPLE exclusively of the over-the-top proposal, adding that there were “candles and rose petals everywhere.”

The singer Lil’ Mo surprised Williams by singing her favorite song, “4 Ever,” and Williams and McKinley then threw a “prayer party” for their baby on the way.

Williams previously opened up to PEOPLE about her relationship with McKinley, calling her pregnancy six years after suffering a miscarriage a “dream come true.”

“The thought of me getting that blessing after praying for it for so long and getting that blessing with someone who is just as excited as me — it’s Dennis’ first child, just like me — and it’s something we’ve both always wanted. … It’s like a dream come true,” she said.

Prior to getting engaged, the couple, who have known each other for years, officially dated for one year. Williams announced her pregnancy a few weeks prior to the Sept. 19 engagement.

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Royal Ascot 2019: Frankie Dettori and Stradivarius win second Gold Cup in a row

Frankie Dettori guided Stradivarius to a second successive Gold Cup victory at Royal Ascot as the in-form jockey won the first four races on Ladies’ Day.

The John Gosden-trained even favourite pulled clear to see off runner-up Dee Ex Bee with Master Of Reality in third.

It was a seventh Gold Cup triumph for Dettori, who was labelled a “superstar” after his double success on Wednesday.

“What an amazing horse he is. He is a horse for the big occasion and I love him dearly,” said the Italian.

“I am only nervous because the people care so much about this horse. It’s a wonderful story. Every time he runs he delivers.”

Stradivarius is now on a seven-race winning streak, with his last defeat coming on Champions Day in 2017.

Dettori led with Turgenev in the fifth race of the day, the Britannia Stakes, but was pipped near the finish by Harry Bentley on Biometric.

Dettori kicked off his winning streak by guiding A’Ali to a narrow victory from Ventura Rebel in the Norfolk Stakes, with Dubai Station thirdas favourite and early leader Sunday Sovereign fell away to finish eighth.

“It brings back some great memories,” said Dettori, who previously worked with A’Ali’s trainer Simon Crisford at Godolphin. “I’m really delighted. He’s been great to me through my career.”

He then delivered his second win of the day with Sangarius in the Hampton Court Stakes as he led Sir Michael Stoute’s charge home by two and a quarter lengths from 7-2 favourite Fox Chairman.

The 48-year-old completed his hat-trick on Gosden’s 4-1-priced Star Catcher in the Ribblesdale Stakes, beating 7-4 favourite Fleeting by a length and a half, with Sparkle Roll in third.

“Having the first three winners on Gold Cup and Ladies’ Day, it can’t get any better than this,” added Dettori, who won all seven races on the card at Ascot in September 1996.

But it did, and Dettori landed his 66th race win at Ascot to claim the Gold Cup.

Dee Ex Bee led for the majority of the two-and-a-half-mile contest, with Dettori and Stradivarius appearing to be boxed in.

Once a gap opened up the five-year-old took his chance to eventually pass the post a length to the good and become the first horse to win successive Gold Cups at Ascot since Yeats completed four in a row in 2009.

The Mark Johnston-trained Dee Ex Bee rallied to finish a nose ahead of 66-1 shot Master Of Reality in third.

The King George V Stakes, the final race of the day, was won by jockey Seamie Heffernan on South Pacific with Constantinople second and Eminence in third.

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‘That’s Life’: Mac Miller Featured Alongside Sia In Ominously Named New 88-Keys Song!

Mac Miller may be gone, but his voice lives on in a newly released song.

The late rapper and songstress Sia are featured in 88-Keys’ new track, That’s Life, marking one of the first official posthumous releases from the 26-year-old.

According to a press release, the song was originally recorded in New York City while 88 and Mac were in the studio together. As per usual, the Pittsburgh performer drops deeply personal lyrics that were inspired by conversations he and the Grammy-winning producer had about the relationships they were in at the time and what made them special.

Video: Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino & More Pay Tribute To Mac At Coachella

The track was eventually given to the Alive artist, who, according to 88, “personally identified with the sentiments of the song and felt strongly about contributing her own thoughts on the subject matter.”

We’re told the release has the blessing of Mac’s family.

Take a listen (below): 

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Sorry Internet: Tom Holland Just Squashed Those Zendaya Romance Rumors

Robert Marquardt/Getty Images for Sony Pictures

Tom Holland is clarifying his relationship status with Zendaya.

There’s been speculation surrounding the Spider-Man: Far From Home co-stars for years now, with fans hoping for a romance between the actors. So, what’s really going on between Tom and Zendaya?

According to Tom’s new interview with Elle, published on Thursday, the co-stars are not an item. In fact, the article notes that the 23-year-old star is not dating anyone at the moment. However, Tom does tell the publication that he is “definitely a relationship person.”

“I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life,” he shares with Elle.

Reports of a romance between Tom and Zendaya first started in 2017, shortly after the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

“They got to know each other while on set. They became friends and started getting romantic a few months ago,” an insider shared with E! News at the time. “They both are such great people. It’s cool they got together. Everyone gets along with them. They are very well liked on set. Tom is the most down to earth actor.”

View this post on Instagram

Happy birthday weirdo, thanks for being the wonderful person you are, we’re all very lucky to have you and your weirdness👍🏽 @tomholland2013

A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

Months later, Zendaya addressed the rumors during an interview for Variety‘s Power of Young Hollywood issue.

“We are friends,” she clarified in Aug. 2017, responding “no” when asked about a possible romance.

Earlier this month, Zendaya celebrated Tom’s birthday with a fun post on social media, writing, “Happy birthday weirdo, thanks for being the wonderful person you are, we’re all very lucky to have you and your weirdness.”

Don’t miss E! News every weeknight at 7, only on E!

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Stephanie Pratt didn’t want to be ‘Spencer’s sister’ on ‘Made in Chelsea’

Stephanie Pratt cherished her time on the UK reality series “Made in Chelsea” because she thinks she was portrayed in a more authentic way than on “The Hills.”

After appearing on the original run the MTV’s reality show, which ended in July 2010, Pratt packed her bags and jetted across the pond, leaving older brother Spencer Pratt and his wife, Heidi Montag, behind.

“Being on a show by myself was probably the best thing that could have happened to me because I wasn’t Spencer’s little sister,” Pratt, 33, said in a recent interview with Page Six. “That just followed me around since high school, I was always in his shadow.”

Making her “Made in Chelsea” debut in Season 6, which aired in 2013, Pratt had to befriend a whole new cast of characters, which included jewelry designer Rosie Fortescue and Spencer Matthews, Pippa Middleton’s brother-in-law.

“Being in another country, making it on my own over there, making new friends, I moved there not knowing anyone,” she explained. “It was the dream cause I could actually be me and not be scared of my brother.”

While both Pratts will appear on “The Hills: New Beginnings,” which premieres Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV, their relationship remains a work in progress.

In April, Pratt blasted Spencer, 35, and Montag, 32, on her “Pratt Cast” podcast, stating she doesn’t consider the couple her family.

“If it weren’t for Heidi, I would have an epic relationship with my brother, so would my parents. But Heidi does not want my brother to be connected to my mom, dad or me,” Pratt said at the time.

Spencer married Montag in 2008 and the pair share 1-year-old son Gunner.

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