Vitality Roses to take on South Africa in three-match series

The Vitality Roses have announced they will head to South Africa in November for a three-match series.

Jess Thirlby’s side will go head-to-head with the SPAR Proteas at the Velodrome in Cape Town on November 29, 30 and December 1.

It will be the first time that the two sides will meet following their battle for bronze at the Netball World Cup in July, which saw the Roses come out on top and secure a place on the podium.

New head coach Thirlby will take a 12-strong squad with her to face the SPAR Proteas in November.

She said: “I am very much looking forward to this series against South Africa, it’s definitely going to be an exciting few games to watch. The SPAR Proteas have been on the rise the last few years and proven themselves to be one of the top teams in the world with their highest ever finish at the recent Vitality Netball World Cup. I’m sure they’ll be looking forward to a re-match against the Roses so it’s definitely going to be one to watch.

“These are just the type of opportunities that we need exposure to as a Roses team early in our four year cycle and playing back-to-back high pressure Test matches away from home will be a fantastic challenge which we will learn much from.”

South Africa head coach Dorette Badenhorst said: “We are excited to be hosting England in November and cannot wait for the clash. Both teams have really gone through a transition phase and we both are building for the future. We obviously don’t want to allow them to beat us on our own turf and have a home crowd advantage this time.

“This will definitely be an important few games for us as we are looking forward to the repeat of our last World Cup match against England.”

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Son of Sam shooter who killed six was ‘possessed by demon dog called Harvey’

For an entire year, New York was held in the grip of a terrifying threat.

Serial killer David Berkowitz indiscriminately travelled around its neighbourhoods, shooting at will.

He killed six people and injured another seven after starting his killing spree in the summer of 1976 and into 1977.

Berkowitz was finally arrested in August 1977 after sending police and journalists a series of bizarre notes sent to officers.

In them, he mocked officers and vowed to commit further atrocities because they were unable to capture him.

He dubbed himself the Son of Sam, a chilling nickname that stuck, and came up with a truly bizarre motive for the attacks.

Berkowitz claimed he had been possessed by a demon, which had infested the body of his neighbour's dog, Harvey.

The cold-blooded killer insisted he was simply following the demon's instructions.

Harvey the dog, Berkowitz told police, belonged to his neighbour, Sam.

Berkowitz admitted in some of his chilling letters to police that he was a "monster" – but that he was not in control.

In one twisted note he said: "I am deeply hurt by your calling me a woman hater. I am not.

"But I am a monster. I am the Son of Sam. When father Sam gets drunk, he gets mean.

"He beats his family. Sometimes he ties me up to the back of the house.

"Other times he locks me in the garage. Sam loves to drink blood. 'Go out and kill', commands father Sam."

Berkowitz had been adopted as a child by a Jewish couple and he has been described as having a "troubled" childhood.

He developed an obsession with starting fires and in his bizarre diary, which was found after his arrest, he claimed he had started almost 1,500 in New York.

Friends and family described him as a bully and his adoptive dad told him his birth mother had died when he was born – a lie.

He managed to find his birth mother when he was discharged from the army, which he described as "wonderful".

But the lie coloured much of his life.

Berkowitz said: "Looking in retrospect, that characterised much of my life.

"I struggled a lot with depression as a child and obsessions with death because I thought I deserved to die."

Then, when he was still only a teenager, his adoptive mother passed away.

The pair had been extremely close and Berkowitz struggled to cope.

He said: "When you lose someone that you love is a sense of mourning.

"I tried to put it out of my mind. I was carrying around a lot of guilt. I was carrying around a lot of shame that I deserved to be punished.

"I can’t explain those things. Maybe I was angry at God and then, well, my birth mother and then, of course, my adoptive mother too. You know I found it very difficult."

By the mid-1970s, struggling with the fact he was an illegitimate child, Berkowitz started committing a series of increasingly violent crimes.

On Christmas Eve in 1975 he tried to commit his first murder – but it went very badly wrong.

Using a hunting knife, Berkowitz stabbed two women.

Tragically one has never bern formally identified while the other was Michelle Forman.

She survived but her injuries were serious – and Berkowitz was never suspected.

And when an old pal from the army bought him a .44 caliber Bulldog gun for Berkowitz, it was the beginning of a sinister obsession.

On July 29, 1976, Berkowitz carried out his first murder.

Two friends, Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti, were chatting in a car when Donna opened the door.

A menacing man appeared out of nowhere and Donna was startled.

It was Berkowitz, who pulled his gun from a paper bag, bent down into the car and pulled the trigger.

Donna was killed instantly while Jody was shot in the leg. As quickly as he had appeared Berkowitz fled.

While Jody survived, she could not describe the killer in any detail, simply saying he was white, in his 30s with short, curly, dark hair.

Three months later, Berkowitz struck again, employing an almost identical tactic to his first killing.

Carl Denaro and Rosemary Keenan were again chatting when the vehicle "exploded".

Carl had been shot in the head and had to have a metal plate fitted to his skull, although both survived.

Neither had seen their attacker.

Just a month later, Donna DeMasi and Joanne Lomino were talking on the front porch of Joanne's home after they had been to the cinema.

The two teenagers saw a dark haired man appear out of the darkness in military fatigues.

He started to ask them a question but before he finished, pulled out a gun and shot both victims once.

Despite being shot in the neck, Donna's injuries were not life-threatening.

However, Joanne had been shot in the back and was left paralysed for life after the terrifying incident.

Berkowitz's next strike would lead to his second murder in January 1977. Christine Freund and John Diel were sitting in their car after a trip to the cinema.

They were planning on continuing with their night out when theur car was hit by three gunshots,

John desperately drove off and had suffered minor injuries but Christine was been shot twice and died in hospital a few hours later.

Her death was the first time police started to link the shootings. 

Less than two months later Virginia Voskerichian was walking home from college when Berkowitz again appeared out of nowhere.

The 19-year-old tried to use her textbooks as a shield but they were useless against the bullets and she was killed.

Police were now certain the shootings were linked and held a press conference and a fever of fear gripped the city.

In April Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani were again sitting and talking in a car when they were both shot twice,

Valentina was pronounced dead at the scene while Alexander died a couple of hours later in hospital.

He was unable to describe their attacker before he passed away.

But it was after this murder that Berkowitz first penned his sinsiter nickname by leaving a note at the crime scene, which was signed Son of Sam.

After describing himself as a monster, the letter read: "Papa Sam keeps me locked in the attic, too.

"I can't get out but I look out the attic window and watch the world go by. I feel like an outsider.

"I am on a different wave length then everybody else – programmed to kill. However, to stop me you must kill me."

Police had the letter analysed and a psychologist determined that whoever was behind the killings was likely suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and thought they were possessed.

But this was just the first of Berkowitz's notes.

He also wrote to Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin, with the words 'blood and family, darkness and death, absolute depravity, .44' on the envelope.

In it Berkowitz said: "Hello from the gutters of N.Y.C. which are filled with dog manure, vomit, stale wine, urine and blood.

"You must not forget Donna Lauria and you cannot let the people forget her either.

"She was a very, very sweet girl but Sam's a thirsty lad and he won't let me stop killing until he gets his fill of blood.

"Please inform all the detectives working the slaying to remain. Please inform all the detectives working the case that I wish them the best of luck.

"Keep 'em digging, drive on, think positive, get off your butts, knock on coffins, etc.

"Upon my capture I promise to buy all the guys working the case a new pair of shoes if I can get up the money. Son of Sam."

The letter was published in the New York Daily News, with Breslin urging the killer to hand himself into police.  

But Berkowitz's murder spree was far from over – he was preparing to kill again.

Almost a month after sending his first letter to police, Berkowitz targeted Sal Lupo and Judy Pacido as they also chatted in a car.

Three shots were fired into the vehicle.

Sal was shot in his arm while Judy was hit in the head, shoulder and neck. Amazingly, both victims survived but had not seen their attacker.

However, witnesses close by reported seeing a dark haired man close to the scene.

Despite police increasing patrols in the areas where the killer had been active previously, he changed his location for his final attack in July, 1977.

While they were sitting in a car, Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante were kissing when Berkowitz appeared out of nowhere and fired four gunshots into the vehicle.

Both were shot in the head and while Robert lost an eye, Stacy died from her injuries.

This time, though, someone had managed to get a close look at the man who turned out to be the killer.

Cacilia Davis was walking her dog and saw Berkowitz walk past, he stared at her, and as she went on her way she heard gunshots nearby.

But she was so terrified it took her four days to tell police what she had seen.

Officers checked all cars that had ticketed close by and Berkowitz's was among them.

Police waited outside to arrest him – and for a search warrant to search his flat and car – on August 11, 1977.

Then he appeared outside the apartment and Detective John Falotico made the decision to approach Berkowitz's car.

The .44-caliber Bulldog gun was foud in the car and Berkowitz admitted instantly that he was "Sam".

Just 30 minutes after officers started grilling him, Berkowitz confessed to his murder spree but insisted his neighbour's black Labrador, Harvey, was possessed by an ancient demon and had told him he had to kill.

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Juventus hold talks to sign THREE Barcelona players including shock deals for Suarez and Rakitic – The Sun

JUVENTUS are in negotiations with Barcelona regarding transfers for Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitic and 19-year-old Juan Miranda.

The two clubs began talks over the sale of Barca B star Miranda, with Juve willing to swap centre-back Daniele Rugani as part of the deal.

According to Tuttosport discussions on Monday then diverted over the sale of playmaker Rakitic – who looks set to leave the Nou Camp.

Is is understood Juve sporting director Fabio Paratici suggested another swap deal with Emre Can heading to Spain in return for the Croatian.

But as Juve and Barca attempt to do business they are also competing in the race to sign Brazilian superstar Neymar.

The La Liga champions sold Neymar to PSG for a record £198m in 2017, but it is thought the forward is desperate to return to the Nou Camp.

Nou Camp chiefs reportedly lodged a loan bid with the option to make the move permanent for £137million next summer, according to Marca.

However, it is understood PSG rejected the offer and insisted Neymar can be loaned out, but only with the obligation to buy the player for £200m next season.

Juve want to capitalise on the Brazilian’s potential return to Barca by making a swoop for Suarez, having enquired about the striker’s transfer situation.

Blaugrana bosses do not want to sell the ex-Liverpool ace but the Serie A champions plan to persuade the striker to depart if Neymar re-joins the Nou Camp.

It would mean Juve forwards Mario Mandzukic and even Paulo Dybala would have to be sold in order to make funds for Suarez.

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Body found in search for boy, 6, swept away in River Stour

A body has been found in the search for missing schoolboy Lucas Dobson, who was swept away in the River Stour at the weekend.

Hundreds of volunteers joined rescue workers after the six-year-old vanished at 1.20pm on Saturday.

This morning Kent Police confirmed the tragic find, and said Lucas' family are devastated.

The schoolboy was attempting to climb onto a boat while on a fishing trip when he fell in the water.

His dad Nathan and two other men jumped in, but the current was too strong.

Police have yet to confirm whether the body found is Lucas, but the family has been informed.

Chief Inspector Mark Weller of Kent Police said: "This is a deeply tragic and upsetting incident for all concerned, and Lucas’ family are understandably devastated.

"We were inundated with offers of assistance from members of the public, who turned out in large numbers to help search for Lucas. I know his family are very grateful and touched by the support provided, and I too would like to offer my own personal thanks.

"I would also like to recognise the efforts of our partners from Kent Fire and Rescue Service, HM Coastguard, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and others who assisted in the search for Lucas."

In a statement Kent Police said: "The body has not yet been formally identified but the family of six-year-old Lucas Dobson, who fell into the water near Richborough Road at about 1.20pm on Saturday 17 August 2019, have been informed and are being supported by Kent Police officers."

The death is not being treated as suspicious.

Before the tragic discovery, Lucas’ aunt Maciee Stanford, 18, said: “He was with his dad and his dad’s friends along with other children.

“The incident happened because our Lucas was on the jetty and tried to step from there onto the boat but he fell in between the jetty and the boat (small gap).

“As soon as he fell the three adults jumped in after but the current was too strong he had already gone in the short amount of time he could not be found.

"The current was so strong the three men could barely swim in it.

“They fish and do this regularly as it is behind one of the men’s house all the children play together here.”

Hundreds of people joined efforts to find Lucas, but were yesterday asked to stay away as the operation focused on the river.

Kent's Search and Rescue service posted on Facebook: "Our thoughts are with Lucas’s family, friends and the whole community of Sandwich and Deal.

"We continue to be extremely thankful for all the support we have received during this difficult search."

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Chirlane McCray speaks out on cop suicides after ThriveNYC controversy

First lady Chirlane McCray took to Twitter on Tuesday night to speak out about the rash of cop suicides that has shaken the NYPD this year.

Replying to a post from the mayor’s office — which credited McCray’s mental health program, ThirveNYC, for helping the department deal with suicide prevention — the first lady said: “The lives of our NYPD officers are on the line.”

“Now more than ever we need to work together to support our officers as they navigate the huge emotional demand that comes with protecting our city,” McCray added.

She appears to be doing damage control after getting blasted last week over a decision that was made to pull Thrive — which has been panned as a mismanaged money pit — out of a mental health seminar for first responders, all because a pro-cop group was co-sponsoring it.

The $1 billion signature program was supposed to staff the upcoming “mental health first aid training” event with psychological counselors, but pulled its offer once it learned Blue Lives Matter was involved, according to Councilman Joe Borelli.

“This was going to be to train police officers how to recognize signs of depression,” said the Staten Island Republican, while speaking to The Post last Wednesday.

“We had people in the police department who wanted to save lives,” Borelli added, “and now it’s canceled and we have to reschedule it because of the PC environment that de Blasio has caused.”

A city report released back in May found that the need for mental health services had actually grown since the launch of McCray’s initiative.

“Mental-heath-service needs have worsened, as have substance-abuse-disorder needs and developmentally-disabled needs,” the Health Department ­report said.

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Catholics blast Chirlane McCray over city statue snub

Can Team Blas’ anti-cop politics really be this perverse?

ThriveNYC quits cop mental health event over Blue Lives Matter sponsorship

Team de Blasio shuts out public yet again, this time on women’s statues

Since 2015, Thrive has spent $560 million in taxpayer funds — and it’s expected to have a $250 million annual budget going forward.

“Go away, you hideous hypocrite,” said a Twitter user to McCray on Monday night, in response to her cop suicides tweet. “But before you go…..return that thrive money!!!”

So far, nine cops have taken their own lives this year — including one last Wednesday.

Blue Lives Matter members called the decision by Thrive to pull out of its mental health event, after all that’s happened, “very disheartening.” Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted their claims as “a lie,” and Thrive officials later claimed that they had accidentally “mishandled” the seminar planning.

“This program, it could have done a lot of good things,” said Blue Lives head Sgt. Joseph Imperatrice. “This is the problem: You reach your hand to try to do good things and, in this case, save lives, and because of political agenda they want to pull it back.”

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BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns 55mph gales hurtling to UK as double front strikes

Britain is braced for two fronts to strike the nation over the next couple of days, bringing up to 35mm of rain in some places. Weather conditions are also set to be windy, with gusts reaching up to 55mph. BBC Weather host Carol Kirkwood forecast: “The weather forecast for today is one that is going to become increasingly windy, and some of us will see some rain, and some of that rain will be heavy.

“But for some of us, we will stay dry. So if you take a look at the pressure chart you can see what’s happening, high-pressure building in the south, low pressure coming in from the north-west with its attendant fronts, is going to introduce some rain and strengthening winds.

“So first thing this morning there is a lot of dry weather around, it’s a chilly start, it’s a breezy one as well.

“And as our weather front approaches from the west, it will bring rain initially into Northern Ireland and then western Scotland, and then push across much of Scotland throughout the day, getting into north-west England later on.

“Now there is a chance we could catch a shower around the Midlands or south-west England this afternoon, but they’re going to be hit and miss, most of us will stay dry and the further south it is that you are the more likely you are to hang onto the sunshine.

“But it is going to be windy in the north-west, gusting to 50mph, 55mph, breezy and blustery across much of the UK.

“Temperatures today in the high teens to the low 20s.”

For Thursday, Ms Kirkwood said a new front will bring rain to areas in Scotland before temperatures rise ahead of the weekend.

The BBC Weather presenter said: “Now through this evening and overnight, our weather front continues to sink south, it will bring some heavy rain for a time across north-west England and also north Wales, as it sinks through the Midlands it will weaken.

“On either side of it clear skies, a few showers, but by the end of the night a new front coming into Northern Ireland will introduce some rain.

“That rain tomorrow is going to spread northwards, across Scotland, where we could see as much as 25mm to 35mm of rain in some places.

“Still windy in the north, and as we come further south, while we’re looking at brighter skies, fewer showers and still quite blustery, and some sunshine with temperatures climbing.”


Bank Holiday heatwave dead after Monday as temperatures nosedive [VIDEO]
Britons braced for 30C subtropical heatwave [VIDEO]
Long-range forecast shows Britain BAKE as scorching temperatures return [CHART]

Speaking earlier this week, Ms Kirkwood forecast temperatures to hit up to 26C on Friday.

The BBC presenter said: “As we head on into Friday, temperatures in the south could hit 26C and we’ll see that warmth spread a little bit further north.”

Former BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weather trending also predicted warmer temperatures to come in on time for the Bank Holiday weekend later this week.

Mr Hammond said: “Summer lurched from hot to cool and wet, but warmer weather in time for the Bank Holiday will lift the mood of weather-beaten Brits.

“Temperatures should be not far from 30C for some at the end of August.”

Meanwhile, the Met Office forecast humid and wet weather to build in the early afternoon on Wednesday, as clouds develop over Wales and northern England.

Met Office preener Aidan McGivern said: “The showers will get going into the afternoon and there will be some heavy downpours, but in-between there will be some bright spells.”

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Donald Trump says he will risk a 'two month RECESSION' as a price for his China trade war

DONALD Trump yesterday admitted he'd be willing to trigger a two-month recession as a price for his China trade war.

The US President insisted his aggressive policy to take on Beijing's economic might will be worth short-term pain for long-term gain.

Trump brushed off the idea of a recession as "irrelevant" – and said it was imperative to "take China on."

He told reporters at the White House: "It's about time – whether it's good for our country or bad for our country short term."

Responding to a question, Trump added: "Your statement about, 'Oh, will we fall into a recession for two months?' OK?

"The fact is somebody had to take China on."


Trump has imposed tariffs on some US imports from China – hurting American manufacturers, financial markets – and some consumers.

The president assured that the US is "very far from a recession" – but called on the Federal Reserve to slash its benchmark interest rate.

But he also said he is considering a temporary payroll tax cut to stimulate faster economic growth.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said later: "The president does not believe we are headed for a recession.

"The economy is strong because of his policies."


It comes as the US economy appears to be showing vulnerabilities after more than 10 years of growth.

Factory output has fallen and consumer confidence has waned as he has ramped up his trade war with China.

There are fears in the White House that a slowdown – if not a recession – could arrive just as Trump is seeking reelection.

Trump announced a 10 per cent hike on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports earlier this month – shaking the stock markets.

He later decided to delay some of the tariffs that were slated to begin in September.

It came after 25 per cent tariffs are already in place for $250 million in other Chinese goods.

A survey on Monday showed a big majority of economists expecting a downturn to hit by 2021 amid a recent slowing in the world economy.

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Glencore to expand controversial mining operations at McArthur River in Northern Territory

Glencore has been given the green light to start work on its plans to vastly extend its controversial mining operations at McArthur River in the Northern Territory.

The resource company, McArthur River Mine (MRM), has sought to extend its mining operation until 2048, which will add on a further 1,000 years of rehabilitation and monitoring.

The mine, 1,000km from Darwin, has a potted history, with multiple allegations and instances of contamination of surrounding environment and mismanagement of toxic waste.

In December 2017, Guardian Australia revealed the company had accidentally dumped 63 truckloads of toxic waste near the river the previous year. The incident and the government’s investigation – which produced no report – were kept out of the public eye.

Glencore fails to prevent tax office using Paradise Papers documents

Guardian Australia has sought further information about the investigation through freedom of information laws, but almost two years later later is yet to receive any documents, for reasons that include objections from MRM.

In 2013, the suburb-sized waste rock pile combusted, and the resulting fire burned for more than a year, sending toxic smoke into the atmosphere. The incident prompted the NT’s environment protection authority [NTEPA] to demand MRM redo its environmental impact statement if it wanted to extend its operation.

On Tuesday, the NT minister for primary industry and resources, Paul Kirby, announced he had granted approval for an amendment to MRM’s mine management plan, “creating a pathway for the implementation of all 30 recommendations made by the [NTEPA]”.

The approval means that “under strict regulatory conditions” MRM can now start work on its overburden management project.

“Ongoing development of the mining industry in the Northern Territory is important,” Kirby said. “Our government expects it to be done in a sustainable and responsible manner, maximising economic benefits while focusing on minimising environmental impact.”

The NT’s approval followed federal approval from the commonwealth in June, a decision that came with a 3019 expiry date and which was not made public until revealed by BuzzFeed last week.

The amended plan also increases the company’s security bond, from $487m to almost $520m, which Gavin Mudd, associate professor at RMIT and chairman of the Mineral Policies Institute, described as “paltry”, given far less complex projects of similar scale required around $1bn.

Mudd said there were welcome aspects to the amendments, including the unprecedented stipulation that the mine’s environmental management plans must be made public, and three-yearly enforced reviews of monitoring policies.

However, parts of it were contradictory, he said, noting dual requirements that the health of McArthur River be protected from mine related impacts along its whole length at all times, and that its water quality “show improving trends” within 20 years of the cessation of mining.

“If you’re protecting the health of McArthur River there shouldn’t be anything getting out of the mine anyway,” he said.

He said the river quality should be tested against a benchmark of being a pristine environment, not “as an already impacted river”.

The chief executive of the Northern Land Council, Marion Scrymgour, said the approval was the latest example of traditional owners and Aboriginal people who lived in and around Borroloola being ignored.

“Aboriginal people in the mine area have consistently been denied involvement in decision making related to the mine, and have not seen the economic benefits that a native title mining agreement would justly bestow,” she said.

The approval also raised questions around the required establishment of an independent review panel, the set-up of which the mine will “assist” and fund.

Mudd said there were at least six critical areas of importance that required specific expertise on the panel for it to be properly monitored.

“The underlying subtext is it’s a problematic site with underlying issues and we need a good panel of experts to independently review everything.”

Global engineering firm Aurecon cuts ties with Adani amid pressure from activists

He said Glencore and the NT government would do well to have community-nominated experts on the panel, in part as recognition of their loss of social licence for the mine over previous years.

The NT government’s decision puts pressure on the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority, the only remaining procedural roadblock for MRM.

The AAPA has not yet granted a certificate to MRM allowing it to almost double the height of its waste rock pile. The height is currently restricted to go no higher than 80m – the height of nearby Mount Stubbs, a Barramundi Dreaming site for local clans.

MRM has said it has an agreement with traditional custodians to increase the height but its validity has been disputed by some traditional owners and local people. Accidentally published government briefings in 2017 also cast doubt on it.

The NLC’s Scrymgour said the NT government’s decision was “premature”.

“Minister Kirby knows that an Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority certificate has not been obtained for the expansion of the Northern Overburden Encapsulation Facility and yet he has approved it anyhow,” she said.

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‘AGT’ Quarterfinals: Simon Cowell Criticizes 13-Year-Old Singer for ‘Terrible’ Song Choice

Not all of the performances in the episode receive negative reviews as Dwyane Wade’s Golden Buzzer V. Unbeatable proves that they’re worth their name with their incredible performance.

AceShowbiz -“America’s Got Talent” season 14 aired the second night of Live Shows on Tuesday, August 20. The episode saw the hopefuls hitting the stage to impress judges Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel and Gabrielle Union. While some acts successfully stunned everyone, some others were struggling.

Among those who received harsh criticism that night was 13-year-old singer Charlotte Summers, who belted out “Diamonds Are Forever” by Shirley Bassey. While Gabrielle praised Charlotte for her “amazing, unique talent,” Julianne told her that she didn’t see her personality in the song though she compared her voice to Jessie J.

Simon was also not a fan of her song choice. “Well look, as Julianne said, you have one of the best personalities of all the contestants we have this year. You really, really do. Your body language right now is telling us everything I know you are feeling and I am feeling right now, is that that was a terrible, terrible, terrible song choice for you. It really was,” he said.

“And you know, Charlotte, by the way, I hate saying this to you, I’m aware of how young you are. I’m really praying that the audience dismisses the song choice now — that wasn’t your fault — remembers what a great person you are, what a great singer you are, and how much better we could advise you if you make it through to the next round of the competition,” he went on saying, while Charlotte was crying on the stage. “Because America, this audience, is very forgiving. We’re not gonna judge you on the song. In fact, I’m gonna pretend that song never even existed and I’m only gonna remember you from what I saw before. It’s not your fault.”

The judges were also disappointed in danger act duo Nick and Lindsay’s performance. Nick sang Johnny Cash‘s “Ring of Fire” while Lindsay tried to throw knives, which were on fire, while blindfolded. Both Howie and Simon hit their red buzzers with Simon dubbing it the “worst live performance I’ve ever seen.”

Julianne loved Chris Klafford’s performance of his heartfelt original song, but Simon said he didn’t “feel the emotional connection” with the song and Howie agreed. Marina Mazepa also struggled that night. Simon hit his red buzzer and called her performance “boring.”

Not all of the performances that night received negative reviews. Dwyane Wade‘s Golden Buzzer V. Unbeatable proved that they’re worth their name with their incredible performance. “The creativity is incredible,” gushed Simon, while Howie said that it was “by far the best performance I have ever witnessed.”

Also receiving positive feedbacks were 11-year-old violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa and Ndlovu Youth Choir, who rounded out the night with their gorgeous performance. Gabrielle thought that they “set that stage on fire” and Howie added that there was “no better way to end this evening.”

“America’s Got Talent” season 14 airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on 8 P.M. on NBC.

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Killer cop who shared a cell with Jeffrey Epstein requests jail move

‘There will be a price to pay’: Killer cop who shared a cell with Jeffrey Epstein requests move to a different jail after ‘guards threatened him to stop him talking about how the former billionaire was able to commit suicide’

  • Nicholas Tartaglione, 51, is now requesting to be transferred from the Metropolitan Correctional Center after allegedly being threatened by guards 
  • He’s purportedly been told to ‘shut up’, ‘stop talking’ and ‘stop complaining’, with questions looming about how Epstein was able to commit suicide 
  • Tartaglione briefly shared a cell with Epstein inside the detention center, during which time the accused sex trafficker ‘attempted to suicide for the first time’
  • Suspicions had been rife that Tartaglione inflicted the injuries found on Epstein’s neck, after he was found unconscious on the floor of his cell on July 23 
  • ‘The clear message Mr. Tartaglione has received is that if he conveys information about the facility or about [Epstein’s] recent suicide, there will be a price to pay’ 

The former cellmate of Jeffrey Epstein has claimed prison guards have been threatening him to make him ‘shut up’ about speaking out over the circumstances surrounding the former billionaire’s suicide, according to a new legal filing.

Ex cop-turned-felon Nicholas Tartaglione, 51, is now requesting to be transferred from the Metropolitan Correctional Center after allegedly being told to ‘shut up’ and ‘stop talking’ about how Epstein was able to commit suicide in federal custody.

Tartaglione briefly shared a cell with Epstein inside the detention center, during which time the accused sex trafficker allegedly attempted to suicide for the first time.

Suspicions had been rife that Tartaglione inflicted the injuries found on 66-year-old Epstein’s neck, after he was found unconscious on the floor of his cell on July 23.

The pair were then separated into different cells, long before Epstein killed himself on August 10.

Ex cop-turned-felon Nicholas Tartaglione, 51, is now requesting to be transferred from the Metropolitan Correctional Center after allegedly being told to ‘shut up’, ‘stop talking’ about how Epstein was able to commit suicide in federal custody

Tartaglione briefly shared a cell with Epstein inside the detention center, during which time the accused sex trafficker allegedly attempted to suicide for the first time

‘The clear message Mr. Tartaglione has received is that if he conveys information about the facility or about [Epstein’s] recent suicide, there will be a price to pay,’ Tartaglione’s attorney Bruce Barket said in a letter to White Plains federal Judge Kenneth Karas.

‘Whether or not the investigators into the suicide chose to interview Mr. Tartaglione about the attempted suicide to which he was witness or about how the facility is run and the conditions under which the inmates are forced to live, the correction officers know he has information potentially very damaging to the very people now charged with guarding him or their coworkers.’

Tartaglione is currently facing the death penalty, with prosecutors accusing him of murdering four people in a drug deal gone wrong in upstate New York, back in 2016.

After his first suicide attempt, Epstein told his lawyers that the former police officer ‘roughed him up, and that’s why they got him off suicide watch’, Tartaglione’s attorney said.

Barket, however, fiercely denied the accusations, telling NBC News: ‘We’ve always maintained Nick did nothing wrong and that’s clearly been borne out here by the jail itself.’

He added that his client was cleared of any involvement the day before Epstein’s death and wouldn’t face charges or internal discipline.

‘The clear message Mr. Tartaglione has received is that if he conveys information about the facility or about [Epstein’s] recent suicide, there will be a price to pay,’ Tartaglione’s attorney Bruce Barket said in a letter to White Plains federal Judge Kenneth Karas

After his first suicide attempt, Epstein told his lawyers that the former police officer ‘roughed him up, and that’s why they got him off suicide watch’, his attorney said. Barket, however, fiercely denied the accusations, telling NBC News: ‘We’ve always maintained Nick did nothing wrong and that’s clearly been borne out here by the jail itself’

Barket’s letter also speaks of the prison’s ‘deplorable conditions’, including ‘serious rat infestation’, as one of several reasons requesting his client be moved, the NY Post reported.

Tartaglione is due to reappear in court on Wednesday as part of a scheduled hearing.

An investigation was launched into how Epstein could have had the opportunity to take his own life despite having been on suicide watch two weeks before his death.

It was later confirmed he was taken off suicide watch.

Epstein was moved to his own cell and was supposed be checked on every 30 minutes.

Tartaglione is currently facing the death penalty, with prosecutors accusing him of murdering four people in a drug deal gone wrong in upstate New York, back in 2016

The warden at MCC, Lamine N’Diaye, has since been reassigned to a new prison.

In a letter officially notifying the court of Epstein’s death, N’Diaye confirmed the July incident would be referenced in the probe carried out by the FBI and the Justice Department Office of Inspector General.

‘One open question, among others, is whether the investigations referenced in your letter will include the incident at MCC involving Mr. Epstein on or about July 23, 2019,’ Judge Richard Berman wrote in and August 12 response. ‘To my knowledge, it has never been definitively explained what the BOP concluded about that incident.’

N’Diaye did not offer up what the conclusion was in his reply.

He wrote: ‘I can confirm that, although an internal investigation was completed regarding the July 23, 2019 incident, the current investigations by the FBI and OIG will include this incident as well. Accordingly, I cannot divulge any information about the prior investigation at this time.’

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