A Look at "Stranger Things"'s Jamie Campbell Bower's Tattoo Collection

A Look at “Stranger Things”‘s Jamie Campbell Bower’s Tattoo Collection

Over the last decade, Jamie Campbell Bower has been a part of many beloved franchises, including Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Mortal Instruments. Now, he’s entered the “Stranger Things” world, too. Bower made his debut as Henry Creel/Vecna in the show’s fourth season, which premiered on Netflix on May 27. He was one of the series’s newcomers, along with Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson and Eduardo Franco as Argyle.

While Bower has been in the entertainment industry for years, his role as the latest “Stranger Things” villain has sparked even more interest in him, including information about his other acting roles, his dating history, and his tattoo collection. Turns out, Bower has at least 10 known tattoos so far, which vary in size and scale and can be found on his arms, chest, and even hands.

For example, Bower has a variety of designs that range from a beautiful flower and mysterious pair of eyes to a tiny skull and cross. Some of them are large-scale tattoos, while others are smaller in size. While he hasn’t spoken much about the meaning behind them publicly, he certainly isn’t shy about showing them off. (He’s even shown off a tattoo on his leg by taking his pants off in front of a crowd — more on that later.)

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