How to Grow Healthy Hair After It's Been Colored

How to Regrow Healthy Natural Hair After It’s Been Colored

If you've ever colored your hair, you may have reached a crossroad where you decided you no longer wanted to be a redhead, or you're over the blonde hair you once loved.

Then the next though to pop into your head might be, 'How can I grow out this color without breakage?' Well, the truth is, in order to retain length and health while growing out your last color session, it's important to have a regular maintenance and treatment plan in place.

Here, we asked Brendnetta Ashley, hairstylist and artistic educator at The Salon by InStyle Inside JCPenney, to share a few tips on promoting healthy hair for new growth.

All of her expert tips in four easy steps, ahead.

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Deep Condition

Coloring your hair can take a toll on your curls and sometimes alters the hair strand's structure. Regularly deep conditioning contributes to reducing breakage and split ends, and also improves your hair's health.

"Deep condition your hair at least twice a month," says Ashley. "Deep conditioning ensures your curls are getting the proper amount of protein and moisturizer."

Have a Nighttime Routine

"Make sure you sleep with a silk head bonnet like Grace Eleyae Black Adjustable Slap Satin Lined Cap Sleep Caps, or a silk pillowcase," says Ashley. "This will ensure your hair maintains moisture and is not dried out by a cotton pillowcase."

Wearing a silk or satin bonnet to bed also helps to prevent friction, which can cause breakage.

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