Get a Summertime Glow Year-Round With These Illuminating Blushes

Get a Summertime Glow Year-Round With These Illuminating Blushes

As Summer ends, you can start turning to shimmer blushes to give your cheeks the dewy effect you get from being outside in the summer (but without the sweat). You can find shimmer blushes in gel, creams, and powder form — all of which leave you with a natural-looking flush. They contain finely-milled glitter particles that create a reflective highlight. If you’re looking to appear sun-kissed all year-round, try one of these formulas, ahead.

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Billie Eilish Is Nearly Unrecognizable With Long Hair and Bangs For V Magazine

Billie Eilish might be known for her deeply emotional lyrics and her comfortable loungewear looks, but in a new set of photos from V Magazine, we’re seeing the 17-year-old star like we’ve never seen before: with superlong hair and bangs. In honor of the magazine’s 20th anniversary, Eilish was interviewed by Pharrell Williams about her rise to fame. She spoke candidly about being “the Britney Spears of Generation Z” and being wise beyond her years, but it’s the stunning photos of her new look that first caught our attention.

Despite recently dyeing her roots slime green and experimenting with different hair colors in the past, it’s the first time we’re seeing Eilish with a look like this. Her wispy bangs are similar to Camila Cabello’s, and paired with the hip-length extensions, it’s a gorgeous, edgy look. Just when we thought she couldn’t possibly get cooler, Eilish topped off the cover look with a Bulgari necklace worn as a headpiece. Check out the photos from her V Magazine shoot ahead, and pick up the anniversary issue on Aug. 26.

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The 10 Most Expensive Items Ever Found In Award Show Swag Bags

Each year, the stars sparkle and shine as they sashay down the red carpet for dozens of award shows and events. A well-known but seldom talked about the benefit of attending is the celeb’s access to the event’s gifting suite.

A tacky twist on the time-honored gift bags offered at film festivals, gifting suites are packed with free stuff and the celebs that want them. It’s a win-win, really. Celebrities on the hunt pay for these fancy freebies with what all companies want: Publicity. Not only will vendors happily provide influencers with 100% discount, but they’ll also pay for the privilege. Winners, nominees, performers, and presenters have been known to literally cart their swag away in suitcases. I guess it’s a good thing the Emmy Award’s Gift Suite, the CMT’s Gift Suite, and the MTV Award’s Gift Suite all push free premiere luggage.


Here are the 10 most expensive gifts from award show swag bags.

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10 Lavish vacations

The 91st Academy Awards was a great evening for everyone. Sure, only one talented star wins the coveted Oscars statuette, but every nominee received more than six figures worth of swag, including a luxury cruise for two to Iceland, the Galapagos, the Amazon, or Central America. And this isn’t your everyday vacation. Courtesy of International Expeditions, the cruise of your dreams is complete with spa treatments and private chefs. Depending on where in the world a celeb chooses to cruise, the trip’s value could surpass $20k per person. Is a relaxing vacation more your speed? Have no fear, Distinctive Assets’ lavish Oscar bag includes a one-week stay (priced at $9,000) at the Golden Door Spa. The Emmy Award’s gift bag also includes a stay at the relaxing Viceroy Bali, because TV stars need pampering, too.

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9 Upscale Beauty Products

Women’s beauty and health products are a gifting suite staple. This year’s Country Music Television Awards offered everything from salt therapy at Nashville’s Salt and Soles, a vitamin-packed Rally Patch to keep the following day’s hangover with, and Cold Bee Gone, a homeopathic nasal swab to meet all of your allergy and flu needs. This year’s Golden Globes offered gift bags catered to both women and men—and their very photogenic faces. Stuffed in a leather Furla tote bag valued at $450, celebs could find oodles of L’Oréal Paris products and Cote d’Azur Nourishing Hand Crème (which comes with a gold applicator, BTW).

8 Designer Duds

Clothing companies chomp at the bit for an opportunity to distribute their wares. We’re talking best-selling shirts from Saturday Samurai apparel (Grammy Awards), tops from Cinderella’s Closet Co. (Teen Choice Awards), and sweatshirts from Happiest Tee (Oscars). Even if they’re not contracted ambassadors, celebs are walking billboards. Branding agency Beanstalk’s cofounder Michael Stone laid out the reasoning behind these fashion freebies, stating “If anyone is caught using a product — just one celebrity, just one t-shirt, they’ve got their money’s worth.” Between all of the special events and their luxe gift suites, Celebs can fill their closets for free in just one award season.

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7 Brilliant Baubles

Because of its constant mention on red carpets and rag mags, jewelry designers vie for a gifting suite spot. Vincent Peach Jewelry Designs, a company that caters country queens like Reba and Miranda Lambert, were among the glamorous goodies in the 2019 CMT Awards Gift Bag. The Grammy Awards hooked it up with Rockstar Jewelry’s silver amethyst necklaces, blue TAPS for Hope bracelets, and customizable beaded bracelets courtesy of Inspire Me.

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6 Deep-Pocket Donations To Worthy Causes

Celebs can even give gifts from the gifting suites. Among the glittery jewelry, lavish vacations, and fancy foods are the opportunity for the stars to donate to charity. This year’s “Everybody wins!” gift bag included the opportunity to donate 10,000 bowls to the animal shelter of their choosing. Similarly, one of the many gifting suites at the 2019 Grammy Awards donated $100 per person to orphans in Myanmar.

An opportunity to help a worthy cause—and likely to assuage the guilt of all these goodies—the gift suites are the gift that keeps on giving.

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5 Top-Notch Toys

With North West, Blue Ivy Carter, and Ryan (YouTube’s toy-testing cash cow) becoming household names, it only makes sense to include books, toys, and candies in the various gifting suites.

The 2019 Oscar suite featured Crayola Crayons, the Grammys offered lollipops—obvi ones coated with gold leaf—and basically everything found in the Teen Choice Awards is a toy.

Not that Ryan needs anything. With 20 million followers and one of the highest-earning YouTube stars, the seven-year-old host of Ryan ToysReview lacks for nothing to play with.

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4 Upscale Accessories

From the Emmy Awards’ jewel encrusted clutch bags to the 2018 Teen Choice Awards’ Elements Watch Company’s minimalist timepieces, designers are desperate for the opportunity to share their accessories. A few examples of the designer duds offered at this year’s various award show suites include Walni’s hats (The Grammy Awards), Love Is Stronger Than Hate tote bags (the Oscars), and the Lug Boxer 2 Overnight Bag (SAG Awards.)

Even furry family members can get decked out with matching designer collars. Sure, one might not need a handmade ZuZu Kim Couture Pet Bow Tie, but the Oscars insist your dog also be treated to designer duds. The Emmy Awards shared wearable Ark Crystals, which claim to have scientific benefits. But then again, don’t all crystal companies say that?

3 Free Plastic Surgery

A few years ago, the Oscar Award’s unofficial gifting suite was all about going under the knife. In 2017, nominees and presenters were offered free Vampire Breast Lifts and up to $5,530 at 740 Park plastic surgery. Easily the most controversial item was the free “O Shot” courtesy of Dr. Lisbeth Roy in the gifting suite of the Oscars in 2017.

Too invasive? Not a problem. This year’s Oscars event offered up to $30,000 in non-surgical rejuvenation treatments courtesy of Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich. The Grammy Awards are playing the same game: This year, the revolutionary ReFa Beauty Roller was given to contenders, presenters, and performers.

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2 Cutting Edge Technology

From the world’s first silent wearable breast pump by ElviePump to sweat-proof BackBeat FIT 300 earbuds, there are plenty of electronic offerings at major award shows. Even the cutting edge of beauty can be found in gift bags. This year’s Oscars suite included Blush & Whimsy color-changing lipstick based on your unique pH balance and skin temperature. The 2018 Teen Choice Award’s made it even easier for celebs to experience the best in tech by just chilling in the gift suite, where Floating Beds could be found.

1 Top Shelf Booze

Ah, alcohol, making obligatory events tolerable for centuries. The 2019 Oscars touted Premium A. Junod absinthe handcrafted in Pontalier, France, while the CMT gifting suite handed out bottles from Little Big Town’s Four Cellars winery. Rihanna’s Grammy Awards famous flask flash could easily have been filled with the bottle of Southern Wicked Lemonade Moonshine offered at the music awards show’s 2017 gifting suite.

Don’t worry, most gifting suites offer water. Turns out, drinking responsibly is one of the great equalizers.

Bottom line? Celebs’ fave flavor is just like our’s: Free.

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10 Most Expensive Works Of Art You Can Buy Today

The artistic world is a complex one, much like the artists itself. Many people have trouble coming to terms with all the money that is involved with this particular field, but that doesn’t stop true lovers of spending millions on exclusive pieces. Of course, the biggest chunk of a given piece’s worth stems from the artist who painted it. When we take into consideration that a painting was created by a master like Leonardo Da Vinci, it becomes easier to understand why so much money is involved.

And when we talk about large sums of money, we truly mean fortunes. It’s not as uncommon as one would think to find a work of art sold by more than a regular Joe would make in a lifetime. And today, we’re taking a look at the 10 most expensive works of art out there, that have the potential to break your bank.

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10 Masterpiece by Roy Lichtenstein: $165 Million

Pop art was a very interesting time for art in general. It’s always interesting to see how much it can change based on what artists are inspired by. And in the case of pop art, it was an avalanche of colour, comics, and an overall challenging tone to what people were used to see in this world. It was an important movement that came to prove anything can be considered art!

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This movement inspired a great many artists, including Roy Lichtenstein. Created in 1962, the piece is an amalgamation of the artist’s signature. And it became so popular, it was sold in auction for $165 million. So if you’re thinking about making an offer to Steven A. Cohen, be prepared to spend some serious money!

9 Nu Couché by Amedeo Modigliani: $170.4 Million

Amadeo Modigliani is well known amongst art lovers for painting nudes in a compelling and unique style. Nu Couché became his most famous piece of art when it sold in 2015 for over $170 Million to businessman and billionaire Liu Yiqian.

Curiously enough, the artist only had the chance to put up a ingle exhibition during his lifetime. One that ended up being shut down by the police! It will always remain somewhat of a tragedy that artists that lived in poverty and anonymity during their lifetime now have their pieces being acquired for millions of dollars.

8 Les Femmes D’Alger (Version O) by Pablo Picasso: $179.4 Million

On the topic of artists that didn’t exactly reach billionaire status while they were alive, and became huge once they were deceased is acclaimed Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. One of the founders of the Cubist movement, to this day it remains virtually impossible to look upon one of his works without immediately recognising it was his doing.

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Les Femmes D’Alger (Version O) is part of a series of paintings created by Picasso between 1954 and 1955, in tribute to the work of French artist Eugène Delacroix. Version O is the last version of the paintings, and is valued at $179.4 Million as of 2015.

7 Pendant Portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit by Rembrandt: $180 Million

Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn remains, to this day, one of the most influential people in the artistic world, not just in his homeland, but the entire world as well. Rembrandt took his art to the next level during the 17th century, by choosing to focus on several themes rather than just a single topic.

The Pendant Portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit were commissioned on the occasion of Maerten and Oopjen’s marriage, that took place in  1634. Initially belonging to the affluent Rothschild family, they were bought for $180 Million by the Louvre and Rijksmuseum in 2015.

6 No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red) by Mark Rothko: $186 Million

Those who are familiar with the happenings inside of the art world have surely heard of the Bouvier Affair. Long story short, Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier conned a series of very important customers, over charging them for the art pieces they bought. Well, the painting in question was one of the ones involved in the whole ordeal.

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Originally painted in 1951 by Russian-American artist Mark Rothko, the piece perfectly represents the abstract expressionist movement that make all of his works so easily recognisable. After being sold to Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev, it is now valued at $186 Million. Good luck trying to outbid that!

5 Number 17A by Pollock: $200 Million

“I am nature” are perhaps some of the most famous words to have ever come out of famous American painter Jackson Pollock. Indeed, it was later proven that the patterns one could find in his works were present in nature itself. 17A is one of Pollock’s most exquisite paintings, staying true to the artist’s love for abstract expressionism.

Painted in 1948, this work of art remains, to this day, the most valuable one to ever come out of Pollock’s several collections. In 2015, it was sold for $200 Million to Kenneth C. Griffin, an American investor and hedge fund manager. It’s a wonderful art work, and it also costs quite the fortune.

4 Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?) by Paul Gauguin: $210 Million

French post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin found himself somewhat tired of the sources of inspiration artists in the 19th century had in France. In order to find what he called primitive inspiration, he travelled to Tahiti. And although it wasn’t exactly what he expected, he still had something to show for it.

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One of the pieces to come out of this trip was the painting When Will You Marry?, one of several depictions of native women dressed in native clothing. At the time, it didn’t inspire much interest, but centuries later, it was sold for $210 Million. Perhaps the next buyer will be willing to extend the numbers even further.

3 The Card Players by Paul Cézanne: $250 Million

Yet another post-impressionist painter featured on this list is Paul Cézanne. He’s one of the artists we have to thank for the radical changes in the way art was both created and perceived between the 19th and 20th century. The Card Players are a series of paintings that were to precede Cézanne’s most acclaimed art pieces.

All the paintings in the series depict male subjects around a table playing cards and smoking pipes. One of the pieces was sold to the royal family of Qatar for the incredible amount of $250 Million. For a while, this particular painting was actually the most expensive in the world, surpassed only by the works that follow on this list.

2 Interchange by Willem de Kooning: $300 Million

Dutch-American abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning produced a series of extremely interesting and colourful work pieces over the several years in which he was active. And in 1955, he completed Interchange, which would mark a departure from his usual style due to  the influence of one of his friends and mentors.

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Interchange, also known as Interchanged, is an oil painting that Kooning sold for $4000 dollars at the time, very soon after it was completed. Several decades later, the piece was sold for a whooping $300 Million to Kenneth C. Griffin, the same American businessman that bought Pollock’s Number 17A.

1 Salvator Mundi by Leonardo Da Vinci: $450.3 Million

Leonardo Da Vinci will always remain one of the most iconic figures in the world of art. This comes, of course, in addition to all the other ventures he immersed himself in during his lifetime. Even those who know absolutely nothing about art know exactly who Da Vinci is, and the extent of his genius.

Salvator Mundi was, for many years, thought to be a copy of the original piece that was lost long ago, most likely done by one of Leonardo’s apprentice. However, it became general consensus that the painting was actually the original, and in 2017 it surpassed Interchange by becoming the most expensive painting in the world – $450.3 Million expensive, to be more precise.

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Chloe x Halle Wore ‘Euphoria’-Inspired Makeup To The Teen Choice Awards & Here Is What They Used

In case you missed the broadcast, the Teen Choice Awards were held on Aug. 12, and some of your favorites stars were there. From host Lucy Hale to award winner Taylor Swift there were a lot of people to see. Chloe x Halle’s 2019 Teen Choice Awards makeup may have stolen the red carpet. The bold and bright Euphoria-inspired eyeliner the twin singers and actors wore was the perfect summer look with a pop culture twist.

If you haven’t seen Euphoria yet, you’ve still likely seen some of the makeup the actors on the show have worn. The beauty looks have been making headlines with people imitating the glittering, bold makeup seen on the actors, and YouTube gurus have even started filming tutorials based on some of the makeup done for the show. Now, Chloe x Halle have brought Euphoria-inspired makeup looks to the red carpet.

For their Teen Choice Awards red carpet makeup, both Chloe and Halle decided to rock bold, graphic eyeliner, and they made sure the focus was on the look. While their eye makeup make have bold and colorful, the pair chose to keep their Jonathan Simkhai ensembles neutral which made the beauty looks stand out even more as they walked the carpet.

While the fact that Euphoria inspired their looks may be the best part of the makeup for some, you haven’t heard one of the other fun facts about the looks. They were done with all NYX products. Yes, your favorite, dependable drugstore brand is responsible for these bomb red carpet looks, and you can totally rock them yourself.

For Chloe’s look, makeup artist Christiana Cassell used all NYX products including the liner for the Grown-ish star’s blue look. Cassell used the Modern Dreamer Shadow Palette from NYX to create a soft neutral look on Chloe before going in for the liner. According to the brand, Cassell then used the NYX Vivid Brights liner in Sapphire Blue to create a classic, thin liner look with the blue color extending out beyond Chloe’s natural eye.

As for Halle’s look, Cassell used the same palette to create the neutral shadow look before going in with a different color line from the same range. The brand explains that the recently cast star of The Little Mermaid wanted a thicker liner look than her sister. Cassell used the Vivid Brights Eyeliner in the lime green shade Vivid Escape. Due to Halle’s liner being thicker, Cassell actually created a border of the liner then used a brush to fill it in.

While Chloe x Halle’s looks may be exact replicas of ones seen on Euphoria, the Teen Choice Awards presenters took the colorful looks of the show and made them their own. Now, thanks to NYX, you can do the same.

With the singers’ and actors’ NYX eyeliner retailing for just $7, creating your own Euphoria-inspired look at home is actually affordable. If, however, you’re more of a Grown-ish fan, just recreate Chloe x Halle’s look to be in on the bold, graphic liner trend.

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The Surprising Things You Only Know If You Have Abs

There are plenty of reasons to want a strong set of abs. They’re tough as hell to work on, so they can provide a fitness challenge. Or maybe you just want the perfect poolside pic for Instagram. But whatever your motivations, there are some things about having a six-pack that you can only know when you’re on the other end of the process. In a thread on Reddit, guys with visible, chiseled abs are sharing the things they learned that surprised them after they achieved their rock-hard stomach goals.

One guy said that getting abs didn’t do as much for his overall body image as he thought it would. “Buffing up my shoulders, chest, and arms did way more. Gave me a ton of confidence,” he said. “You don’t get many opportunities to take your shirt off without looking like a douchebag.”

In fact, the lack of everyday scenarios in which it is acceptable to go shirtless came as a disappointment to newly anointed ab owners, and affected their motivation. “This is why I skip leg day sometimes when I’m busy in the week,” said one commenter. “I wear pants all day at work, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to show off my legs anyway. Even when I wear shorts, I don’t see a difference.”

Plenty of guys said they take the same attitude about abs: if hardly anybody is going to see them, what’s the point? “Don’t forget that abs are the hardest part to get, you can get a hard belly but abs you have to train specifically,” said one guy. “I knew lots of buff dudes that had a clean belly, and they were pretty fit, they just didn’t work out for it, most dudes don’t work out for the abs, and to be honest I don’t know why people are so obsessed with them.”

However, on the rare instances when they did take their shirts off, guys with six-packs recalled their partners getting the “Christmas morning” look when they saw their sculpted stomachs. “When I have a girlfriend it’s worth it,” said one commenter. “She took great pleasure in touching my stomach. Now that we broke up, it’s like a savings account.”

Another guy, however, found that having abs actually negatively affected his love life. “[Having a six-pack] got my ego up the roof, which raised my selection standards for girls, and now I get laid a lot less,” he admitted. “To summarize, not worth it buddy.”

Elsewhere on the thread, one man made the rather bold claim that having abs (and specifically, training his abs) made him better in bed.

“I work my abs daily and run daily no matter what other workouts I do, thus my endurance is extremely good,” he said. “When having sex, that is one area my lady loves. When she says don’t stop, there is no need in the slightest to adjust, slow down or take a break no matter the position. So core strength and endurance play a huge role, and generally the more you do the work, the more vascular and pumped your muscles and abs become and that’s when she will look down and run her hands over my abs and moan extra and comment about the visuals… and that my friends, is the sole reason I hammer my abs and run everyday. That moment, that feeling I get making her feel that way… rocks my world.”

Feeling motivated? Here are six ways to get washboard abs. And remember: abs might be finished in the gym, but the foundations are built in the kitchen.

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I Cured My Cystic Acne With This Natural Supplement

I’ve had “bad” skin for what feels like my entire life. In reality, the acne started in my early teens, like it does for so many others. In high school it feels normal to have acne—who doesn’t? But my fight against acne always seemed harder than my friends, due to the fact that I’m allergic to most antibiotics dermatologists prescribe for skin issues. So I relied solely on topical treatments with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid; some would work for a little while, but then my acne would come right back again.

By the time I got to college I started taking birth control to tame my breakouts, and it worked like a miracle for about two years—up until the day I ended up in the emergency room with chest pains. I was too scared to pop another pill after that. So I went back to topicals—my dermatologist prescribed Retin-A Micro and my pesky skin problems were solved once again.

But just a few months shy of my 30th birthday, my acne came back with a vengeance—in the form of deep, painful cystic bumps. This new form of acne was unlike anything I had encountered in the past, and I didn’t have a clue about how to fight it. I started making more frequent dermatologist visits, getting monthly extractions and cortisone injections when necessary, but it wasn’t letting up.

I also started working with a celebrity aesthetician, Renee Rouleau, who happens to be famous for her her anti-cyst treatment. Articles have been written praising its effectiveness—but it didn’t work for me. Rouleau explained that it doesn’t work for everyone, because each case of acne is unique. I altered my diet and stayed away from dairy. I tried so many different lotions, potions, and gadgets, but the acne didn’t budge. The cysts were popping up so ferociously, I practically moved in with my dermatologist.

If you’ve ever suffered from acne—you know what it feels like to be at wit’s end. I was convinced that I would never have clear skin again, and while I like to think that I have a heathy dose of self-esteem, it was starting to take a serious toll. My selfie days were over. To make matters worse, my dark skin means I’m also prone to hyper-pigmentation (see some pictures below). Any sign of inflammation on my face leaves a dark mark which can take months to fade away—even with a prescription of Hydroquinone.

My dermatologist then prescribed me Spironolactone, a cardiovascular drug, she said could help with hormonal flare-ups. Following a quick blood test, I began taking it twice a day, but shortly after I started experiencing chest pains. I immediately stopped taking it, disappointed once again. The doctor made it seem like Acctuane was my last resort but I did not want to go down that road (the potential side effects were just too much for me to handle). Out of options, I turned to Google, as one does. I spent hours scrolling through Amazon reviews and message boards—and that’s where I first came across the acronym DIM. A commenter on Into The Gloss had raved about a cure-all acne pill—DIM—and how it was an all-natural way to clear hormonal skin. Other reviews on retailer’s sites and natural health blogs mirrored the sentiment of the first. I didn’t need to read any more. This was it, the ticket to finally curing my skin.

For those who’ve never heard of it before (I certainly hadn’t)—DIM stands for diinodolymlethane. It’s a food-based compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts that supports hormonal balance. It’s basically like getting a super dose of greens every day that can clear up your hormonal acne, and can even lessen PMS symptoms. It’s also been touted as a wonder-solution for menopausal women. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center even recognizes its ability to have both anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects.

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A post shared by Chrissy Rutherford (@chrissyford) on

After taking it for just two weeks I noticed a change. I was breaking out way less. About a month later, it seemed like my acne had come to a complete halt. As active cysts were fading away, no new ones were popping up the replace them. Trust me, I could barely believe it. After suffering though painful, stubborn zits, countless cortisone injections at my dermatologist’s office (my last visit before starting DIM I got six injections!)— the miracle I was looking for was waiting for me on for $18. SHOP

I’ve been on the pill—DIM, that is—for six months, and I can happily report my skin is still healed, save for a few scars still lingering on my cheeks and jawline. I’ve had little to no side effects, and both my gynecologist and dermatologist gave it their stamp of approval to keep taking it (always check with your doctor before swallowing a new supplement). Oddly enough, when I first mentioned it to them, neither had heard of it before. And neither had so many other women I shared my skin concerns with. So I’m here to shout it from the digital rooftops: DIM has been my saving grace. After all these years, my skin is finally, beautifully clear.

Update August 2019

Not a week goes by that I don’t received emails or Instagram DMs from readers who either have DIM success stories to share or want to know if I’m still taking the supplement and if it’s still working for me. So I thought I’d share an official update with everyone.

I’m pretty bad at taking pills consistently so once I had achieved my desired results in 2017 I took a break from the supplements. My acne stayed at bay for a while, except for a few white heads here and there which I could handle. However, things definitely worsened this year and my cystic acne once again felt a bit out of control. I would start taking the DIM once a day for a week or so, but then fall off the wagon.

For the last month I’ve committed to taking it every single evening and the jury is still out on whether the supplement still works. My first trial with DIM had me seeing results within two weeks, however a month in and I’m still getting deep painful cysts, but maybe not at the same rate as before. I’m going to stay on it for another month and see if things work themselves out, but I’m definitely starting to believe that DIM is not a long-term fix. However, I’d still recommend it to anyone looking for relief.

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This Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation Review Will Have You Placing An Order ASAP

I’ll be honest: When I first heard Anastasia Beverly Hills was dropping a new foundation, I didn’t stop what I was doing and try to place an order. I was already using a foundation I capital-L Loved, so I was in a "nothing can top my Holy Grail" mindset that I was sure couldn’t be changed. However, now that I’ve given it a go, I’m bringing you this Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation Review to let you know how wrong I was; this foundation rocks. And guess what else? The accompanying powder rocks. Did I see this coming? No. Am I prepared to tell everyone I know, so that we can all have bomb skin forever? Absolutely; that’s why you’re reading this.

ICYMI, Anastasia Beverly Hills announced two brand new products at the start of August: the Luminous Foundation ($38, and the Loose Setting Powder ($36, Because I’ve always associated the brand with eyes and brows — Modern Renaissance was the palette to really make me fall in love with eyeshadow, and the brand’s history of iconic brow products basically goes without saying. Peace, love, Dip Brow — I didn’t have any overwhelming expectations when it came to the new base products.

That said, I decided to give them a go when the brand generously sent over the foundation in shade "270C" and the powder in shade "Banana":

First off, let’s talking packaging. The foundation comes in a sleek, rectangular glass bottle with a pump and a black cap, and I’m obsessed with the way the word "FOUNDATION" is written down the side. So fun! It definitely stands out in my drawer, but still feels classy and not too trendy or wild. Big fan.

Cute, right?

As for the powder, in the words of my icon, Lizzo, "she’s a big b*tch!". No, really, this is the biggest tub of powder I’ve ever seen, and it feels extra AF in all the right ways. I’m not normally a fan of loose setting powders, so I was particularly skeptical of this product, but spoiler alert, she’s a new fave.

I mean, how could I reach for anything else?

Another thing to note: The holes that dispense the product are also supersized, so handle with care and don’t flip it over unless you want a lot of powder:

Anyway, let’s jump to the reason we’re all here: the try-on! For reference, my skin is combination, and my cheeks and around my mouth have some light scarring from years of cystic acne. I typically like a foundation that covers them up, but because I don’t want to look ~too~ cakey, I appreciate when I can really build it up in those areas only.

Here I am makeup-free, please don’t show this photo to any cute boys you know, thanks:

And here’s an up-close look at my cheek and some minor scarring, plus one small, active blemish down by my chin:

Upon application, I noticed a few things. First, the foundation feels light as air on the skin, but it dries down quickly, so you need to work fast. Second, for my face, it took quite a few pumps to cover (Like, maybe four or five!), but honestly, the amount dispensed seemed like less than than that of most foundations, so this didn’t bother me. The first coat covered everything but the one darkest scar on my cheek, and by coat number two, I was thrilled. I skipped adding extra concealer over my scars (!), concealed my under eye area, and used the powder to set my face, adding extra beneath my eyes.

Not going to lie, I looked really pretty. Can I say that? I ~felt~ really pretty, too:

As I took the above selfie, the voice in my head confirmed, "This is my new favorite foundation." And she wasn’t wrong! The application was easy, the finish really suited my combo skin, and the coverage was on point. Although it’s called the "Luminous" Foundation, my face didn’t look overly glowy, and I also didn’t need to powder my T-zone after a few hours like I normally do. I honestly looked airbushed, and I hate when people say that, because I’m often thinking, "No way that’s true."

The only note I have is that it settled a bit in my smile lines, the beginnings of which you can ever-so-slightly detect in this image:

This happens to me with most foundations, and because I didn’t use a primer before application, I made a mental note to apply a line-filling primer around my mouth for next time.

Buy y’all, can we talk about how smooth my under eye area looks with this powder? I am always a cakey, creased mess around my eyes, but not with this formula:

I love, love, love the foundation, and I’ve worn it every day since I first tried it out, but the powder? Honey, she’s a new Holy Grail-er. Like I said, it’s been a minute since I really fell for a loose powder, but this one blew me away, and now I understand why it’s got such a big container — it’s the only product I need in my powder drawer, so it can take up as much space as it wants. If you want to shop either of my new face faves, you can check them out now on the ABH site, and find them everywhere else come August 15.

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Colin Kaepernick Posts Workout Video With a Message: 'I'm Ready'

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played a snap of NFL football since January 1, 2017. That doesn’t mean that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback isn’t training like he’ll be called into service tomorrow.

Kaepernick, who has not been signed to an NFL team after his 2016 protests to raise awareness for racial equality and highlight police brutality during the playing of the National Anthem, posted a video to Twitter of an extensive upper body workout session. The footage proves that he’s not taking this involuntary time away from the sport lying down.

Instead, he’s up and in the gym at 5 a.m. five days a week, according to a voice-over from the player and social justice activist at the start of the clip. Kaepernick says that he’s undertaken this training plan for three years—or, as he also specifically notes on the title card, 889 days—without an NFL contract.

That long layoff doesn’t appear to matter to Kaepernick. Instead, he’s sending a clear message to NFL GMs and the general public: He still feels like he’s ready to join a team and play football as soon as possible. He’s got the tape to prove it.

5am. 5 days a week. For 3 years. Still Ready.

This upper body routine eschews heavy weights and structural exercises using barbells for suspension training and exercise bands. Kaepernick starts off with TRX rows, then grabs a set of dumbbells for a lateral raise. Pushups come next, and Kaepernick keeps his attention on the chest and triceps with a dumbbell bench press using a neutral grip.

He flips over into a prone position for a quick fly, then stretches out the shoulders and chest with band pull-aparts. Hammer curls follow, before he sits down on a machine for seated rows, again with a neutral grip. Kaepernick closes on triceps, with rope triceps extensions and bench dips.

After all the sweat, Kaepernick ditches his top to show off a muscular, tattooed chest before tossing the shirt at the camera.

This isn’t the first time Kaepernick has shown off his training efforts since he last played in the NFL. ESPN published video last year of the quarterback participating in throwing drills, and Kaepernick and his camp have been vocal about his desire to continue his football career. Now that a grievance lawsuit that Kaepernick brought against the NFL has been settled, he might have more opportunities to get back on the field.

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How Drag Queen Alyssa Edwards Is Creating Her Own Fantasy Through Makeup

There’s nothing dull about meeting a drag queen up-close for the first time, especially if that queen is Texas-made tongue-popper Alyssa Edwards. Thanks to the Alyssa Edwards x Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, her face is beat for the beauty gods when she greets me — eyes decorated with rainbow shadow (no doubt from her palette) and colorfully coordinated rhinestones. In a stale room surrounded by four beige walls, Edwards is the pop of color, wearing a rainbow crystal mini dress and matching stilettos. The drag queen sits with me on a muted couch in her colorful getup, and it’s nearly impossible to tear my eyes off of her for even a second.

Head-to-toe, Edwards commands the room. From her rainbow streaked, bumped-up blond hair to her big ocean blue eyes (which she later tells me are her second greatest physical attribute), Alyssa Edwards has arrived — and in Swarovski crystals, no less. But for someone who regards their drag style as “over-the-top,” “extra,” and “Texas-sized,” Edwards still humbly enjoys the ride of the success, including being the first celebrity collaborator for an ABH eyeshadow palette.

"This is very different for ABH, but they weren’t afraid," Edwards tells me. "This brand is an inclusive brand that loves and celebrates the art of beauty. Beauty isn’t a gender, a color, and it’s not necessarily just a human, but I’m very grateful and thankful that the people behind the making of this were so on board with all things Alyssa Edwards and ABH." Launching just before Pride Month on May 29 with a $45 price tag, the Alyssa Edwards Palette offers a blast of color for any bold eye look.

The cliché around meeting your heroes is that you shouldn’t because they may not measure up to your expectations in person. But as someone who repeatedly watched Edwards’ season of RuPaul’s Drag Race on bootleg spammer sites, I realize the person exclaiming “Back rolls?” from the television out of drag is the very same person sitting in front of me who “morphs into this Power Ranger,” remaining just as fearless and ready for everything as if she were still competing for the crown. Every time she pauses and continues her sentences with a baby tongue pop, it’s clear to me that Edwards is a pageant pro — not without a humble beginning, mind you.

Edwards recalls her first time on stage after seeing a flyer for an open mic drag night where she mentions she had her ballet and jazz shoes, but no wig and no stage name.

"The MC, this old fabulous queen, told me ‘What is your stage name?’" she recalls. "I go, ‘Justin.’"

Edwards says she went back and forth with the MC about her name versus her stage name until she finally said she "didn’t have one yet."

"She [The MC] said, ‘Well doll, you got about two minutes,’ and so I didn’t even have to think and said ‘Alyssa" she says. "I grew up watching Who’s The Boss? with Alyssa Milano. I got on stage and I actually won that night."

The Alyssa Edwards Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is another notch on Edwards’ belt of successes, along with the dance studio she owns and the Netflix series Dancing Queen documenting life there. With every word, pause, and shocked facial expression she gives while telling me of her journey, Edwards never breaks our eye contact, and I know her own surprise over her success story is genuine.

"It’s like, is this a dream? Like c’mon now God, what we got going on up in here? How did this happen to me?" she jokes, adding seriously. "I am savoring the moment."

Taking approximately two years to make, the palette is entirely inspired by Alyssa’s life. After explaining to ABH brand president Claudia Norvina what inspires and motivates Edwards, the two conjured up shade ideas to tell this bright-eyed drag queen’s life story.

"[The names of] all of these shades really mean something to me," she says. "Like my Unicorn Tribe is my dance family. H.O.E. — I know that sounds funny — but that’s Haus of Edwards. That’s my family. And you know, we can choose our family."

Edwards explains that growing up Mesquite, Texas, she didn’t feel like she fit in with all the other little boys. Instead, the drag star spent a lot of her time with her granny in church, but ultimately found her calling in the dance world. Eventually, Edwards began her own studio in Mesquite known as Beyond Belief Dance Company, which is also a shade name in the palette.

"The very first time I felt confident, the very first time that I felt like I could conquer the world, was when I had makeup on," she says. "I know that sounds strange, but Clark Kent had to have a costume and I’m no different. This is my costume."

Makeup helped a young dancer turned dance teacher find confidence, and Edwards hopes others will find theirs with her eyeshadow palette.

"This is something that I hope when every human or — what’s the word I learned?" she yells into the other room to her glam squad, to which they reply in unison: "Extraterrestrial."

Edwards repeats her statement: "This is something that I hope when every human or extraterrestrial being puts it on that they feel something."

However, at the end of the day, Edwards wants people to find their own version of beauty within her palette.

"Makeup is art and art is subjective. Create your own," Edwards says. "Worst case scenario is you just go wash it off and start over. I mean, have fun with it. There’s really not a right or a wrong, especially nowadays."

She adds, staring intently and pointing at me so even I can feel the gravity of her words, "I’ve learned too as a drag performer that there’s no right or wrong way. You get to carve out your idea, your fantasy. You get to make that."

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