30+ Anti-Aging Products That Minimize The Appearance Of Fine Lines, Wrinkles & More

Between environmental aggressors, blue lights from our phones & computers, bad habits & more – all of these factors combined are a recipe for onset aging & we rounded up the best products that will minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Along with aging, comes saggy and creped skin, as well as wrinkles and fine lines, and there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re aging too quickly. Luckily, some of our favorite brands have some pretty incredible anti-aging products which can prevent lines and wrinkles, as well as minimize the appearance of them. One of our favorite anti-aging products is the SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter, which is a treatment formulated with 4% blueberry extract, 30% Proxylane, and .2% phytosphingosine which work together to pause the glycation process and correct severe signs of aging in already mature skin – what more could you ask for?

Another great product is the AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum, which has an x6 concentration of minerals that target visible signs of aging including wrinkles, elasticity, and firmness. The RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is another great product as it’s a daily night cream that works while you sleep to give you a smoother complexion while reducing the appearance of expression lines and deep wrinkles in just 12 weeks.

Plus, Dr. Paul Nassif spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, about some easy ways to prevent your skin from damage and aging without spending a ton of money. “The easiest anti-aging remedy is avoiding three bad habits – smoking, sun exposure, and alcohol. The must-dos are eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and getting a full night’s sleep. Nighttime is when our skin and body repairs and refreshes itself. Lastly, try to manage your stress level because stress shows up on the skin. Easy ways to prevent skin damage and aging, is good skincare, and as|if by Nassif is just three simple steps, morning and night.”

From eye creams to serums, face masks and more, there are tons of amazing anti-aging products that you can see when you click through the gallery above!

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Mike Bushell reveals impressive Strictly weight loss results!

We are only in week four of Strictly Come Dancing, but Mike Bushell is already reaping the rewards from his participation on the show. The BBC presenter appeared on Loose Women with his dance partner Katya Jones on Tuesday, and revealed that he has already lost a stone since he began his training. "I like my food, my wine and my beer," he shared. "It just shows how good dancing is for you. Dancing is transforming. I'm standing up straight, I have a different posture – we are a nation of looking down at our mobile phones…"

Strictly's Mike Bushell and Katya Jones appeared on Loose Women together

During their time on the show, Russian dancer Katya was asked about her now infamous fall during the couple's live performance on Saturday – and the cruel remarks that followed suggesting she was drunk. "In the dance hall, it's such a normal thing [to fall over]," she explained. "I just wanted him to carry on – that's all I cared about." Shown a clip of her falling over for a second time, in front of Claudia Winkleman, the 30-year-old confirmed she had done that on purpose for comic effect, adding: "See, that's how good my acting skills are!"

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Katya also spoke briefly about her relationship with fellow dancer and former husband, Neil Jones. "He's just brilliant," he said. "It was dancing that brought us together, and so we are always helping each other." Asked about the public interest in the couple's private life, she added: "People, if they are looking for things, they will find them. But there really is nothing to look for."

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Glossier's New Serum Will Give Your Skin a Better Glow Than Your Favorite Highlighter

Glossier Futuredew Oil-Serum Hybrid

Glossier found a way to bottle up the dewy skin look you’ve been seeing on Instagram into one no-fuss product. The brand released Futuredew, what it calls an “oil-serum hybrid” that promises to keep skin moisturized and shining for up to 12 hours.

“It’s long-wear skin care,” Glossier founder Emily Weiss said at the event for the product. She explained that it was created for those who want that post-facial glow, fast. “You know when you get a facial or when you put [your skin care] on in the morning? You look amazing if you’ve done your zillion steps, but by noon, [you may not] look glowy anymore . . . This is still dewy and glowy for 12 hours.”

Weiss also explained the best way to apply it: she said to pat your face with a towel once after you’ve cleansed it (so that your skin is not too wet or too dry) before tapping the serum on.

As someone who has been loving the dewy skin look, I was excited to try the new serum. Check out how well it held up to the 12-hour claim, ahead.

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Complete Your Euphoria Halloween Look with These T-ruely Impressive Nail Art Ideas

Complete Your Euphoria Halloween Look with These T-ruely Impressive Nail Art Ideas

Since the first episode of Euphoria aired months ago, it seems everyone can’t stop talking about the bold and fantastical beauty looks worn by each of the characters. Whether it’s glitter eye shadow, vivid colors, or graphic eye liner, we’ve all been influenced by this fairy-like take on beauty, and it couldn’t be more perfect for the Halloween season.

If you’re looking for ideas to set your Euphoria costume apart from the rest, consider dressing up your nails to help you play the part. Ahead, find out which nail art will help you channel your favorite characters this euphoric spooky season.

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Shirley Ballas’ honesty about the cosmetic treatments she’s had is so refreshing

Shirley Ballas always has her fans debating how she's got such smooth, glowing skin, and earlier this year she finally revealed some of her beauty secrets to her eager followers. Result! While in the states, the Strictly Come Dancing head judge visited all her favourite health and beauty practitioners in Los Angeles. Shirley revealed she has skin-tightening procedures, her sunspots lightened and a process called wet cupping on her back. She also popped to the dentist for a clean before she caught her plane home – that explains her always-gorgeous smile, then. 

Shirley also shared a video of herself getting a vitamin drip, admitting she hadn't been feeling very well in the footage. "Getting myself all sorted to come home," she captioned her post. "I've seen Dr Sheigh @rejuvayou for my skin tightening, sun spots etc and Dr David for my back wet cupping. And today I've gone to see Dr Assandra to make sure all my hormones are in place. He also put me on a vitamin drip and checked my well being."

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Plenty of fans wanted to join the wellness conversation, with one  saying: "If you need all that to sort yourself to come home…then I wonder?? Skin tightening… sun spots… back wet cupping… with respect… let it all go Shirley. Walk along beside the ocean. Breathe the air… Be you and get rid of this silliness."

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Getting myself all sorted to come home. I've seen Dr Sheigh @rejuvayou for my skin tightening , sun spots etc Dr David for my back wet cupping. And today gone to see Dr Assandra to make sure all my hormones are in place. @asandramd , he also put me on a vitamin drip and checked my well being. Also packed up my home took all week with @alanate11 , thank you to them both. Now ready to ship my belongings to Great Britain. So it's been a very busy week. I'm excited to come home and see my mum oh boy do I miss her she's my partner in crime. My mum my friend my snuggle bunny. Exploring new beginnings with new friends with exciting times ahead. See you all soon. #health #happy #gratitude #journey

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Getting myself all sorted to come home. I've seen Dr Sheigh @rejuvayou for my skin tightening , sun spots etc Dr David for my back wet cupping. And today gone to see Dr Assandra to make sure all my hormones are in place. @asandramd , he also put me on a vitamin drip and checked my well being. Also packed up my home took all week with @alanate11 , thank you to them both. Now ready to ship my belongings to Great Britain. So it's been a very busy week. I'm excited to come home and see my mum oh boy do I miss her she's my partner in crime. My mum my friend my snuggle bunny. Exploring new beginnings with new friends with exciting times ahead. See you all soon. #health #happy #gratitude #journey

A post shared byShirley Ballas (@shirleyballas) on


The dancer politely replied, "Thank you darling. But I believe each to their own. Whatever you love I'm happy for you. But taking care of my back is ultra important. And my face. Have a great day. Thank you for your message." We couldn't admire her honesty more… 

Taking a peek on Shirley's Instagram account, she's a big fan of Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Cleanser, £17, and the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, £16. She also uses the Foreo UFO Led Thermo Activated Smart Mask, £249 Makeup-wise, she loves Armani beauty products, and for her hair, she's a big fan of the Kerluxe Caviar4 products.

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Dua Lipa Ditches Jet Black Hair For New Strawberry Blonde Locks – See Before & After Pics

Dua Lipa is stepping into fall with a brand new hairstyle as she ditched her black hair & debuted a strawberry blonde hue in NYC on Oct. 1.

Just in time for the new fall season, Dua Lipa, 24, debuted new strawberry blonde hair while out in NYC with boyfriend Anwar Hadid, 20, on October 1. The singer rarely changes the color of her hair and has been rocking the same jet black short bob for quite a while, which is why we almost didn’t recognize her while she was out. She rocked her new hair which was parted in the middle and left down in natural waves, while wearing a pair of high-waisted black leather short-shorts with a pastel pink and blue, oversized button-down top, which she left unopened, revealing her abs. The new color is super light and is almost more of a platinum blonde with a hint of strawberry.

Dua was super excited about her new hairdo, as she posted a slideshow of herself posing in the mirror with her new hair in beach waves, as it looked extra red. She shared the photos with the caption, “A new era! Thank you for your patience. See you soon #DL2” While we assumed her new hair was just a fun change, she may have hinted at some exciting things to come, based on her caption.

We love her new look which is perfect for fall, according to Nikki Lee, celeb hairstylist and co-owner of Nine Zero One salon. Nikki just spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, last week, when she shared the hottest fall hair color trend. “For color, I’ve been doing a lot of golden glow and I did a red that was a fiery glow. Everything has this hint of glow to it and just a solid base with flickers of highlights throughout. The whole ‘rooted look’ and the ‘disheveled look,’ I’m steering clear of, but, having a little more than just an all over single process color to give dimension and depth. So, I’m calling it an all-over glow,” she revealed.

A new era! Thank you for your patience. See you soon #DL2

A post shared by Dua Lipa (@dualipa) on

Dua looks fabulous with her new hair and we think she pulls off the strawberry blonde color perfectly and you can click through the gallery above to see other celeb hair makeovers from this year.

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Gwen Stefani Has Been Platinum Blond For Years, But Her Natural Color is Actually a Light Brown Hue

Gwen Stefani Knows Blondes Have More Fun, but This Is Her Natural Hair Color

Gwen Stefani has been platinum for decades, so you might be surprised to learn that’s not actually her natural hair color. The singer has posted a few childhood photos over the years of herself with light brown hair, indicating that she’s not a natural blonde.

Stefani has tried a multitude of hair colors throughout her career including pink, blue, and green, but she always comes back to her current platinum shade, sometimes adding color to the ends of her hair.

Ahead, check out childhood photos of her naturally light brown hair color, as well as her hair evolution since the start of her career.

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Jet Lag: 20+ Skincare Necessities That Will Help You Beat Tired Looking Skin In No Time

While traveling overseas for vacation is super exciting, the downside is jet lag & we rounded up the best products that will wake up your tired, dull skin after a long trip away.

Jet lag, which is caused by long-haul flights and vacations, can seriously screw with your body. Between the different time zones and the lack of moisture on planes, traveling takes a toll on your skin. Luckily, we rounded up tons of different products that target the signs of jet lag – from tired eyes to a dull complexion, there’s something for every type of concern, which you could see when you click through the gallery above. One of the first signs of jet lag is dark undereye circles and there are a bunch of different ways to treat them. Another major side effect is dry, chapped lips, and the skin surrounding both of these areas is super thin, which is why they see signs of aging and tiredness the most. This is where the Glossier Bubblewrap comes into play. It’s a small product that’s an eye and lip plumper that restores moisture and hydration to the two areas you need it the most.

Another way to treat tired eyes is with eye masks and patches and one of our favorites is the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks. Not only do the masks brighten, hydrate, and depuff undereyes during your flight and after, they are sparkly gold, which makes them super fun to wear. The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks is also a great option, as the hydra-gel eye masks are clinically proven to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and they make you look instantly more awake in just 20 minutes. If you want to really splurge, then look no further than the La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift. While it may be super expensive, ($480), this serum targets the entire eye area, including your brows, to gently lift and firm eyes for younger, more awake looking skin.

While treating your skin is the most important part of getting rid of undereye bags and circles, it can take a while to get your skin back to normal, which is when we usually cover them up with concealer or makeup. So, what’s better than killing two birds with one stone? The INKEY List Brighten-i Eye Cream can do this, as it’s half skincare, half cosmetics, and it gives your undereyes an illuminating glow, all while treating puffiness by adding hydration.

An essential tool to use during and after travel is definitely the BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller. This rose quartz roller is perfect for applying oils, serums, and creams to your skin while depuffing the face. As an added tip, throw it in the freezer or fridge for a bit, to really soothe the face. One of the ultimate products to treat tired skin is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask and the name says it all. This face mask is specifically targeted to help beat the look of jet lag on your face, as it uses proven ingredients to restore hydration to the skin. Use it while in-flight to prevent tired skin and use it after to get rid of any effects.

One major effect of jet lag is not being able to sleep, which is why the Olly Extra Strength Sleep Gummies will seriously come in handy. They are extra strength sleep gummies, formulated with 5mg of Melatonin, as well as L-Theanine, and a blend of Chamomile, Passionflower, and Lemon Balmcome which help when you’re up all night because you’re on a different time zone and you need some rest.

Plus, if you’re looking for a mix of fun products and lifestyle items, you have to try our newest HollywoodLife Box, which has a value of over $260 and is on sale NOW for only $49.99! Buy the box right now at HollywoodLifeBox.com & even better, use the code – HLBOX25 – to get a 25% discount off your entire order!

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Maisie Williams Swapped Her Pink Hair For a Brown Bob at the Emmys, and It's Applause-Worthy

Maisie Williams Swapped Her Pink Hair For a Brown Bob at the Emmys, and It’s Applause-Worthy

Maisie Williams knows a thing or two about bringing the drama thanks to her many years on Game of Thrones, and she’s bringing that same energy to the Emmys red carpet with her new brown bob haircut. The 22-year-old actress has alternated between pink hair and blond hair for some time, but Williams just drastically switched it up.

Not only did her shoulder-length hair get chopped into a chin-length bob, her blunt bangs transformed into the wispy baby variety. She even swapped her now-signature cotton candy color for a chestnut brown hue that’s sure to give you plenty of salon inspiration.

Check out the photos of her bold hair change, ahead.

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Halsey Blessed Us With Her Natural Curls At The Emmys

While there were plenty of contenders for Best Dressed at the 2019 Emmys, Halsey’s curly hair might have cinched the award for Best ‘Do. The singer will perform during the In Memoriam Tribute, and while her entire look for the occasion was fabulous (more on the dress later, I promise) Halsey’s updo definitely turned heads.

The look was created by celebrity hairstylist Florido using Joico products. It definitely gives off some of the best ’80s prom vibes, but looks totally modern as well. Halsey loves to play around with different hairstyles, and we rarely get a glimpse at her natural texture. In fact, one of the first times was in 2018, when she posted a photo of her hair in its natural state. When fans commented it looked like a wig, Halsey shot back on Twitter, saying "i can’t believe I spent a whole damn year growing out my curls under those wigs for y’all to say my natural hair looks like a wig… some f*cked up sh*t lmao." Since then, Halsey’s been wearing her hair out more often, but she certainly hasn’t given up on switching the style around just about every time she makes an appearance.

More to come…

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