See Every Piece From Taylor Swift, Stella McCartney's Lover Collection

Courtesy of Stella McCartney

Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney have teamed up for a dreamy new clothing collection.

The Grammy winner and the fashion designer joined forces on a limited-edition line, inspired by T.Swift’s new album, Lover. On Tuesday, the duo unveiled the lookbook for the line, giving fans a preview of the pieces in the collection.

“#StellaxTaylorSwift is coming soon,” Swift wrote on social media Tuesday. “It’s been SO much fun to work/dream up cute stuff with my friend @stellamccartney to create a line inspired by my new album Lover.”

Swift added that fans can sign up to receive more info at and

The album merchandise line includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bags and a reusable water bottle, with many items featuring T.Swift lyrics.

For a more exclusive option, two Stella McCartney pieces, a bomber jacket and handbag, have also been created. The two limited-edition pieces will be available for exclusive order on from the evening of Aug. 22 and will be available for purchase exclusively at Stella McCartney standalone stores in London, New York from Aug. 23.

They exclusive items will also be available, along with the core merchandise line, at The Lover Experience Taylor Swift Pop Up Shop sponsored by Capital One in New York City from Aug. 23 to 25. The bomber is $1995 and the handbag is $795.

Let’s take a look at pieces from the Stella x Taylor Swift collection below!

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Stella x Taylor Swift

The limited-edition line, designed by McCartney and Swift, was inspired by the superstar singer’s Lover album.

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BlackMilk Clothing’s Latest ‘Harry Potter’ Apparel Collection Is Absolutely Spellbinding

Fashion is meant to be fun, and there’s nothing more magically playful on the market than BlackMilk Clothing’s latest Harry Potter apparel collection. No matter if you’re a full-on Potterhead or you’ve only dabbled in the series you’re bound to love something from the lineup, seeing as it ranges in style from sporty to edgy and represents one of the most charming and epic tales around. Whether you’ve got a costume party coming up or you just like to stand your fandom on the reg, the collection will have something you’ll want to snag immediately.

Before perusing the collection, you’ll want to pick your favorite house seeing as a handful of the designs come in representative blue, red, green, and yellow color ways. Whether you identify as a Ravenclaw, a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, or a Hufflepuff is up to you — if only the Sorting Hat was real, am I right? From dresses and pants to leggings and sports bras, the collection will let you rep your house in a variety of ways. Prefer to remain neutral? You’re also in luck. Styles emblazoned with the Hogwarts crest are also on the menu. Check out the new styles below and prepare to shell out a sickle or two.

House Robe

I love that this dress toes the line between punky and costume-y thanks to its apron design, plaid pattern, and big Ravenclaw crest. I’d wear it with a plain black tee and some chunky Dr Martens boots for a look that could transition from Comic Con to bar with ease.

Dark Arts

While I don’t know how business-appropriate a Dark Mark shirt actually is, I do think it’s funny that the one "professional" offering from the collection is also the most wicked.

Mad For Plaid

You wouldn’t even know these pants repped Hufflepuff if you saw them on the street! In fact, you’d probably be more inclined to assume they were part of a Clueless fandom collection. Regardless, plaid is always an ace pattern to rock during fall, so they’re arriving at the perfect time.

Put It In Reverse

Yes, this dress is reversible, and it boasts a cool black and white plaid print on the other side. The print you see here features celestial motifs of the Hogwarts house mascots along with iconic classes and locations . within the school.

Go Four It

All four houses on one cozy hoodie.

Sporty Spice

What I imagine every Quidditch team member wore under their robes.


This way cooler than my high school’s letterman jacket and is a piece I’d actually want to keep for decades to come.

Leg Up

These leggings won’t give you magical powers at the gym, but they’ll definitely let everyone there know that when it comes to Harry Potter, you mean business.

Jersey Girl

Colorful, lightweight, and with a sporty vibe to boot. This jersey looks uber comfortable and is a piece that would be easy to transition into your wardrobe no matter the season.

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Four women strip off to reveal their golden tans – but can you spot the real from the fake? – The Sun

FAKE tan used to be about orange sheets, streaky legs and smelling like a pack of Rich Tea biscuits.

But times have changed, and now fake tans are so good that most of the natural looking tans we see on TV have come from a bottle.

In fact, the fake tan industry is booming in the UK – and is worth over £20million.

Superdrug shifts a million bottles of the brown stuff a year, and St Tropez products are so popular one's sold every 15 seconds.

During World War II women used old tea bags and Bovril to give their legs a bit of colour, with the first sunless tanner – bizarrely called Man Tan – hitting the market in the 50s.

Things have improved a lot since then and now there really is almost nothing setting real and fake tans apart – apart from the health benefits of hitting the bottle.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, with seven people dying from it every day.

Every time you tan you raise your chance of getting cancer, and using sunbeds is particularly dangerous – using one before you're 35 ups your change of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 87 per cent.

Fabulous launched its Dying For A Tan series to highlight the risks of sunbed use, and here we show just how good fake tan has got – proving there's really no need to risk your health with sunbed sessions.

So, can you spot the real tan from the fake?

1. 'I've used sunbeds to kick-start my tan'

Beauty therapist Lauren Denby, 30, is a married mum of three and lives in Canterbury

Lauren says: "I’m currently in the enviable position of having a real all over tan, I've just got back from Marbella.

In the past I've used sunbeds to kick-start my tan with a base colour before I go away, but I don't anymore.

I found they made my skin dry – it’s a personal preference but I prefer a real tan instead.

Having a tan is important to me, and I don't think the confidence it gives you can be replicated with the fake stuff.

I always worry about skin cancer – although not enough to stop me going in the sun.

I never went on holidays with my parents when I was little, so I only got into tanning in my teens. I went away with my friends and realised how much I loved having some colour – now my husband and I have competitions about just how brown we can go, we go away as much as possible to keep the tans up.

He says I get a ‘dirty tan’ whereas I reckon he looks his best when he’s ‘golden brown’ all over.

This summer we’re going to Turkey. My bikinis are already chosen, I normally take at least three. The fashion this summer is for high waists which aren’t ideal for tanning, so I’ll roll them down and unclip when I’m lying on my front.

On holiday, my agenda revolves around the tan regime, I take it very seriously!

On the first day I’ll rub in the factor 50 which always surprises people but it doesn't stop my colour, it just means I'm protected.

Then I make it last as long as possible by moisturising daily and exfoliating too.

I move throughout the day to make sure I'm always in the sun and to maximise my tan I’ll even lie out on a lilo in the pool.

There are certain clothes I’ll only wear with a tan – bright colours, and I’d never wear a white dress unless I had golden skin.

I do feel better when I’m brown and I feel sexier too – I couldn’t go without a tan.

As for wrinkles I just don’t think about them right now. It wouldn’t be something I’d worry about when it comes to getting a tan.’

Dying For A Tan

There are an estimated 7,000 tanning salons in Britain, with some offering sessions from as little as 50p a minute.

Kids as young as EIGHT are using sunbeds, with seemingly little understanding they are playing Russian Roulette with their health.

According to Cancer Research UK, Melanoma skin cancer risk is 16-25 per cent higher in people who have used a sunbed (at any age), compared to people who have never used sunbeds. 

This is because sunbeds pelt the skin with such strong UV rays which increase the risk of developing malignant melanoma – the most serious form of skin cancer. 

Just 20 minutes on one is comparable to four hours in the sun – with many stronger than Mediterranean rays at midday.

In many cases the damage is invisible until it’s too late, as it can take up to 20 years to become apparent.

Around 16,000 new melanoma skin cancer cases are diagnosed in the UK every year – that's 44 every day.

There are around 2,300 melanoma skin cancer deaths annually – that's more than six every day.

It’s part of the reason the World Health Organisation has deemed sunbeds are as dangerous as smoking.

This is why Fabulous says it is time to stop Dying For A Tan.

2. 'I've had some major tanning fails'

Student Adelaide Jones, 19, is single and lives in Bristol

Adelaide says: "I’m studying for a biology degree and I know how everything works in the body, that’s why there is no way I’d use a sunbed. I’m really against them.

The threat of cancer is all too real and it’s just not worth the risk.

If I hear of any girlfriends using one I always talk to them about it. There are people who shrug it off and say, ‘We're all going to die of something!’ but skin cancer is the faster rising cancer in under 35s. So why risk it when you don't need to?

Instead I love a fake tan, even though I'm olive skinned.

I do it the day after shaving my legs and I use Skinny Tan Oil which develops through the day before you wash it off that night.

I first started to appreciate the difference a tan can make in my early teens.

We go away on holiday to Egypt as a family and I'd tan quickly and instantly feel really good about myself.

That’s why even in the UK I’ll fake tan – I want that same feeling.

But there's no point if I'm covered up, I only bother if I'm getting my body out – so fake tan is part of my getting ready routine for a night out.

I’ve definitely had some tanning disasters though – one time my hands ended up bright orange, I was so self-conscious."

3. 'I'm always asked about my tan'

Interior designer and model Prudence Ratcliffe, 20, is single and lives in Warwick

"My problem is trying not to let my skin go too dark!

"I’m lucky enough to go away on a regular basis, like to Barbados every Christmas, and going abroad keeps my naturally dark skin topped up nicely.

Whenever I post pictures on my Insta page of me tanned and in a bikini friends do comment! I'm always asked if my tan is fake. It's real! I almost instantly turn an olive colour.

I was around 16 when I discovered the magic of a tan – I’d got home from a holiday and everyone was always saying, ‘Wow, you look so well, Pru!’ It's true. I’m healthier-looking this colour which makes me feel better about myself.

Nowadays I’m back and forth to Marbella because my dad has got a place over there.

Exposing my limbs to the sun puts me in such a good mood, it’s why there is nothing better than a proper tan.

But I won’t tan without any protection on. I use factor 30 all over my body and apply factor 50 on my face.

My current favourite is Bali Body, which is tinted too, and Piz Buin is another favourite. It’s been around for years and is older than I am!

In our family it is an absolute no-no to sit out without any sunscreen on, I don’t know anyone who would do it any more.

I know my mum’s generation did or they'd apply carrot oil or just oil so they skin would go brown faster. But those are the women who end up with skin cancer – if I can’t protect my skin I’d rather be pale.

I do take the time to maintain my tan, moisturising and exfoliating, too. There's nothing less sexy than a tan which is peeling off!"

4. 'I used to use Factor 2'

Beauty boutique manager Samantha Walsh, 43, is single and lives in Sevenoaks, Kent

Samantha says: "Like most women I do love a tan, but I reckon it’s best to fake it.

I work in the beauty industry and understand how ageing a real tan is – not to mention the skin cancer risk.

I use gradual tanners throughout the summer, I love Tan Luxe drops for face and body, Garnier Summer Body Lotion and Vita Liberata Body Blur.

I don’t like being pale, I’m a natural blonde and a good tan out of the bottle hides my veins and scars and makes me feel better about myself.

There's nothing I like more than topping up with the real thing either, I’ve been tanning for as long as I can remember.

In the 90s I’d spend the summer season out in Ibiza, that was before we all realised how bad the sun was for your skin.

In those days I’d start on Factor 8 and by the end of the season I’d be down to Factor 2 – you’d put yourself under a load of pressure to get as brown as possible.

By my mid 20s I’d discovered fake tan and I was a total convert, but back then the products weren’t as sophisticated as they are today.

Like most women there have been tanning disasters. The horrible biscuit smell isn’t attractive, it's a turn-off for boyfriends, and I've had streaky disasters on the bed sheets.

I’ve been out looking orange and tango-ed and I've struggled with streaky legs too.

I’ve learnt that where the skin is thicker on the body – elbows and knees – apply less because it goes darker there.

But when you get the hang of fake tanning products it’s a no brainer. I feel healthier and look slimmer – without the sun damage.

Nowadays as soon as the sun comes out I start using fake tan, usually that's from April until October.

This year I’ve been using a gradual tan but I do get a cheeky spray tan at work sometimes. We have a pop up tent that comes to the store. You stand naked in the tent and slowly rotate, it's fantastic and lasts for a good week


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Mindy Kaling Shares Adorable — and Affordable — Mother-Daughter #Twinning Moment

Twinning alert! For a dose of adorable-ness guaranteed to make your Monday a zillion times better, look no further than Mindy Kaling’s latest Instagram photo with her two-year-old daughter, Katherine.

On August 19, The Office star posted a photo on a toddler-approved foam play mat showing off her and Katherine’s matching glitter sandals. She tagged the handmade leather sandal brand, Pons Avarcas USA, in the photo and captioned it, “Got these little pons sandals for me and Kit. Glitter is our aesthetic. 💞.”

‘Bachelor’ Alum Bekah Martinez Claps Back at John James’ Criticism of Her Body Hair

While their sparkly silver shoes are super adorable, we’re also thrilled to discover that they’re affordable, too! The specific shoes worn by Mindy and Katherine are from a limited-edition collection created by Avarcas USA and lifestyle brand and design studio, Oh Joy! Since they’re limited-edition, we advise you to make your moves, stat!

Pictured in Mindy’s shot is the adult-sized Oh Joy! For Avacaras USA Pons shoe ($85) and Katherine’s children’s version ($59). The ‘grammable shoes come in four different color options (gold, blue, multicolor and silver) to match with your little one — or to covet just for you.

The Instagram post drew in compliments from celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Angela Kinsley. “Glitter is your signature color✨” said Witherspoon. Kinsley commented “❤️” and an excited fan wrote, “This is the CUTEST!!!”

Kate Upton Slams Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for Including the ‘Same Body Types’

Let it be known that this isn’t Mindy’s first time twinning with her daughter. In fact, this is a common theme that we truly can’t get enough of. On March 31, the actress posted a photo of the two in matching veggie-themed onesies from BedHead Pajamas. And on Thanksgiving 2018, she posted a photo of them twinning in matching pink Chuck Taylors.

Now, who’s going to tell Mindy that she needs to post a #twinning photo every single Monday?

For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on Youtube!

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108 Ways Celebrities Wear Jeans — Plus, Under-$40 Styles to Shop Now

108 Ways Celebrities Wear Jeans — Plus, Under-$40 Styles to Shop Now

Whether you’re a die-hard denim fan or wear jeans on occasion, every woman can benefit from fresh denim outfit ideas. Of course, new jean trends are always emerging, but it’s the good ole’ classics that we lean on most from skinnies to straight-leg silhouettes and cropped. So, every once in a while, we need to reassess our tried-and-true outfit formulas in favor of some unexpected combos, and where better to turn that some of our favorite celebrities?

From California girls like Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Aniston to denim addicts like Selena Gomez and Sienna Miller and royal denim fans like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, celebrities are constantly spotted in stylish denim outfits, whether they’re dressing up a pair of jeans with a fun top and jewelry, wearing a comfortable pair for travel, or going the casual-chic direction with a pair of sneakers and sunglasses. In other words, celebs are a gold mine when it comes to denim outfit ideas, which is why we’re rounding up some (OK, a ton!) of our favorites to inspire your next look.

Whether you’re thinking up end-of-Summer formulas, on the search for a few after-hours looks, prepping Fall and Winter looks, or refreshing the ways you piece together basics, ahead, scroll through 108 ways celebrities wear their jeans for all occasions. Plus, we have nine under-$40 pairs of jeans to shop from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s whether you’re into straight legs, skinny jeans, kick flares, and more.

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Kate Middleton’s style transformation: All of her best royal looks

There’s no doubt about it, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is the style icon of our generation. She stepped into the royal spotlight with grace, intelligence, and — luckily for us — a serious appreciation for fashion.

She’s loyal, often donning her favorite British designers like Jenny Packham, Erdem, Mulberry, Alexander McQueen and L.K. Bennett, always perfectly put-together. What’s so great about the Duchess, though, is that she’s not afraid to “shop on high street” at stores like Topshop and Whistles, or to re-wear an outfit.

194 PHOTOSKate Middleton's style transformationSee GalleryKate Middleton's style transformationPhoto by: KGC-22/STAR MAX/IPx2/14/17The Duchess of Cambridge visits RAF Wittering in Cambridgeshire to meet with local air cadets. Her Royal Highness became Royal Patron and Honorary Air Commandant of the Air Cadet Organisation, in December 2015. Her Royal Highness joined the cadets as they viewed a Tutor aircraft, and participated in a personal development training session. The Duchess also had the chance to fly a flight simulator while there.Photo by: KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPx 2/7/16 The Duchess of Cambridge marks the at her first official engagement as Honorary Air Commandant of the organisation. The Duke of Edinburgh passed his patronage of the RAF Air Cadets on to The Duchess in December 2015, after 63 years serving as Air Commodore-in-Chief. (London, England)For the Wimbledon finals, Kate recycled this Jonathan Saunders dress she wore during the Jubilee Royal Tour in 2012.Kate, William and Harry kicked off the Tour de France in July. Kate was wearing her green Erdem coat and favorite L.K. Bennett sledge pumps.The Duchess of Cambridge visits an M-PACT Plus Counselling programme at Blessed Sacrament School on July 1st in a coral GOAT dress with cream clutch.    Kate is seen wearing Alexander McQueen to a military event in London.Duchess Kate attends Order of the Garter in a lovely pale blue Christopher Kane coat.Prince George of Cambridge walks holding his Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s hand as they watch Prince William, Duke of Cambridge & Prince Harry play in the Jerudong Trophy charity polo match. Kate is seen wearing a casual striped top and a pair of skinny jeans, while George is wearing an adorable pair of overalls.The Duchess of Cambridge during an official visit to National Maritime Museum on June 10, 2014 in London, England.Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend a service during the D-Day 70 Commemorations on June 6, 2014.Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge holds Prince George of Cambridge as they leave Fairbairne Airbase to head back to the UK after finishing their Royal Visit to Australia.Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a reception hosted by the Governor General Peter Cosgrove at Government House on April 24, 2014 in Canberra, Australia.Kate attended the SportsBall, donning a laser-cut, black lace Temperley London cocktail dress, paired with her Jimmy Choo heels and Alexander McQueen clutch.Kate looked lovely in London, wearing an Orla Kiely skirt and MaxMara coat as she received flowers from a young girl.Kate recycled an Orla Kiely dress and her Aquatalia boots for a charity visit with William.Kate wore a pretty black Temperley coat to honor Remembrance Day in London, wearing her hair in ringlets.In honor of Poppy Day, William and Kate stepped out in London — Kate wearing her long scarlet L.K. Bennett coat.Kate attended a charity gala the following day, wearing an elegant navy Jenny Packham gown.Kate chose Alexander McQueen for Prince George’s Christening.Kate attended the SportsAid Athlete Workshop just a few months after having Prince George. She wore a pre-pregnancy outfit: her J.Brand skinny jeans, Ralph Lauren striped top, navy Smythe blazer and Stuart Weitzman wedges.Kate and William attended a gala for the Tusk Trust, Kate glittering in Jenny Packham.Kate joined William out and about in Anglesey, wearing a Zara top, Paige denim jeans and a Ralph Lauren jacket.Kate wore another Seraphine knot-front dress for the photo while William was casual in a gingham button down.  And in this photo, both the Middletons’ family dog and Lupo made the cut!Kate and William pose with Prince George for the family’s first official portraits at her family’s home.Kate definitely had a new mom glow about her when she left the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital.When Wills and Kate took off to go visit her parents in Bucklebury for the first few weeks after George’s birth, she wore a dress by Seraphine perfect for new moms.Kate wore a bespoke Jenny Packham blue polka dotted dress when she presented her son to the world, and she looked lovely.For her last official appearance before giving birth, the Duchess chose pale pink Alexander McQueen at the 2013 Trooping the Colour.Kate was glowing as she named a cruise ship in a printed Hobbs coat.Kate looked positively lovely at the Queen’s Coronation service in one of her favorite designers, Jenny Packham, a light peach, almost nude lace empire-waisted dress.Kate was bold and bright at this year’s Garden Party, wearing a bespoke version of the Marella coat by Emilia Wickstead.Kate visited Naomi House on the day of her wedding anniversary, wearing a peach coat by Tara Jarmon.Kate visited the Harry Potter sets at Warner Bros with William and Harry, wearing in a polka-dot dress by Topshop.Kate attended an event at the National Portrait Gallery, wearing a ’50s-inspired, powder blue Emilia Wickstead dress and grey suede pumps. Kate visited a primary school in a pretty Erdem floral dress.Kate attended the National Review of the Queen’s Scouts, wearing a mint green Mulberry Coat, Whiteley fascinator and her L.K. Bennett pumps.  As you can see, the Duchess finally popped and her baby bump was fully visible.Kate donned her red Armani coat, as seen on her in 2006, for the visit to Scotland.During a visit to Scotland,  Kate and Wills met well wishers, played some ping pong, field hockey and basketball while she wore this tartan coat by British brand moloh.Kate visited the Great Tower Scout camp, keeping warm in green rain boots, a green army jacket and a knit crochet hat.Kate visits the Baker Street Underground Station in this teal Malene Birger coat, and true to royal style: a pretty black fascinator.Dressed in a pretty white Redgrave Goat collarless coat over a dress from Topshop, Kate visited the headquarters of Child Bereavement UK.Kate Middleton wore this black Topshop dress as she visited the headquarters of Child Bereavement UK.The Duchess of Cambridge attended the St Patrick’s Day Parade at Mons Barracks in the same gorgeous green Emilia Wickstead coat of the previous year.Kate attended the fourth and final day of the Cheltenham Festival in a gorgeous peach wool coat by Joseph.Kate visited Grimsby in a gorgeous brown Hobbs coat, with her baby bump just starting to show.Kate showed off her baby bump in a patterned MaxMara dress and simple pumps during a visit to Hope House. Kate looks on in a pretty Whistles dress after viewing her first official portrait.Kate left the hospital, after being admitted for severe morning sickness, in a navy coat by Diane von Furstenberg.Kate played hockey  in Alexander McQueen while visiting St. Andrews University.Kate wore this MaxMara Studio coat over a leopard-print dress for her and William’s first visit to Cambridge.Kate was glowing in an emerald green Mulberry dress for an opening at the Natural History Museum.Kate dons her lace Temperley London gown once more, this time adding a pop of red with her Alexander McQueen clutch.Kate attended a royal reception for team Great Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes, wearing a black floral dress with sheer sleeves.Kate bends down to receive flowers from an adorable two-year-old, looking lovely in Alexander McQueen.Back in the UK, Kate and Wills attend the official launch of the new Football Centre, the Duchess wearing a Reiss coat.Kate wore this navy eyelet Mulberry dress with traditional adornments during their visit, with her hair in natural waves.Kate prepared to dance with traditional dancers, in a much cooler grass skirt than we’ve ever seen. The royal couple boarded a plane, Kate wearing a pale yellow eyelet dress and Stuart Weitzman wedges.The Duke and Duchess smiled in traditional Island clothing as they visited the Governor General’s house.This yellow Jaeger shirtdress was light, bright and cool for the warm island weather.On day 6, Kate and Wills arrived at the Solomon Islands, Kate dressed in a bright Jonathan Saunders dress.The casual duo cross a bridge at a Rainforest Research center in Malaysia.Kate wore this sparkling Alexander McQueen to a dinner with Malaysia’s Head of State.Kate wore a pale teal dress to visit the Memorial Cemetery in Singapore, looking back thoughtfully as she walked beside her husband.While in Malaysia, Kate wore an ice blue lace Temperley London dress, with her hair pulled back in a pretty updo.On Day 4, Kate and William visited a Mosque, respectfully removing their shoes, Kate wore a headscarf and looked lovely in white.Kate looked gorgeous in a floral Erdem dress during the British Gala reception.She also wore a lovely Alexander McQueen skirt and jacket with Stuart Weitzman wedges.On day 2, Kate wore this sheer Raoul dress and nude pumps.

Kate and William kicked off the 2012 Diamond Jubilee tour in Singapore, the Duchess wearing a vibrant dress by Prabal Gurung.

Kate looked chic and professional at the Paralympics Day 4 medal ceremony.

Kate attends the 10th day of the Olympics in a zipped-up windbreaker for the sailing events.

Wills and Kate celebrate a big win for the UK during the Olympics.

The Olympics took London by storm, and the young royals weren’t going to miss it.  Kate sported UK colors in this striped top and navy jeans.

Kate and William visited Bacon’s College with Prince Harry, Kate dressed in a grey and white checked dress.

Our three favorite royals wait to receive the Olympic Torch at Buckingham Palace on it’s route around Britain to the Olympic Stadium.  

Kate looked vibrant in Stella McCartney while visiting the National Portrait Gallery.

Kate looked chic in white at Wimbledon, carrying a fun animal print clutch.

Kate payed homage to Scotland with her clutch while she watched as Prince William was installed as a Knight of the Thistle in Edinburgh.

Time for the Order of the Garter, and while most members of the royal family were in pale hues, Kate’s Alexander McQueen stole the show.

Kate wore wellies to a polo match, with casual jeans and her pooch Lupo by her side.

Kate waved from a carriage during the Trooping the Colour ceremony, wearing one of her favorite designers, Erdem.

The Diamond Jubliee continues, and Kate is seen in a nude lace Alexander McQueen dress with a Jane Taylor fascinator.

Kate wore a vibrant red Alexander McQueen dress, carrying a clutch by the same designer and sporting her favorite L.K. Bennett heels during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Kate is pretty in pink at the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, wearing an Emilia Wickstead dress and classic nude heels.

Ok, so maybe this photo is more about the puppy-love than the dress, but the Duchess still looks chic, even while playing with her and Wills’ pup, Lupo!

Attending an Olympic Concert, Kate dominated the red carpet in a lace-back Jenny Packham gown.

Kate shows a little leg in this sleek Roland Mouret gown.

In one of our favorite looks, Kate had the embellishment on the neckline of this Matthew Williamson dress added just for her — and she looked gorgeous.

The Duchess is a hard worker! Helping to plant a tree, Kate still looked totally glam in a vibrant blue Reiss dress.

It was St. Patrick’s Day, and Kate looked gorgeous in green, a belted Emilia Wickstead dress.

Kate looked cute and casual in coral skinny jeans while playing hockey with the Olympic team.

Kate wore an Orla Kiely dress for a visit in South London.

Kate wore this peplum skirt suit by L.K. Bennett and a James Lock hat during a visit to Leicester, England.

Kate wore this slightly distressed tweed Missoni coat to tea with the Queen and Camilla. 

Kate visited schools in Oxford, wearing a flared, bird-print Orla Kiely dress.

Kate wore this brown Hobbs coat to visit Liverpool, pairing it with black stockings and pumps.

Kate visited the National Portrait Gallery in a belted grey jacket with a wide collar.

Attending the premiere of War Horse in the UK, Kate wore a lace Temperley London gown.

The royal family attended a Christmas Day service, all in chic jackets and boots as they arrived together.

Just before the holidays, the Duke and Duchess visited a homeless charity, Kate in a simple Ralph Lauren turtleneck dress.

Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry arrive at the Imperial War Museum, all dressed in their black-tie best.

Kate spoke with dinner guests at a reception at St. James Palace, wearing a silver one-shouldered gown.

A beautiful duo: Kate wore this crimson Beulah London gown, adding some vibrance to Fall in London.

Kate looked lovely in Amanda Wakeley as she and William visited the Royal Marsden Hospital.

The Duke and Duchess visited Birmingham, Kate wearing Alexander McQueen.

Kate sparkled in this classic drape dress by Roksanda Ilincic.

Kate and Wills are back in the U.K., the Duchess wearing a beige v-neck dress for the opening of the state rooms in Buckingham Palace.

Kate in Santa Barbara, in a floral Jenny Packham dress.

Kate and Wills attended the BAFTA Awards, Kate showing off a tiny waist in this Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen floor length gown.

Kate wore this grey shift by London-based designer Roksanda Ilincic while in Los Angeles.

The Duke and Duchess arrived in Los Angeles, Kate in a bright green dress by one of our favorite designers, Diane von Furstenberg.

Kate looked lovely in this canary yellow Jenny Packham dress, but battled with the wind at Calgary International Airport.

The Duke and Duchess boarded a Canadian Airforce jet, Kate wearing J. Brand skinny jeans and L.K. Bennett slingback wedges.

Kate looked cool and casual in boat shoes and jeans.

Kate and Wills smile at one another, the Duchess dressed in Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen on their 5th day in Canada.

The newyweds are cute and casual, in a rare embrace (public, at least!) after taking part in a dragon boat race.

Kate wore this simple white shift during their Canada visit, carrying her favorite L.K. Bennett "Natalie" clutch.

On day 4 of their Canada visit, Kate was seen in a brilliant blue Erdem dress with lace detailing on the bodice.

Kate wore this grey shift dress while in Canada, with a pointed collar and cuffed sleeves.

Kate was a bronzed beauty in this long-sleeved, purple Issa dress on the royal couple’s Canada tour.

Kate looks over her shoulder as she and Wills attend Canada Day celebrations in Ottowa. She was wearing a white Reiss dress with bold red accents in her fascinator and heels.

Kate wore a lace Erdem shift dress and nude L.K. Bennett heels while attending the wreath-laying ceremony at the National War Memorial in Canada.

Kate wore this bold Alexander McQueen military-style coat while visiting army Barracks in Windsor.

Kate and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, wearing pretty coats to the Order of the Garter Service.

Kate wore her Jane Troughton cornflower blue brocade coat to the church service celebrating the 90th birthday of Prince Philip.

Kate and William were the picture of elegance at the 2011 Trooping the Colour ceremony for the Queen’s birthday.

Kate and her sister Pippa attend a friend’s wedding, both dressed in black and white patterned dresses and matching court shoes.  

Kate attended the 10th Annual ARK Gala Dinner in a stunning floor-length embellished Jenny Packham gown.

Kate attended Derby Day, everyone dressed to the nines.  The Duchess was in a white Reiss dress and beige fascinator.

The Duchess met Michelle Obama in Buckingham Palace, wearing a cap-sleeved neutral Reiss dress.

Kate and William headed out for their honeymoon the day after their wedding, Kate dressed in a simple belted blue dress and her L.K. Bennett wedges.

Kate leaving Clarence House to attend the evening celebrations following her wedding to Prince William, in a pretty satin dress with an embellished belt showing off her tiny waist.

The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to cheers from the crowd.

The blushing bride steps out of Westminster Abbey, stunning in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown.

Here comes the almost-bride… Kate smiled for the camera as she arrived at the Goring Hotel with her mom and sister the day before her wedding.  She looked stunning in a patterned Issa dress and L.K. Bennett wedges.

Kate wore a flared neutral trench coat while visiting Northern Ireland.

The dashing couple matched in navy blue suits while visiting an athletic track in Darwen, England.

Kate and William visit their Alma Mater, St. Andrews University, for its 600th anniversary celebrations.

Kate wore all shades of neutral to launch a new RNLI lifeboat in the chilly February weather.

The couple attended a Christmas "Spectacular," Kate dressed in contrasting black and white with a bold necklace.

The couple looked lovely and happy as can be!

A royal engagement! Kate’s navy Issa dress from her engagement photo is one of the most sought-after dresses she’s worn.

Kate and Wills attend a friend’s wedding, Kate wearing a bright silk dress with a black jacket and accessories.

Kate chose a belted teal sundress and leather bag for the Chakravarty Cup Polo Match.

Kate wore a stunning blue patterned Jane Troughton coat to a friend’s wedding, paired with a Jane Corbett fascinator and black court shoes.

Kate wore skinny jeans and a leather jacket to a charity Polo match in which Prince William and Harry were playing.

Kate attended the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco in London, supporting an Oxford charity.

Kate channeled the ’60s in this mod-inspired dress while out in London.

Kate looked lovely at Lady Rose Windsor’s wedding, wearing a pop of color and print with black accessories.

Kate wore a pretty white Issa sundress with a cardigan to the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Always there to support, Kate watched Wills and Harry play in a charity polo match.

Kate attended the Most Noble Order of the Garter service, standing with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in contrasting black and white.

Kate in her go-to casual look: jeans and a jacket.

Kate with Prince William after his graduation, now a Royal Air Force pilot, wearing a pretty peacoat. 

We love that Kate paired navy blue with black — a look that the fashion-savvy know is super chic, but many would be afraid to do.

Kate attended an afterparty following the opening night of Afrika Afrika, wearing an animal print dress.

Kate attended another book launch, dressed in a simple cap-sleeved dress.

Wearing a vest over long sleeves, Kate and the rowing team practice for the Charity Boat Challenge.

Sporty-chic Kate took part in a training session with the Sisterhood Cross Channel rowing team.

Looking nautical in stripes and wedges, Kate was spotted in London.

Kate attended the Concert for Diana in London, wearing a white trench and black heeled boots.

Kate smiles in a casual top and jeans in London.

The Middleton sisters looked lovely at a book launch party in London.

Kate wore a sweater and pencil skirt with boots to the Badminton Horse Trials, mastering that transitional time when Spring has a chill in the air.

Kate wore a 60s-inspired dress out and about in London.

Kate and Pippa watched William play rugby in casual jeans and boots.

For the next day of the festival, Kate went for a mix of blues and browns, wrapping it up with a pretty scarf and beret.

Back to her classic, almost professional, duds, Kate wore a matching deep green skirt and coat to the Cheltenham Festival.

Seen leaving the venue Boujis, Kate looked classic in a shimmering black jacket.

Showing off some not-often-seen skin, the now Duchess was out on the town with friends.

Kate wore this casual black and white patterned dress, arriving home from work.

Kate wore a red Armani coat to the Sovereign’s Parade at the Royal Military Academy.

Kate rocked white jeans and a simple cardigan at the Beaufort Polo Club.

Dressed in casual summer whites, Kate attended the Rundle Cup Day with Chelsy Davy (Prince Harry’s former girlfriend) and William’s cousin Zara Phillips.

Kate wore one of her favorite silhouettes, a simple wrap dress, for a Polo match.

Kate dances with a friend at a pre-Wimbledon party, dressed in a dark floral dress.

Kate wore red and white polka dots to the Chakravarty Polo match, completing the look with strappy wedges and classic sunglasses.

Kate wore a floral dress and pink jacket to a store opening, letting her bangs fall to a fringe.

Kate attended the Boodles Boxing Ball, dressed in bright blue to support the sports charity Sparks.

Kate looked lovely in a long cream coat and fancy fascinator at a friend’s wedding.

Wills made Kate laugh after she and her sister watched him play in a field game at Eton College.

Kate wore flat boots, a long coat and Russian-style fur hat at the Cheltenham Festival with her sister Pippa.

Kate and her mother, Carole Middleton, attended the Spirit of Christmas Shopping Festival in London, Kate wearing jeans and a light blue blazer.

A casual Kate out and about with her father, graduation weekend.

Kate, dressed in a casual sweater with a brown jacket, wore her hair up for the Gatcombe Horse Trials.

Kate Middleton and Prince William on the day of their graduation ceremony at St. Andrews University.

Kate at her graduation from St. Andrews, where she met Prince William.

Kate attends the wedding of a friend, wearing a lace-patterned black and white skirt with a complimentary jacket and fascinator.

Kate skis in the Klosters with William and family.

Kate with sister Pippa and Father Michael in Jerash, Jordan. The Middleton Family moved to Amman, Jordan for two and a half years.

An adorable Kate smiles at the camera, age five.

A 3 year-old Kate wearing bright stripes.

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When the world learned of her pregnancy, people were overjoyed at the idea of a royal baby and many highly anticipated how the Duchess would dress her baby bump. We’ve followed her style throughout her pregnancy months, and the new mom handled it with every bit of grace you’d expect from her.

We took a look at all of Kate’s best looks — or, well… all of her looks (who can choose?!) — from when she first became known to the public as Prince William’s girlfriend through today. George, Charlotte and Louis’ mum has continued to dazzle us with her sartorial choices! 

Click through the gallery above to see Kate’s royal style!

16 PHOTOSKate Middleton's best hair momentsSee GalleryKate Middleton's best hair momentsSide-Swept BangsKate attended the opening of The National History Museum’s Treasures gallery in November 2012, in a vibrant emerald dress.Perfect WavesKate’s curls were the perfect elegant accent to this lace Alexander McQueen gown in November 2012.Elegant UpdoKate wore her hair up in a pretty twisted and braided updo for an Olympic concert in May 2012.Bouncing CurlsThe look that has become Kate’s signature style, her hair was down and perfectly curled during a visit to a community garden project in October 2012.Wind-Blown PerfectionEven after an extremely windy day during her visit with Prince William to Cambridge, Kate’s hair looked lovely.Hockey Can’t Flatten Those CurlsEven running around playing field hockey with children (in heels, no less!) can’t keep Kate’s covetable locks from looking perfect.Half-Up, Half-DownKate wore her hair half-up during the diamond jubilee, wearing a pretty fascinator to match her dress.Picture PerfectKate viewed her first official portrait in January 2013, wearing her hair down and simply curled under.Long and FlowingOne of the best things about Kate’s hair is that it is thick and full of body.  She chose a simple look to pair with this patterned MaxMara dress.Grimbsy GlamKate’s hair looked lovely on a visit to Grimsby to tour the National Fishing Heritage Centre.A Hat for UndergroundThe Duchess and Queen visited Baker Street Underground Station in March 2013, and Kate chose to wear simple curls with her pretty hat.Scotland CurlsOn a tour of Scotland, the pregnant Duchess wore her hair stylishly down and simple.Wind-Resistant LocksIt may have been a windy afternoon visit to the Willows Primary School, but Kate’s hair held up.Twists and WeavesKate’s hair was half-up for a visit to the National Portrait Gallery, with intricate twists and weaves keeping the look in place.Magical TressesThe Duchess was able to tour the Harry Potter sets along with her husband and brother-in-law, wearing Topshop and her hair down — perfect for casting spells!Sweet CurlsKate wore a bright coat during her visit to Naomi House, and paired the look with pretty curls, a bit tighter than her typical waves.Up Next

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The 2 things Meghan Markle won’t pack for Balmoral which the Queen ‘hates with a passion’

All senior members of the Royal Family are expected to come and spend some time with the Queen and Prince Philip at Balmoral over the summer. This year, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and little Archie Harrison will make their first trip as a family. The public could get a glimpse of the family as the royals are usually snapped heading to church on Sundays.

While the royals all head out in their finest for church on Sundays, it’s understood the dress code is far more relaxed behind the shielded walls of Balmoral Castle.

The family enjoy all manner of robust activities, from walks, hunts, drives and horse riding.

So Meghan will certainly be packing some low-key items like jeans for her trip – but there are two styles she’s been told to leave at home.

One royal insider told The Sun’s Fabulous Digital the Queen cannot abide ripped jeans and wedge sandals.

The source said: “The Queen is no favourite of jeans so the US boyfriend look and ripped jeans will be left in Frogmore Cottage along with any wedges which her Majesty hates with a passion.”

Meghan is said to have worn Barbour jackets, Muck Boots and black Hunter boots in the countryside previously.

She’s also been rumoured to be packing a few Scottish designers for the more visible parts of the holiday.

The source said: “It has been mentioned that Meghan could well be wearing a few Scottish designers whilst at Balmoral and for church appearances with the Queen.

“Meghan has soft spot for North Lanarkshire born designer Christopher Kane, now a globally sought-after designer.”

This news comes after it was revealed this weekend that Meghan and Harry were snubbed by the Queen last year when they asked to move into a wing of Windsor Castle.

According to the Sunday Times, the couple allegedly asked the Queen if living quarters in her weekend palace could be made available for them after their wedding.

The Queen “politely but firmly” suggested Frogmore Cottage, it was reported, which is where the couple now lives.

The cottage, which has five bedrooms, was then given a £2.4m makeover.

The Queen spends most weekends at Windsor and is in official residence there over Easter and in June.

With about 1,000 rooms, including private and state apartments, it is the largest inhabited palace in the world.

Hugo Vickers, a royal author and a deputy lord lieutenant of Berkshire, said: “There are empty bedrooms and suites in the private apartments which the Sussexes may have had their eye on, or perhaps some former living quarters in the castle grounds converted into other things.

“But I can see how it might not be entirely appropriate to have a young family living there.”

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From erectile dysfunction to constipation – 10 conditions Brits are too embarrassed to see their docs about – The Sun

WE'VE all got things we'd rather not share in public – but there are some you definitely should be telling you doctor about.

Research has found one in 10 of us are suffering from conditions we're just too embarrassed to seek medical help for.

More than 20 million Brits are putting themselves at risk by leaving health complaints untreated, according to Pharmacy2U.

Among the conditions people reported being embarrassed about included erectile dysfunction, vaginal discharge, incontinence and depression.

Thrush, fungal nail infections and acne were found to cause heightened self-consciousness during summer in particular.

Their research also revealed that 39 per cent of us have suffered from a condition for far longer than needed to avoid discomfort of talking about it.

While one in 10 say they are currently suffering from something they are reluctant to get help for.

Discussing reasons why people are often too shy to get help, behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings said: “Medical embarrassment has two distinct factors – self-consciousness at the condition and concern at being judged.

"It’s important to understand that medical professionals will have seen all these ‘stigma’ conditions many times before, and they are also trained to be completely impartial and totally confidential."

It’s important to understand that medical professionals will have seen all these ‘stigma’ conditions many times before

She added: "We are perhaps most embarrassed by those conditions that involve personal hygiene like body odour or bad breath, or concerns ‘down there’ like erectile dysfunction, vaginal discharge or thrush.

"However, while many of these conditions are easily and swiftly treated, it can feel awkward both to visit your GP in the first instance and to collect prescriptions from your local pharmacy.”

Dr Nitin Shori, a GP with the NHS and Pharmacy2U, said: “It’s understandable that many Brits may find it daunting to speak to their GP or pharmacist about health conditions they feel are embarrassing.

"However, it’s always worth bearing in mind that medical professionals are first and foremost there to help you and leaving an illness or condition untreated can lead to further complications.

"If you have difficulty speaking to your GP or pharmacist, consider writing down your symptoms ahead of your appointment.

"This will allow you to be clear and direct in your needs while avoiding any potential awkwardness. There is no one ‘right way’ to seek treatment, so find what works best for you.”

Here Dr Shori reveals the 10 conditions Brits are most embarrassed about and how they can be treated…

1. Erectile dysfunction

Most common in men over 40, the occasional episode of impotence is usually not a cause for concern although it can, understandably, feel worrisome in the moment.

The most common causes include stress, anxiety, fatigue, alcohol, or as a side effect of medication.

If it is an recurring problem, however, it could be a sign of an underlying health issue such as diabetes, low male hormone or thickening of the blood vessels.

It would be a good idea to your GP or if embarrassed, to consult a GP online.

Treatment ranges from lifestyle changes to medication like Viagra.

2. Vaginal discharge

Discharge is a normal occurrence and nothing to be concerned about, with most women experiencing it.

The amount and texture can vary dependent on sexual activity, pregnancy, or the onset of your period.

If you notice a change in your discharge (smell, colour, pain or sores), book an appointment with the GP or sexual health clinic.

3. Incontinence

Incontinence is a common problem believed to affect millions of people.

Treatment is dependent on symptom severity and the type of incontinence experienced (urge, overflow, stress, or total).

Lifestyle changes such as a reduction in caffeine intake and weight loss in addition to pelvic floor exercises are the most common treatment methods, however medication and surgical options exist in more serious cases.

Speak to your GP to find the right solution for you.

4. Depression

Those with a family history of depression are more likely to experience it, but it is a common condition affecting about 1 in 10.

Dependent on the severity, treatment for depression can range from exercise, talking therapies, antidepressants, or a combination approach.

There are many different types of antidepressants and side effects will vary from patient to patient, but common side effects can include indigestion, loss of appetite, low sex drive, insomnia, and/or weight gain.

Many people will avoid speaking to a doctor about depression because they believe it will pass or it isn’t a “real” problem, but always seek out help if you think you might be depressed.

5. Body odour

Can be caused by hormonal changes, excessive sweating, certain types of medication, or conditions like diabetes and kidney or liver diseases.

Body odour can be treated with antiperspirants and deodorants, regular laundering of clothing, and thorough washing with soap and water.

However, in severe cases of excessive sweating, options include prescription strength antiperspirants, surgery to remove sweat glands, and injections in the armpit to reduce sweat.

6. Haemorrhoids

Also known as piles, haemorrhoids are small lumps in and around your bottom caused by swollen blood vessels.

The most common cause is constipation (and straining too hard when pooing), with symptoms presenting as bright red blood after a poo, pain and/or lumps around the anus, and localised itchiness.

Your pharmacist can advise on creams to ease pain and itching and treatments for constipation.

Discomfort can be alleviated with cold packs and ibuprofen, but see your GP if there is no improvement after seven days of self-treatment.

7. Anxiety

A generalised anxiety disorder can cause both physical and psychological symptoms, ranging from feeling restless or worried, to heart palpitations, to trouble concentrating or sleeping, to dizziness.

Although women are more affected than men, up to 5 per cent of the population are estimated to have the condition.

Many treatment options are available and include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

8. Bad breath

Smelly breath is also known as halitosis.

The most common solution for bad breath is improved dental hygiene habits – regular brushing and flossing – which will clear out bacteria in the mouth from leftover food particles.

However, in some cases bad breath can indicate more serious issues ranging from an infection to some types of cancer.

If you are concerned or do not see an improvement after a few weeks, visit your dentist.

9. Thrush

A common yeast infection that can affect both men and women in the genitals, armpits, and skin between the fingers.

Treatment takes the form of antifungal medicine (either a pill or cream) and generally symptoms will clear up within a week.

Although not classified as a sexually transmitted infection, it’s advised patients visit a sexual health clinic if it’s the first time they’ve experienced symptoms, if it’s recurring (more than twice in 6 months), or if they’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

10. Constipation

There are many causes of constipation in adults, but some of the most common ones include not enough fibre in your diet, not drinking enough fluids, stress and anxiety, or a side effect of medication.

Simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can alleviate constipation, as well as an improved toilet routine (consider raising your feet or resting them on a low stool when trying to pass a movement and never delay visiting the bathroom if you feel the need to go) however, if you don’t see an improvement your pharmacist or GP can suggest a suitable laxative.

Laxatives tend to work within three days and should only ever be used for the recommended amount of time on the label.

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I’ve battled bulimia and anorexia for 30 years but I’m determined to get better – The Sun

WAKING to find my panicked boyfriend and two best friends at my bedside, I knew I’d hit rock bottom.

Aged 20, I weighed less than 7st and had spent the night having fits and passing in and out of consciousness after taking dozens of laxatives.

I realised a line had been crossed and I had to get better. And I did – until a few months later, when I became gripped by another eating disorder, then another. More than 20 years later, I’m still in that grip.

I was 13 and a healthy size 10-12 when I first started dieting. I’d always felt uglier and less popular than my friends, even though I really wasn’t, and when puberty struck I felt so self-conscious that I began skipping meals and saving my pocket money to buy SlimFast.

Sometimes I’d fall off the wagon and gorge on a packet of biscuits, but otherwise I was strict. At 9st and 5ft 7in, I was convinced I was fat, despite being a healthy weight for my height.

One evening after school when I was 16, I ate a load of Rice Krispies straight from the box, and suddenly felt the urge to make myself sick. In the early ‘90s eating disorders weren’t talked about so openly, and as I stuck my fingers down my throat I had no clue what bulimia was.

It spiralled from there. After months of eating and purging to make myself thin, I began cutting out meals. I’d come home with wrappers from the local fast-food chain so my parents would assume I’d eaten. But no matter how little I ate, I never felt thin enough.

My parents had an unhappy marriage and were busy with work, so they were oblivious to my issues, which left me feeling so lonely. I didn’t feel able to discuss my problems with my mum, who had always been quite critical, or my sister, Susan, now 50. I was crying out for somebody to understand me, but it felt like everybody was preoccupied with their lives.

By 17, I was starving myself for months on end, living on instant soups and fruit juice then having a big purge, shoving bread, crisps, chocolate and cake down my throat just to experience the taste of food before vomiting it up again. Even though I weighed just 7st, my loved ones didn’t intervene. Instead, friends’ mums would tell me to eat some toast, while mates jokingly called me Skeletor.

One friend begged me to see a counsellor, so I did to appease her. But I hated it and vowed never to go back, as the truth was I didn’t want to get better. If I ate I would get fat, and I didn’t want to live like that.

Then when I was 18, my mum walked into my room uninvited and saw me naked for the first time in years.

By then I was emaciated, hiding my scrawny frame under baggy clothes, and she was clearly shocked at how thin I was. I yelled at her to get out, slamming the door in her face. She tried to talk to me, but shortly after my A levels I moved into a rented flat, as I didn’t want her prying. Looking back, she must have been so worried, but I just didn’t care.

I took a year out, then started at Middlesex University studying English. I barely ate, only allowing myself juice, tea and chewing gum. If I did eat in moments of weakness, I’d drink Epsom salt to make me feel sick then follow up with laxatives. Somehow, I still had the energy to walk for miles, which I did to make sure I stayed thin.

I know I must have looked shocking to my fellow students and friends, but there was so little education on eating disorders that no one challenged me. My boyfriend, who’d I’d been with for more than a year by this point, was really worried about me, but we’d just end up joking about my anorexia as some sort of coping mechanism.

Only a few weeks into my first term of uni, I was left alone in a friend’s room in student halls. He’d bought us biscuits and I scoffed a handful while he was in the toilet, feeling like it was my dirty secret. When he came out and caught me, I remember feeling so ashamed I hurried home to throw up, and took more laxatives than I ever had before. That was the night my friends thought I was going to die. I confessed to my boyfriend what I’d done and begged him not to call an ambulance, so he rang a medical hotline, which advised him to give me liquids as I was severely dehydrated.

After that my loved ones finally understood how ill I was, and began to watch me closely. I started eating small things like yoghurt, and realised I had to stop starving myself or I would die. Seeing how worried my friends were about my health made me realise that I had something to live for.

Slowly I began eating in public, but I still couldn’t finish a plate of food. In private, however, my eating patterns were erratic. Some days I would binge and others barely eat, and I’ve stayed that way ever since.

Over the past 20 years I’ve swung from 9st to 13st and back. I’m locked in a never-ending cycle of being “good” most of the time and “bad” some of the time. I’ve been known to eat a whole cake, giant bags of Haribo, super-sized packets of crisps with dip, chunks of cheese, salami and white bread with butter all in one sitting, often in less than an hour.

These binges are always followed by a feeling of crushing shame and the need to make myself sick. Although I’ve beaten anorexia, I can’t say the same about my bulimia and compulsive eating.

I split up with my university boyfriend after seven years together at the age of 25, and that same year I began dating my now husband Paul, 47, a technology specialist, who I’d met through friends. I was honest with him about my eating disorder history and while he knew that the worst – my anorexia – was behind me, I still endured feast or famine moments. But Paul accepted it, as he knew that by then it was as much a part of me as the colour of my hair. He loves me regardless, and never pushed me to get help as he knew I’d do it when I felt ready.

When I got pregnant with our twin girls Frida and Rae at the age of 37, I felt the happiest I ever have with my body and ate what I wanted for nine months. I felt so grateful to be pregnant after a long fertility battle, which was probably down to my extreme eating habits, although this was never confirmed. For the first time in my life I didn’t worry about food. However, that soon changed with the stress of two newborns and sleepless nights, and I began bingeing again.

When the girls were two, I weighed 13st and was a size 14, so I started running. I soon discovered that it helps me feel strong and in control, and it was really good for my mental health. By 40 I was back down to 9st, but I still hadn’t managed to conquer my bingeing. Since then, I’ve fluctuated between a size 8 and 12, and I still eat too much on some days, which leaves me feeling disgusted and ashamed.

Thankfully, so far I’ve managed to hide my destructive relationship with food from the girls, as my heart would break if they developed the same problems. That’s why the scales are hidden and the word “fat” is banned in the house. I let them eat what they want within reason, and no foods are restricted.

Just recently, I gave in one evening to the need for sugar. I started with spoonfuls of Nutella, then raided the kids’ cupboards for sweets before making myself sick. My sugar high quickly turned to shame. Even so, each day I start afresh, telling myself it will be a good day, even if that isn’t the case, because I’m determined to achieve a healthy relationship with food and pass that on to my children.

After running the Brighton Marathon last year, I felt so proud of my body and the fact that, despite the abuse I’ve put it through, it’s stayed strong. Because of this and the fact I want to be a good role model for my girls, I finally feel ready to get professional help to face my demons and have made an appointment with my GP. My body hasn’t given up on me, so I won’t give up on it.

Where to get help

For support and information, visit

  • GOT a news story? RING us on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or EMAIL [email protected]

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Britney Spears Posted a Pic of $6K 'Never Worn' Snakeskin Louboutins — and Fans Have Plenty of Thoughts

Britney Spears loves giving her fans a peek inside her wardrobe on social media. But some followers weren’t happy with her most recent closet find.

On Thursday, the pop singer, 37, posted a photo to Instagram of her first pair of Christian Louboutin heels — green snakeskin stilettos! — sitting on a countertop in what appears to be her closet.

“Four years ago I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin snakeskin heels that were 6,000 dollars,” Spears wrote in the caption. “PS I’ve never worn them !!!! 🙄🙄.”

Some critics disagreed with the hefty price of the Louboutins. “Must be nice to flaunt your overindulgence” one user wrote. “Meanwhile, we have people who can’t afford their next meal. Here’s an idea, instead of spending that sort of money on nonsense, donate it.”

Others gave Spears backlash for buying animal-skin shoes in the first place and the ethics behind it.

“Congrats on contributing to animal cruelty, all for nothing,” a fan wrote, while another fan commented “ You paid 6k to have an animal tortured & killed. Then you brag about how it was for nothing but status.”

However, some of her followers took the post a little more lightheartedly, “It’s frikken snake-skin, it’s not like she shot a bear” a fan said. “Calm down people. Props to you Brit, darn haters.”

Even RuPaul’s Drag Race member and Brittney Spears impersonator, Derrick Barry, wrote a friendly comment. “Don’t tell your snake from the VMAs,” the TV personality said. “They’ll be terrified. 🐍.”

Spears has yet to respond to fans, but she hasn’t been shy about defending herself on social media in the past. When critics called out the pop princess in May for not posting her own videos on Instagram, she put on quite the fashion show to prove them wrong.

RELATED: Britney Spears Posts Video of Herself Working Out to Her Cover of ‘Tom’s Diner’

“For those of you who don’t think I post my own videos, I did this video yesterday,” she said in an Instagram video in a floral cropped top. “So, you’re wrong. But I hope you like it.”

Since then, Spears has posted a variety of original content, including selfies, workout videos and her latest closet finds ($6,000 snakeskin shoes, included).

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