Meghan Markle ‘won’t parade’ Archie on the Africa Tour to ‘avoid the burden Prince Harry had’, royal author claims – The Sun

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry are to undertake a tour to South Africa this autumn – but a royal expert says we shouldn’t expect to see a lot of Archie Harrison.

Katie Nicholl, author of Harry and Meghan, said that the young royal won’t be “paraded” on the tour as Prince Harry “doesn't want him to grow up with the burden he did”.

The palace confirmed that the Sussexes will visit South Africa, Botswana, Angola and Malawi later this year, and is it thought Archie will travel with them on his first royal tour.

Katie told Fabulous Digital: “I don’t think Prince Harry and Meghan will make Archie a public part of the tour.

“I think they are bringing him on tour as Meghan and Harry don’t want to spend a long period of time away from each other.”

Katie said that it is the Duke of Sussex, 34, who is keen to shield Archie from the public eye.

She added: “I think it’s more Harry. He wants him to have an ordinary life.

“I think it’s Harry who is making a point from the outset that he wants to shield his son from the limelight and I think he’s making a point that Archie will be raised as a private citizen.

“This is from the man who grew up in front of the cameras, in front of the scrutiny of the spotlight, who has said in the past he wished he’d never been born a prince.

“It makes complete sense that he didn’t want the HRH title for Archie, he didn’t want his son to have the burden that Harry grew up with."

So when will we get to glimpse the royal youngster during the trip?

Katie said: “I would expect we will get to see Archie at points, arrivals, departures, perhaps some points where it is suitable for him to be seen, but I don’t think this will be able parading baby Archie.

“I think that probably the appearances, if any at all, will be quite limited.”

Prince Harry is also said to have been the driving force behind his son’s christening in the Queen’s Chapel in Windsor on Saturday being private.

Katie explained: “I don’t think Meghan would have a huge problem with a media attendance at the christening at all.

“I think Prince Harry is establishing clear markers from the outset to perhaps manage expectations that we are not going to have the same access to this royal baby that we’ve had in the past.”

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born on May 6, meaning he could be around six or seven months or under when he travels to South Africa.

Katie added: “It is very young obviously to be taking Archie away.

“The Cambridges waited until George was nearly nine months before they took him to Australia, so I think he probably will be the youngest royal baby to be taken on tour.

This is from the man who grew up in front of the cameras, in front of the scrutiny of the spotlight, who has said in the past he wished he’d never been born a prince.

“We aren’t sure if it’ll be September or early October but if it’s around then he won’t have reached his six months. But Harry and Meghan don’t want to leave Archie behind.

“This does set a royal first given the distance, the time they are spending from home and given his age."

Katie said that the Sussexes like to “cram in as many engagements as possible” and their tours are “gruelling”, but there will be room in the schedule for some private family time.


The palace released a statement saying: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will undertake an official visit to South Africa this Autumn at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“In addition, The Duke of Sussex will visit Angola and Malawi at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“His Royal Highness will also undertake a working visit to Botswana while in the region.”


She explained: “I think this tour will have a slightly different pace to it given they are travelling with such a young child and I think that will be reflected in the itinerary along with some downtime.

“My understanding is they will be taking a nanny with them.

“I think they were keen to get a nanny relatively early on to get Archie into a routine and settled and used to someone else before they embark on this epic trip to Africa.”

I think it’s Harry who is making a point from the outset that he wants to shield his son from the limelight and I think he’s making a point that Archie will be raised as a private citizen.

Members of the royal family never used to take their kids on tours – in fact, the Queen and Prince Philip left their children at home for months at a time.

However, when Princess Diana married into the firm and had Prince William, she refused to leave the nine-month-old royal behind.

Instead, Will went along with Charles and Diana as they visited Australia and New Zealand in 1983.


Babies can get vaccinated for diptheria, polio and tetanus from six months old.

As long as these are up to date, and your GP has been consulted, there shouldn't be a problem with travelling abroad with a young baby.

Meghan is unlikely to be challenged if she chooses to fly with Archie, but usually as long as the baby is over two weeks old it should be fine.

In some cases a GP letter may be required if the youngster is less than two weeks old.

And if the mum has given birth by C-section, she may not be able to fly until after the six week checkup.

There are no vaccinations needed when travelling from the UK to South Africa, but care should be taken over typhoid contaminated food or water.

Most travellers to Botswana are recommended to have their vaccinations for hepatitis A, typhoid fever and polio up to date.

Years later, William himself along with Kate Middleton followed in Diana's footsteps, with Prince George also visiting Oz around the same age.

Royal fans were treated to adorable photos of George playing with other children as well as visiting animals at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

Now, it seems Meghan and Harry will be following the new tradition, after the trip to South Africa and Botswana was confirmed last week.

Buckingham Palace was contacted but declined to comment.

We shared how the Queen is astonished and very impressed by ‘Hurricane’ Meghan Markle’s work ethic, royal author claims.

The Sun previously revealed how Meghan and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge have clashed over the treatment of staff.

In more Royal Family news, Meghan's secret "dearest UK friend" has been revealed as a very private publicist who works for David Beckham.

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What travelling on a plane does to your body – from confused tastebuds to heightened emotions

EVER noticed how tomato juice tastes so much better on a plane and that your ankles suddenly seem twice the size mid-flight?

Well, that's because air travel really does change your body.

Being that high up can mess with your circulation, taste and even your mental health.

Sounds odd but when you think about how air travel is essentially us paying to have our bodies catapulted through the air at a zillion miles an hour, maybe it makes sense.

We reveal the four areas that change when we're sky high:

Our taste changes

“It sounds strange, but I never order tomato juice unless I’m on an airplane,” Dr Benjamin Tweel, an ear, nose and throat specialist tells The New York Post.

“It just tastes so good on a flight.”

And there's a reason behind that.

In 2010, Lufthansa Airlines commissioned a study to find out why it was selling as much tomato juice as beer.

They found that cabin pressure conditions affect taste buds in a manner similar to what happens when you have a cold.

Another bunch of scientists looked into why umami (meaning “savoriness” in Japanese) tastes so good at 30,000 feet.

Their study concluded that the background noise on an airplane (that humming white noise we are all so familiar with) enhances umami flavors like those found in tomatoes, making them taste even better.

Sweet flavors were dulled, and savory was enhanced.

So that's why you crave nuts over chocolate on planes.

Our limbs swell

It's not rocket science – we all know that sitting still on long haul flights is a risk factor in developing things like deep vein thrombosis.

Our limbs swell, particularly around the ankle.

And the ankle is important because it pumps fluids away from the legs back to the heart.

Orthopedic foot surgery chief, Dr Ettore Vulcano, says that if you’ve been sitting for four or more hours, the swelling will start to kick in.

This increases in people who are elderly, diabetic, have varicose veins, and those who recently had surgery, especially in the abdomen or legs.

He suggests wearing compression socks to fly so that you "squeeze the fluids that would otherwise accumulate in the legs".

Make sure you're getting up to walk up and down the aisle too.

And if you can't get up or you have a desk job that involves sitting down for ages, try just moving the ankle up and down to activate the pumping mechanism.

We become more emotional

Ever found yourself bawling at a rubbish film on a tiny screen when you're on board?

That's because flying can make you more emotional.

Curtis Reisinger, a psychologist with Northwell Health, claims that your senses are heightened.

We get more anxious

And those heightened senses can also make you feel more anxious and worried.

“Essentially, you’re at a heightened level of alertness and arousal, so everything is felt more intensely," says Dr Reisinger.

Researchers have referred to the phenomenon as the "Mile Cry Club".

It's all down to a perceived lack of control, says Dr Jodi De Luca.

It’s not just psychological or emotional, it’s also a physical and physiological event.

It’s never any one variable. And that’s important,” she says.

We are cognitively, psychologically, emotionally [compromised], and now we’re physiologically compromised. The set-up is perfect for an emotional vulnerability,” she told Flyertalk.

It's not just mentally that anxiety can affect you at 30,000ft either.

“If you’re anxious or frightened, that can dull your ability to taste foods you normally enjoy,” Dr Reisinger says.

“Physiologically, our focus has now shifted from the food sensations to the heightened sense of threat.”

But there are things you can do to deal with the crushing anxiety.

Dr Jodi suggests doing puzzles, video games or eating to get over it.

But then again, if the plane is changing the way you taste food…maybe scrap the last one.

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24 Stunning Summer Dresses We Just Found Hiding in Free People's Big Sale Section

24 Stunning Summer Dresses We Just Found Hiding in Free People’s Big Sale Section

This Summer, I’m on the hunt for lightweight and colorful dresses, so I turned to one of my favorite retailers: Free People. It has tons of great options, but I was shocked when I uncovered its massive sale section with tons of flattering dresses. If you’re also looking to invest in a couple new ones this season, you’ve come to the right place.

Shopping sales can be overwhelming at times, but I made it easy by curating a list of the 24 hottest finds on major discount right now. From cute minis to stunning maxi silhouettes, no doubt these choices will blow you away. We have a feeling they’ll sell fast though, so hurry and snag your size before it’s too late.

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The Pro Files: Meet Celebrity Hair Extension Guru Priscilla Valles

As if Las Vegas wasn’t hot enough, this week, celebrity hair extensions specialist Priscilla Valles opens her namesake salon inside the The Spa at the Palms, where you can get a blowout, or more, from the pro.

The Salon By Priscilla Valles is just one of many of the new spa’s draws. The tri-level bohemian retreat inside the Palms Casino Resort boasts more than 15 treatment rooms, while its fitness center overlooks day and night club hot spot KAOS.

For L.A.-based Valles, opening up shop in Las Vegas was a no-brainer. Some of her longest, most loyal clients – Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion and Britney Spears, to name a few – perform here regularly.

If you’re coming to Sin City and and you want Vegas hair, Valles’s new salon, which also offers mani/pedis and tanning services, will deliver that, and more.

As Valles and her hand-picked staff prepare to cater to the A-list and every day women, Valles is opening up to PEOPLE about her 20 years in the industry – and what it took to get here.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years now. I was ready for this” – Priscilla Valles on opening her salon.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be a hair stylist?

“When I was seven years old and got in trouble for cutting my cousin’s hair – with sewing scissors. My grandma has this photo and I’m the only one whose hair wasn’t cut. I remember like it was yesterday, she asked me, “What were you thinking?” And in my mind, I just wanted to make them over. But I think I just always knew. Everyone did. I ended up getting my cosmetology license before I got my high school diploma.”

When did you decide to specialize in extensions?

“When I first started doing hair, my obsession was with transformation. When I started assisting [extensions expert] Sheila Stotts, I saw a makeover with extensions and once I saw that, I said, ‘that’s what I’m doing.’”

Who was your first celebrity client?

“Christina Aguilera was definitely one of the first celebrity clients. We were both 22 years old, I’d say.We’re best friends now, and I’m the godmother of her child.”

What’s your favorite look to create for Christina?

“I just love when she does long platinum, romantic flowy hair. Knowing her, there’s such a soft side to her that a lot of people don’t get to see. When she has that soft look, I really feel like that represents her a lot.”

And for Britney?

“She just loves that sexy, stage look. So, we’ve been doing the same set on her forever. It’s hair flip performing hair.”

Do you have a similar process for all your clients?

“I always go based off their vibe. But for my performers, like Britney or Christina, I’ll do more individual extensions because there’s a lot of flowing and moving and you want the hair to flow natural. But with someone like Kylie [Jenner], I’ll use tape-ins, because it’s just about capturing that photo.”

Kylie is such a hair chameleon. Does she keep you on your toes?

“It’s an honor working with her, she’s such a trendsetter. She will do a bob one day and the next day she’ll want [to add] four or five inches. She just knows what’s going to work, but I love that she likes to have fun. We’ve done pink, platinum, teal. And who can pull off teal? Nobody. But she makes it all look sexy.”

How has social media helped your career?

“I remember Chrissy Teigen lost a tape extension. She took a photo of it on the floor and she tagged me. I don’t even think she had a comment, she just tagged me. All of a sudden…followers. But a lot of women don’t want to reveal they have them in. I used to sign confidentiality agreements! But now, they’re open to it. I have Chrissy to thank for that. She helped change the game.”

Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had to put in extensions?

“On a private plane. But I’ve also been crouched behind a couch or sprawled out on a bed while they sleep. These women have the craziest schedules, so I do what I’ve got to do to make it comfortable for my them.”

Do you get called at insane hours to do hair?

“Yes. And you can’t say no. If I get a call, I’m there. I’m in my 30s, I’m not married and I don’t have any kids. I’ve sacrificed a lot and committed my life to my clients. But these women could call anyone in the world, and they call me. I will never take that for granted.”

What’s the secret to your longstanding celebrity relationships?

“It’s more than just [creating] good hair. You really have to be a trustworthy, honest person. Have good bedside manner. The biggest honor, to me, is the clients I have kept.”

What’s your proudest moment of your career?

“Opening this salon. Seeing my name on the door. I’ve been just working so hard for so long. And to feel like someone else sees that in me and asked me to be a part of this spa, it’s definitely one of my proudest moments.”

Is there anything else on your bucket list?

“My own extensions line. To have a salon with my extension line, I would die a happy person. I don’t need husband and kids. That’ll be it for me.”

What advice do you have for someone who’s looking to get into the industry and is interested in extensions?

“Never feel like you’re too good to learn from another stylist. Take classes. Always know what’s new and what’s going on around you. I think it’s also really important to just be humble.”

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The ‘sunflower’ is the summer pose that’ll make you look thinner in seconds – and Nicole Scherzinger’s a big fan – The Sun

SUMMER is officially underway, and with our bikinis and tans at the ready, it's key to be familiar with the latest pose for those all important Instagram snaps.

And this year it couldn't be easier – as stars like Nicole Scherzinger and Vogue Williams have proven – because all you need to ace the newest trend is a hat and to tilt your head.

One of the simplest Instagram trends to date, the 'sunflower' involves stretching out the neck and tilting the head to one side while holding on to a floppy hat.

And not only does it make pictures appear candid, with celebs preferring to smile into the distance, it also has a slimming effect on the subject by ensuring there's no dreaded double chin in sight.

The elongated nape ensures perfect posture too, instantly trimming down the figure and enhancing your beach-ready bikini body – frequently demonstrated by pose expert Nicole.

Always ensuring she has a new, colourful photo prop hat, the 41-year-old singer has been spotted working the 'sunflower' all over the world.

How to do the 'sunflower'

As summer approaches, it's key to be familiar with the latest pose for those all important Instagram snaps.

And luckily for us, this years top pose – the 'sunflower' couldn't be easier.

All you need is a strong neck and an over-sized hat, plus a friend to take a few snaps for you.

  1. Ensure you're dressed in your finest bikini and you've found a floppy hat to match
  2. Bring the hat onto your head with your right hand and hold on to the rim
  3. Stretch your neck to the right and tilt your chin towards your hand
  4. Voila! A holiday snap that will attract likes galore

Most recently while holidaying in Capri, Italy, Nicole sported the pose as she sunbathed on the rocks in a pink velvet bikini – part of her birthday celebrations last weekend.

The Pussycat Doll got further practice in as she stopped for a snap on a yacht, again using her right hand to hold onto her hat while throwing her head back.

And the 'neckbreaker' isn't just reserved for holiday looks, as Nicole too struck the pose as she performed at Kanye West's Sunday church service.

But the singer isn't the only celebrity to master the look – as reality stars Zara McDermott and Montana Brown have also cottoned on to the slimming trick.

Love Islander Zara posed on the high seas as she kicked back on a yacht in Ibiza, hanging on tight to her neon pink captain's cap and tilting her head to the right.

While Montana admitted on Instagram she risked "stones in her shoes and prickles on her legs" as she took pulled the pose for a snap in the Californian desert.

Other's didn't need to go so far afield to get the perfect shot, with Vogue Williams proving that the tilted pose works even in British weather.

And while a hat seems paramount for many celebrities, Jess Wright proves it can be done solo as she tilted her neck back for a saucy holiday picture in Dubai.

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SPLASHING OUT Student left 'hanging out' of swimsuit discovers she's wearing it upside down

In other news, we looked at the sexiest revenge dresses of all time – from Princess Diana's LBD to Bella Hadid's see through gown.

Plus, the "shelf butt" is the bizarre bum shape celebrities are loving – with Chloe Ferry and Carol Vorderman leading the way.

And a woman shared the reality of her "horrible" PrettyLittleThing outfit which looked like the "Sorting Hat from Harry Potter".

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Meghan Markle’s New Eternity Ring From Harry Has The Sweetest Hidden Meeting

If you haven’t been keeping up with royal news, Meghan Markle is officially making appearances again. The Duchess of Sussex has been on maternity leave with son Archie, but slowly she seems to be getting back in the public eye. At one of her recent appearances, Meghan Markle’s new diamond ring actually stole a bit of the show, but it turns out that there’s more to the Duchess’s new bling that previously thought.

During Markle’s appearance at the Trooping of the Colours, fans noticed that she was sporting a third ring alongside her wedding band and engagement ring. While not much was known about the ring at the time, the piece did turn out to be an eternity band gifted to Markle from her husband Prince Harry in honor of their first anniversary and the birth of their son. Super sweet, right? Well, the ring is actually even more adorable than you may have believed at first.

After a few weeks of speculation, Harper’s Bazaar discovered the secrets behind the mystery ring. Prince Harry himself helped design the ring with famed jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, but that’s not the only great detail. Inside the band, Prince Harry had he, Markle, and their son Archie’s birthstones placed in the row of diamonds.

Swooning, right?

If you have been keeping track of Markle and Prince Harry, you’ll know that there another jewelry update as well. Harper’s Bazaar also reports that when creating the ring with Schwartz, Prince Harry also had a diamond band created for his wife’s engagement ring.

The sweetest part of Markle’s new bling, though, is likely those three gemstones for the families’ births. If you’re a fan of Markle, though, the Duchess wearing a piece of jewelry for her son shouldn’t exactly surprise her fans. She was actually wearing a homage to motherhood before the baby was even born.

Back in February, Markle traveled to New York City where friends (like Serena Williams) threw the expectant mother a baby shower. While photos of the party were not made public, fans did get a peek at one of Markle’s presents.

Upon leaving New York, the Duchess was wearing an ultra-cute necklace that read "Mommy," that was clearly a gift from one of her baby shower guests. According to What Meghan Wore, the necklace is from designer Jennifer Meyer and while simple in design, the piece costs a cool $850.

Leaving her shower is also not the only time she’s worn the piece of jewelry. Prior to giving birth, she attended WE Day events with Prince Harry and was called up on stage by her husband. The Duchess was wearing a casual chic look in a blazer and dark jeans, and she paired the look with the same "Mommy" necklace according to People.

While Markle’s new diamond eternity band may be one of the latest (and cutest) members of her jewelry collection, the Duchess wearing a piece that honors her family isn’t exactly new. The three gemstones inside that diamond eternity band, however, may just be a bit more glam than her necklace.

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Happy birthday, Princess Diana: 10 times Meghan Markle dressed like her late mother-in-law

There’s no denying it: Meghan Markle is the modern-day people’s princess, just like her late mother-in-law. From her pre-royal philanthropic work to her warm, relatable personality, it seems Markle has more in common with Diana than we ever would’ve guessed. But the biggest similarity between Prince Harry’s late mum and his wife? Their sense of style. Here, ten times the Duchess of Sussex was directly inspired by the ultimate fashion icon, Princess Diana.

10 PHOTOS10 times Meghan Markle dressed like Princess DianaSee Gallery10 times Meghan Markle dressed like Princess Diana


Never one to shy away from color, we have to think the duchess, who wore this gorgeous yellow Brandon Maxwell sheath to the Youth Challenge reception in July of last year, opted for a Diana-approved hue for one of her first royal events sans Queen Elizabeth.

Get the look: Treasure & Bond dress ($79); Jimmy Choo pumps ($595)


It’s pretty clear that these two have a thing for color. This particular combo of violet and red has historically symbolized royalty (naturally). Markle’s iteration was also a definite nod to Diana, who wore the bold hues together on more than one occasion.

Get the look: Isabel Marant dress ($695); Lafayette 148 coat ($848)


Satin details, a wide collar, a coordinating clutch and matching heels: Markle may not have recreated this look in the same shade of teal, but the similarities between her mother-in-law’s formal outfit and her own version are striking. 

Get the look: Altuzarra blazer ($1,695) and pants ($795); Theory blazer ($435) and pants($295); Aquazzura pumps ($750)


For Markle’s first public date with Prince Harry, she dressed down in a loose white button-down and ripped MOTHER jeans to watch a wheelchair tennis match at the Invictus Games Toronto. The combo is a riff on Diana’s go-to casual look, which the people’s princess wore during a trip to Bosnia in 1997. 

Get the look: MOTHER jeans ($228); Misha Nonoo button-down ($185)


Two months before baby Archie’s birth, Markle wore a green Erdem coat and coordinating dress to a Commonwealth Day event at Canada House in London. Diana’s maternity style, by Bellville Sassoon, was worn while the Princess of Wales was six months pregnant with Prince William. Both had matching sleeve and collar embroidery details, though Markle’s featured black beading while Diana’s featured velvet embellishments.

Get the look: Jane Post coat ($325); Akris coat ($3,990)


Accessories are a princess’s best friend, especially when they’re perfectly coordinated with an outfit. For the solemn Anzac Day services, which honors Australian and New Zealand casualties in World War I, Markle wore a black dress and gray coat with a floppy black topper. Diana wore a similar hat, by Philip Somerville, during a visit to Munich. 

Get the look: Halogen hat ($24); Eric Javits hat ($198); Gucci hat ($980)


Markle is no stranger to British plaids (she appropriately donned a blue and green tartan in Scotland), which is why this sartorial nod to the U.K. was so fitting during her and Prince Harry’s visit to Cardiff, Wales. Diana, too, rocked the woven twill design in Paddington Station in London. (Ohhh, and hello, Diana’s Fendi logo clutch.)

Get the look: Everlane blazer ($175); Adeam pants ($785); By Any Other Name dress ($1,195)


Both royal ladies know the value of an elegant white gown to turn heads. While Diana wore her beaded Catherine Walker sheath in Budapest in 1990, the duchess rocked her Stella McCartney satin gown for her royal wedding reception last May. (In fact, you can buy her exact gown here!) The addition of white shoes by both royals lends itself to a stunningly crisp silhouette.

Get the look: Theia gown ($995); ASOS dress ($133); Nine West pumps ($80)


Bow down to the queens of sequins. In an obvious nod to her late mother-in-law, Markle donned a navy sequin Roland Mouret gown for her and Prince Harry’s date night at a Cirque du Soleil performance. Diana, on the other hand, wore her sparkly getup, another Catherine Walker gown, to the Diamond Ball in 1990.

Get the look: Roland Mouret dress ($1,920); Rickie Freeman dress ($560)Stuart Weitzman heels ($398)


We think Archie’s grandmother would be so proud of her daughter-in-law…and her sartorial choices. Markle wore this trench dress just days after the royal baby’s birth. The designer, Grace Wales Bonner, is a young mixed-race Brit whose work is lauded for blurring gender lines, breaking down stereotypes and honoring her own African heritage. Diana wore her button-front dress to a Hindu temple in London, and removed her shoes as a sign of respect. Brava, you two.

Get the look: Sharagano dress ($37); Tibi dress ($300)


See Gallery

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Billy Porter’s Rainbow WorldPride Parade Dress Was Instantly Iconic

It was another unforgettable M-O-M-E-N-T in a year already full of unforgettable fashion moments for a budding fashion icon. Billy Porter wore a rainbow dress to the WorldPride Parade in New York City on June 30. It was everything you hoped it would be, since the actor has been making major sartorial statements every time he has stepped foot on a red carpet in 2019. From his gold-dipped Met Gala outfit to his black velvet Oscars tuxedo gown to his red and pink Tony’s outfit that was created from an actual Broadway theater curtain, Porter uses fashion to make important points. His WorldPride look will go down as one of his best ever.

Porter’s rainbow gown was a custom Christian Siriano design. Siriano was also the architect behind Porter’s aforementioned tux dress hybrid from the Academy Awards. The pair, along with Porter’s stylist Sam Ratelle, have forged a fabulous fashion partnership.

Porter’s Pride Parade gown was a simple but profound symbol of his identity, featuring a high, ruffled neck and a removable sash that boasted the phrase "Grand Marshal 2019: The Cast of Pose," according to Vogue. The bright tulle frock had an epic train that flowed around Porter. The material had an airy quality to it, which was an excellent complement to the proud and powerful statement that the colors made.

Porter paired the frock with a pair of peep-toe platform heels. His entire presentation was memorable, but that’s been the case with everything he has worn lately. His Pride Parade ensemble is something he could totally repurpose and re-wear to any upcoming Hollywood red carpet since it was so glamorous and so couture.

Porter shared a shot while wearing the dress on his personal Instagram feed. He captioned the image, "Cheers to the family we make, the love we spread, and the acceptance we continue to fight for… oh and all while looking FIERCE doing it. Who’s with me?"

How could anyone be anything but with Porter?

Siriano also shared an image of himself working on the dress while on the mannequin form, summing up his colorful creation in a simple but beautiful way. He wrote, "Creating magic for an icon." That is precisely what happened here. The dress was indeed a magical moment for Porter, who has quickly earned his status as a fashion icon for breaking down barriers, challenging outdated style norms, and getting people talking when it comes to his outfits. For Porter, fashion is always an agent of change.

"My goal is to be a walking piece of political art every time I show up," Porter wrote in an essay for Vogue about his fashion choices and why he opted to wear a dress to the Oscars. "To challenge expectations. What is masculinity? What does that mean?" He also explained that he was blown away by the reaction he received to the pink cape that he had worn to the 2019 Golden Globes. That response inspired him to continue to use his platform for change by harnessing the power of fashion and by forcing people to think.

Billy Porter is well on his way to becoming not only one of the best-dressed people of 2019 but of the modern era as a whole. His instantly iconic WorldPride rainbow dress is all the proof you need.

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Kim Kardashian to Change Name of Her Kimono Shapewear Brand After Backlash: 'I'm Always Listening, Learning and Growing'

Kim Kardashian West is changing the name of her shapewear brand after receiving cultural appropriation backlash from fans before its launch.

Kardashian West, 38, announced the news on social media Monday morning and said she will “be in touch soon” to reveal the new brand name.

“Being an entrepreneur and my own boss has been one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve been blessed with in my life. What’s made it possible for me after all of these years has been the direct line of communication with my fans and the public. I am always listening, learning and growing – I so appreciate the passion and varied perspectives that people bring to me,” the star wrote.

She continued: “When I announced the name of my shapewear line, I did so with the best intentions in mind. My brands and products are built with inclusivity and diversity at their core and after careful thought and consideration, I will be launching my Solutionwear brand under a new name. I will be in touch soon. Thank you for your understanding and support always.”

Kardashian West’s brand, which is touted as “solutionwear” consists of bikini briefs, thongs, bras, waist trainers, body suits, thermal leggings and more, retailing from $22 to $98. They will be sold in sizes XXS to 4XL and in nine different tonal colors at launch, with even more shades coming as the brand continues to expand. While the line received much positive feedback, some social media users criticized Kardashian West’s use of the word “kimono,” a traditional Japanese clothing item, as the name.

“Anyone else mad that Kim K really has a new brand called ‘Kimono’????” one Twitter user asked. “Like?? How is her shapewear even connected to Japan? I’m mad.”

“First of all everyone needs to understanding [sic] that her calling it ‘kimono intimates’ is an example of cultural appropriation, given she is not one bit Japanese nor oriental Asian, and that’s why [it] is insulting,” another user wrote when news of her Kimono trademark broke in 2018. “A kimono is not just a garment, there’s an entire meaning behind it, and to pathetically call it what Kim has called it really irritates me.”

As social media backlash continued, Kardashian West gave a statement to The New York Times to further clarify her use of the word. She said Kimono was meant to be “a nod to the beauty and detail that goes into a garment” and she does not plan on changing the name or design any items that “resemble or dishonor the traditional garment.”

“I understand and have deep respect for the significance of the kimono in Japanese culture,” she said in her statement. “My solutionwear brand is built with inclusivity and diversity at its core and I’m incredibly proud of what’s to come.”

Fans are already applauding Kardashian West for her decision to change her brand’s name. “Yes, Kim! We all understand that you had absolutely no ill intent when naming the brand! But I really do applaud you for listening to the criticism and owning up to it,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan wrote: “Of course babe! At your core you are so compassionate and kind. You never want to hurt others. I’m glad you listened to the feedback. I can’t wait for this product to finally launch.”

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The hottest fashion accessory right now is a remote control

The older I get, the less TV I watch. Or at least the less programmed television I consume, if you don't count bingeing series and re-watching Almost Famous like 1000 times (seriously, can someone please stream that? My DVD is on its last legs).

‘Killing Eve’ star Jodie Comer giving as good fashion off screen as she does on the series as Villanelle.Credit:AP

In an embarassing admission, I have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones (ducks), nor did I binge Peaky Blinders, The Good Place or VEEP (even though I am sure I'd love it). I also never got into The Sopranos (though given I recently began dating a guy of Italian heritage, this seems like a careless oversight).

Nevertheless, I drooled over every episode of Sex and the City, and was known to don a Bradshaw-esque tutu through the early oughts. Even Seinfeld offered some insights into Manhattan fashions (puffy shirt, anyone?). But which are the most fashion-forward TV shows of this era, now that Carrie and Co have exited our screens? In honour of the Logies, here are some of the shows inspiring our wardrobes.

Killing Eve (ABC iview): Because the female characters on this series have a hard time expressing actual emotions, assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and intelligence agent Eve (Sandra Oh) let their clothes do the talking. Villanelle's jumpsuits and bold, satin coats are selling out and having a trackable impact on fashion trends. Conversely, Eve's utilitarian wardrobe (think anoraks and gawdy printed scarves) is fuelling our ongoing obsession with function over form that feels very now.

The Bold Type (Stan): Even though stories with headlines such as “The Bold Type’s fashion is delightfully bad”, there is no denying the set-in-a-fictional-magazine series serves up plenty of fun fashion moments, with Scarlet editor Jacqueline Carlyle getting all the best looks (after all, she's likely the only one on a decent salary) with her statement jewellery and modern take on power dressing.

The ‘‘Molly Goddard moment’’: Jodie Comer in one of Killing Eve’s defining fashion scenes.Credit:Alamy

Stranger Things (Netflix): Designing costumes for a show set in a period can be a fine line, as explained by the show's costume designer, Kimberly Adams. She told The Guardian recently: “I made sure all the influences in people’s closets didn’t seem like a fashion magazine version of clothes people wore.” In a case of life imitating art imitating life, tomorrow Levi's is releasing a capsule range of "ferchandise" (fashion-merchandise) inspired by what some of the characters wear in season three on the show.

Big Little Lies (Foxtel): If you're on the hunt for a blazer or trench coat, this is your best prospect for window dressing; think "elevated school pick-up". Emmy-winning costume designer Alix Friedberg said it was important to blend old and new-season clothes to make each character's wardrobe look realistic and not as if it was lifted from the pages of InStyle. This is especially true in season two, when the fallout from Perry's shock death plays upon each female lead, including the clothes they wear. Friedberg explained to The Telegraph's Caroline Leaper that the biggest impact was on Bonnie, played by Zoe Kravitz. "She has changed, darkened a great deal. She went from draped, sexy, bohemian-inspired looks to almost a prison uniform … She’s angry and it’s clear from her appearance that she’s depressed."

Get the look

Take inspiration from your favourite TV characters with these pieces.

Big Little Lies: COS, $

The Bold Type: Camilla and Marc at Order of Style, $

Younger: Thurley, $

Killing Eve: By Johnny, $

Stranger Things: Levi’s, $

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