Animated Ozzy, Post Malone On The Run From The Cops In New ‘It’s A Raid’ Video

A new animated video shared by Ozzy Osbourne for his 2020 collaboration “It’s A Raid” with Post Malone shows the two singers running away from cops after triggering an alarm by mistake.

“It’s a Raid” is the final single from Osbourne’s most recent solo album, Ordinary Man.

The Tomas Lenert-directed clip shows the animated Ozzy and Posty going back to the Bel-Air mansion where Black Sabbath‘s 1972 classic Vol. 4 was recorded.

The video shows the two singers leading the cops through the streets of Los Angeles. “Oh no, hide everything!” an animated Ozzy is seen shouting at Malone before they ditch a mound of cocaine and hit the road.

Recounting the song’s inspiration, Ozzy told SiriusXM last year that he accidentally triggered the security alarm in Bel Air, resulting in police surrounding the home.

He recalled having “piles of marijuana and cocaine,” and “shouting, ‘It’s a f–kin’ raid,’ before hiding the drugs and ingesting cocaine while hiding in one of the home’s bathrooms.”

“Andrew [Watt, producer] thought it was a funny story and said, ‘We’ve got to write a song about it,'” Osbourne told Rolling Stone. “We were just jamming around, like, ‘It’s a raaaaaaid!'”

“A couple of years ago I didn’t even know who Post Malone was,” he said in a statement. “Since then we’ve worked together on two studio tracks and have performed together twice. Understandably Covid-19 made it difficult to get together to shoot a music video for ‘It’s a Raid’ so we opted for this wildly imagined animated video for the final single from the Ordinary Man album.”

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