Arnold Schwarzenegger Pissed More People Don't Visit Deceased Vets

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t like how folks who cram into a Trump rally call themselves patriots, yet don’t show up in the same numbers to pay their respects to REAL heroes on Veterans Day.

Arnold poured out his emotions Wednesday after he’d paid a visit to the Los Angeles National Cemetery to honor the brave men and women whom he says he owes much of his success to, as an immigrant.

He said despite there being tens of thousands of gravesites for fallen soldiers, he only saw about 20 people around. Arnold explains … he can’t fathom how so few show out for them, but will swarm to a political event by the thousands on a promise to “make America great.”

It’s a not-so-subtle shot at Trump, who the Governator has made clear he despises. But, his point is well taken here … ’cause he says it’s those vets who’ve really made America great.

Arnold ends with a challenge to anyone watching — saying he hopes to see them out there in droves next year, and that the country really needs to have a convo about what patriotism really means. Where’s the lie?

BTW, AS is fresh off another heart surgery — and he STILL made it out to pay tribute to vets who aren’t even his native countrymen. Says a lot.

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