Asher Angel Said In His ‘Andi Mack’ Audition That He Liked Every Sport Except Ultimate Frisbee

Asher Angel‘s character Jonah Beck is an expert at Ultimate Frisbee on Andi Mack, but in real life, not so much.

During the 16-year-old actor and singer’s post audition talk, he dished that that was the only sport he didn’t like and didn’t even want to learn.

“Between his name and his smile, Asher Angel seemed like a no-brainer for Jonah Beck. But in the post-audition banter, Asher said he loved sports, every sport…except ultimate frisbee. He didn’t know how to play it, and he had no interest in learning,” Andi Mack creator Terri Minsky revealed. “This was immediately after reading the scene where Jonah Beck, the captain of the ultimate frisbee team, teaches Andi how to play frisbee. S, who directed the pilot, threw up her hands and plaintively wailed: ‘Dude!’ (But the role was still his, of course.)”

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