Awesome stuff on sale for Amazon Prime days, which lasts until tomorrow

I am not too familiar with how Amazon Prime Day works. I just followed the links on Amazon to stuff that’s supposed to be on sale for today and tomorrow and am featuring things I want. You can waste a lot more time than I did by just going to Amazon and browsing the sales. Amazon has everything you don’t know you need yet.

A gorgeous and versatile wrap dress

You know I love a good wrap dress. I have so many wrap dresses as they’re cute, comfortable and make such an easy transition from casual to dressy. You can wear them anywhere. This cap sleeve ultra flattering wrap dress from Lark & Ro is on sale from $24.51 to $39 depending on your size and style choices and there are so many! It comes in x-small to x-large and 24 different colors and prints. Reviewers call it “my new favorite dress,” “beautiful, flowy and feminine,” and say they get so many compliments in it. One woman even got married in it!

A stylish and comfortable sports bra you’ll want to wear all day

I always need sports bras because I am sporty like that and hate to do laundry. Also I am flat-chested and wear them as regular bras when I can’t be bothered to wear an actual bra. We’ve also been talking about sports bras with many of you looking to upgrade. This Core IO t-back sports bra is under $25 and comes in sizes x-s to 3x. It comes in t-back, cross back, strappy and color blocked versions to make 9 different choices. Reviewers call it a “great sports bra for the price,” “perfection,” and “supportive and comfy.” I found reviewers of all sizes praising how it fits, with women who have 34B and 38G cups both saying it fits well.

A supercute cropped workout tank in so many colors

I have a few workout tanks. I especially like the kind with split backs so you can show off your strappy workout bra. This workout tank by Amazon brand Core10 is just $17.10 on sale. It comes in six bright colors and sizes x-small to 3x. Reviews call it “cute and practical” and “so light and cool.” Some people say it’s very cropped though. Here’s another workout tank to consider if you’re looking for something longer.

An echo device that works with your own speaker for less than $15!

Do you want more marginally helpful devices spying on throughout your house? Would you like to use an Alexa but don’t want to shell out big bucks for a full version? The Echo input is on sale for Prime Day for just $14.99! It works just like an Alexa audio device except you use your own speaker with it. This is normally $34.99 so if you’d like to try out an Echo and don’t know if it’s for you it’s a good entry-level device. We have an Echo show in our house and it’s great for videochatting and listening to music but I don’t really trust it. I don’t trust my phone either so there’s that. Oh and the Echo dot is on sale for just $22! That’s over half off! You can also save $70 on the Echo Show, it’s on sale for $159.99, or get the compact version for just $49.99! I have the big one and it’s great for videochatting my parents and son’s dad. I also use it to play music. I just say “Echo play house music” and sometimes I like the song enough not to skip it.

An affordable Korean skincare set with so much product

After we started doing skincare posts my skin has been so nice! I got a full set of Korean skincare from Costco when it was on sale for $100(!) thanks to a reader recommendation. It’s no longer on sale though and I’ve run out of the best products, not that I don’t have plenty more. This Korean skincare set by White Seed is a nice entry level set of products featuring foaming exfoliating cleanser, brightening toner and brightening serum. It contains no harmful chemicals like parabens or mineral oil and has niacinamide serum with white seed complex, whatever that is. Prime members save $12 on this so it’s just $32 for a total of 12 ounces of products! This has 41 reviews, 4.3 stars and an A from Fakespot. People write that this made their “skin smooth” and gave them “rosy cheeks,” call it their “favorite moisturizer” and say it makes their skin “softer” and “clearer.” This ricewater face wash set is also on sale for Prime day for just $14.39!

An Instant Pot with a free Echo Dot for just $89.99!

Ok I just bought this! I don’t really need an Echo Dot but I’ve wanted an Instant Pot since I knew they existed. No more slow ass cooking for me. I know there’s a learning curve with these things, we’ve talked about them before. However the last time I featured one of these on sale it was on sale for the same price without the Echo Dot. If you don’t want another spy speaker just give it away as a gift. Your friend will think you’re so thoughtful. This has 4.1 stars, 400 reviews and an A from Fakespot. People love how well it cooks but don’t like big brother in the kitchen too. Maybe I’ll be ok with it when the robots are doing all the cooking.

I’m a firm believer in buying cheap luggage so you’re not a target to thieves at the airport. My son’s XBox was stolen out of his luggage years ago (we were moving and thought it would be ok) and it was tough. Lufthansa was great about paying for a replacement console and games, but the local police did absolutely nothing. I’m pretty sure it was stolen at the first airport by employees so cheap luggage wouldn’t have helped, but still. This is a set of two suitcases from Amazon Basics for just $75.99, which is $64 off! You get a 22 and 26 inch soft suitcase for this price and it comes in six different colors so you won’t look rich and will still be able to spot your luggage on the belt. Also this model looks like Linda Cardellini, right?

Even if you don’t drink tea you need an electric kettle

If you don’t have an electric kettle and you’re not one of those rich people with boiling water coming out of the tap, what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t drink tea, everyone needs an electric kettle as it’s so useful. I use mine to boil water to defrost meat (someone will tell me that’s wrong, just wait) and to boil water to cook pasta faster. I even boil water to disinfect the toothbrushes periodically. This electric kettle from Hamilton Beach has 4.2 stars, 1,600 reviews and an A from Fakespot. It’s on sale for Prime Day for $22.78, which is 24% off. People write that it heats fast, boiling the water in about five minutes and that they like the automatic shutoff feature.

You can also get up to 40% off fine jewelry. If you’d like to know where to start looking for more stuff, here’s a link to the deals on top brands. Oh and I really like the cooling memory foam pillow I bought after featuring it a couple of weeks ago! It did have a slight chemical smell to it, but it dissipated over time and it never really bothered me, even though I’m chemically sensitive. (YRMV)

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