Becca Kufrin Is Freezing Her Eggs Following Garrett Yrigoyen Split

Becca Kufrin is taking control of her future since splitting with her former fiancé, Garrett Yrigoyen. The Bachelorette alum posted her experience with freezing her eggs to her Instagram Stories in order to help other woman who are curious about making the same decision.

“I am in the process of freezing my eggs and last night was the first night for the shots, but I figure I want to document it and share it with you guys as much as I can,” she said. “I think it’s so important as women to know our bodies and our options. For me, I’m not old, but I’m not a spring chicken and I want kids one day but not anytime soon and I figure why not do it now in quarantine?”

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Becca shared photos of herself injecting shots into her stomach, and continued, “It’s really not so bad. It doesn’t hurt, but the hard part is just actually pushing it through your skin. Yesterday in the second injection I gave myself, it kind of popped under my skin, like the liquid popped out at once, I felt it like a little bubble and I almost passed out.”

I’m honestly a little light-headed just from reading that, but major props to her for taking control of her reproductive options. It’s a big step especially after recently getting out of a relationship. Last month, she announced the separation on Instagram:

Becca’s friend and fellow former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay said that Becca’s doing great since the breakup. “She’s really just taking this time right now to center herself,” she told People. “There’s no denying that it’s hard when you dedicate two years of your life to someone and think you’re going to spend forever with them and it doesn’t work out, but I think she’s doing the best that she can be.”

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