‘Beware!’ Piers Morgan rages at ‘woke brigade’ as he warns Joe Biden to be ‘very careful’

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Piers Morgan, 56, has hit out at US President Joe Biden as he warned him to be careful with where he takes his party in the next three years. The outspoken former Good Morning Britain presenter urged him to steer clear of “wokery” lest he end up like UK politicians.

Morgan has fired out at the “woke” brigade once again as he offered a warning to Biden.

The broadcaster was comparing UK and US politics as he said: “If you go woke, you’ll go broke”.

Writing in his latest MailOnline column, Morgan said: “Joe Biden should be very, very careful which way he takes his Democrat party in the next three years if he wants to stand any chance of re-election in 2024.”

The presenter then suggested the recent pressure on Keir Starmer following local council elections was down to “wokery”.

He focused on how this was evidenced by the loss of Hartlepool from Labour to the Conservatives for the first time since 1974.

He penned: “How did this electoral earthquake happen? Simple: wokery.

“Labour, like the Democrats, has allowed its agenda to be dictated by an army of woke warriors dripping in demented self-righteous virtue-signalling.”

Morgan continued: “By incessantly preaching woke ideology, and speaking in unintelligible woke language, Labour enraged its legendary ‘Red Wall’ of voters in the once committed northern heartlands like Hartlepool to the point that the wall collapsed.

“And Labour voters ran fleeing into the shameless arms of Conservative populist opportunist Boris Johnson.”

The broadcaster went on to warn Biden once again about how the American population may react to becoming more politically correct.

“Biden and the Democrats should be under no illusion about what will happen to them in 2024 if they continue to allow wokery to consume the party in the way they have been doing,” continued Morgan.

“In an NPR/PBS poll conducted after the 2018 US midterm elections, a clear majority of people (52 percent) said they were ‘against the country becoming more politically correct and upset that there are too many things people can’t say anymore.’

“Just 36 percent said that they were ‘in favour of the United States becoming more politically correct and like when people are being more sensitive in their comments about others.’

“Yet despite this, Democrats have persisted in swallowing the woke pills.”

Morgan also took to Twitter to defend his column after he shared it with his 7.9 million followers.

Not everyone was in favour of his comments, with some challenging him.

One follower wrote to him: “Oh Piers. Stop making ‘woke’ so evil.

“I enjoy you- I’ve missed seeing you on GMB, I like that you call out politicians on their nonsense.

“But there IS a space for people to call out harmful behaviours & beliefs.

“It’s OK to be aware of other people’s suffering and want to change it.”

The broadcaster then fired back: “Ironically, I’m calling out the woke brigade’s harmful behaviours & beliefs – and I want to change the suffering they cause.”

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