Catherine Scorsese pulls GoFundMe to fix flooded apartment

Martin Scorsese’s daughter has yelled “cut” on her $30,000 GoFundMe campaign for a flooded Brooklyn apartment.

The head-scratching public plea by Catherine Scorcese raised more social media ire than cash, pulling in just $6,110 for the scion of Hollywood royalty.

Her Williamsburg pad was ruined by water and raw sewage that overflowed from an upstairs neighbor’s toilet, and the money was needed for repairs, relocations costs and boarding fees for five of her eight pets. Her insurance deductible was $25,000, she said.

Scorsese insisted the GoFundMe plea — posted on a public site — was really a private campaign for “my family, friends and co-workers.”

“It was never begging anyone for money,” Scorsese huffed last week. “We shut it down because my sister did not want any more trolls commenting on it.”

The 53-year-old daughter of the “Goodfellas” director, who works as a prop master and film production crew member, told The Post earlier that she wasn’t “a trust fund baby” and if she were to ask her famous dad for a favor, “I’m going to ask for something like helping to fix me up with Chris Evans.”

“The truth was my friends and family wanted to help,” she said. “I am a card carrying member of Local 52 and have been for 25 years and they wanted to help.”

She said the campaign had been up for over a month “before some dumb-f–k ‘insider’ decided he didn’t like me because of my last name.

“I find it amazing that I am being called a ‘parasite’ because my friends and family wanted to help me and I didn’t go running to my daddy for $$,” she said in a text message.

“Someday I will get to tell my side of the story and I guarantee you will all be hanging your heads in shame.”

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