Chloe Fineman Tells Drew Barrymore Why She Started to Impersonate Her on ‘SNL’

Chloe Fineman has become a beloved Saturday Night Live cast member and fans probably know her best for her impression of Drew Barrymore… and now they have met!

The 32-year-old comedian was a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show, which aired on Monday (October 12).

Chloe revealed why she started impersonating Drew over the summer.

“I mean doing you was so exciting because you were on the cover of InStyle and the impression that I did this summer started because I really wanted that shirt. It was so cute,” she said. “So I was like swipe, order and it came in. Luckily in LA I had a large wig collection in my boyfriend’s shed….So I was lucky to have all these things when the world was a little shut down.”

Chloe added, “I have a memory of starting to do you, Ms. Drew, I was in Brooklyn staying with my friends, I was just fascinated and I was in the mirror like, ‘Hello.’”

Watch the full interview below and check out the amazing sketch from the SNL season premiere!

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