Chris Tarrant besotted by Ukrainian baby who became his goddaughter

GMB: Chris Tarrant discusses coronavirus outbreak

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TV legend Chris Tarrant, 76, says his life has changed for the better since he and his partner, Jane, rescued a Ukrainian refugee family from the horrors in their country. Speaking to, Chris explained that he and Jane were compelled to do something after watching the disturbing footage on the news.

Eventually, they were able to welcome a family of three: a 65-year-old grandmother, a mother in her 20s and a baby girl of just six-months. 

Chris says that before arriving in the UK, the family was given just five minutes to leave their home before making the journey to Poland and sleeping on airport floors.

They came to Chris carrying only the clothes on their backs and a bag of baby stuff. So, Jane and Chris rallied some of their friends and soon had a “garage full” of clothes, baby essentials and toys. 

After several months of living together, Chris says the family has “enhanced” his life.

He said: “[The war] is such a horrible, sick, shocking thing. I mean, if that baby hadn’t come to us, the Russians would have put her on the front of a tank because that is what they were doing. 

“They are just such nice people, they have really enhanced my life, our lives, our family’s lives – the kids have all met them. They have been just brilliant.” 

Chris has become particularly fond of the little baby and was recently delighted to become her godfather.

Speaking of his love for her, the presenter continued: “I’m actually besotted.

“I said to one of my kids, ‘I prefer this baby to you when you were younger’, and they go, ‘Oh, Dad!’ 

“I say, ‘I don’t mean it darling I love you’, but this kid is so sweet.” 

Chris and Jane keep in regular contact with their new guests. On the day of our interview Chris told me he had already spoken to them twice. 

He also explained that they did eat dinner together in the beginning but he “didn’t really like Ukrainian food and they don’t really like English food” so they have separate meal times now.

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The former Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host has now purchased a flat for them closer to the city.

Explaining his decision, Chris says he wants the family to have some more independence as the winter draws in. 

He said: “Where I live is lovely and it’s a big house with lots of room, but we are very remote so as we get into winter and it’s icy and stuff getting around is going to be harder.

“I want them to be able to just walk straight down to the nearest shop, go to the cinema, restaurants, pubs and all that.”

As for the baby’s father, he is still in Ukraine fighting in the Donbas. 

Chris continued: “It’s terrifying. We hear from him once in a while and he rings and stuff. If they go more than a week and he hasn’t rung, they get really worried. 

“It is still a very fraught situation for them and they keep talking about going home. I’m saying, well I can’t stop you but we have no idea if their home is even there.

“There is nobody still in their village and it is just an unreal situation, it’s horrible.”

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