Chrissy Teigen Updates Fans After Getting a Blood Transfusion

Chrissy Teigen is updating fans on her condition after she was hospitalized for excessive bleeding during her pregnancy.

The 34-year-old model was hospitalized on Sunday night (September 27) and the next day, she received a blood transfusion. She took to her Instagram Stories to update fans on what happened after teasing the tranfusion earlier in the day.

“I got some blood from somebody, so if you donate blood, it goes to actual people. People that might be me. I kinda feel like I definitely have somebody else inside me right now, which is an odd feeling to have,” Chrissy said. “So I had my first blood transfusion, which sounds so much more dramatic than it is. It’s just like an IV, except it’s not fluids, it’s human blood.”

Chrissy revealed she had an allergic reaction “to the blood, which made me think, ‘Oh, whose blood is this?’ And also, I bet there would be so many people out there who would be so mad if they got my blood. Like some hardcore MAGA person that would be like, ‘This is Chrissy‘s blood? Noooooo!’”

See some new screencaps from Chrissy‘s stories in the gallery.

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