Dan Walker inundated with ‘angry messages for BBC Breakfast MP interview Long way to go

BBC Breakfast: Walker grills Barclay over Mings’ Patel criticism

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BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has hit back amid criticism of his presenting of the show this morning. He said “we still have a long way to go” as he defended holding the government to account.

In view of his 718,000 followers, Dan called out the criticism he’d received.

He penned: “Interesting how simply asking the government questions on #BBCBreakfast about the @OfficialTM_3 tweet to @pritipatel has led to plenty of angry messages & emails.

“From those questioning why I seem to support ‘them’ (black footballers) to this tripe [point emoji].

“We have a long way to go.”

Dan then shared one of the messages he’d personally received called “note to Dan Walker TV”.

The swear-word laden message contained abuse aimed at the presenter.

This all comes after Dan’s interview with Stephen Barclay MP on BBC Breakfast this morning.

He challenged him on whether the Home Secretary Priti Patel was wrong to call taking the knee “gesture politics”.

This comes after she tweeted yesterday: “I am disgusted that England players who have given so much for our country this summer have been subject to vile racist abuse on social media.”

England defender Tyrone Mings then called out Priti for refusing to condemn fans booing players for taking the knee earlier in the competition.

At the time, the Home Secretary had said to GB News she did not support “people participating in that type of gesture politics”.

Mings tweeted: “You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labelling our anti-racism message as ‘Gesture Politics’ & then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against, happens.”

Following his tweet, the minister declined to comment.

On BBC Breakfast this morning, Dan asked the MP: “Is he right? Was Priti Patel stoking the fire?”

Barclay replied: “The Home Secretary herself has been the victim of the most appalling online abuse.

“She understands better than most the consequences of racism because she herself throughout her career, as a senior politician has been subject herself to online abuse and that why the Government is taking action.”

However, despite some angry messages, many have also praised Dan’s questioning.

On Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Well done Dan Walker @BBCBreakfast.

“Good to see your strong position over the spat between the Home Secretary and a senior England Football Player.”

Another wrote: “This has annoyed and upset me this morning. You really don’t deserve this.”

A third added: “Blimey! Imagine being so angry at the world that you take the time to twist what Tyrone said just to defend somebody who stoked the racism that his team mates endured. I agree, we’ve a very long way to go.”

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