Does it take holiday Holly Willoughby mercilessly mocked over listing moon as employee

Holly Willoughby admits to feeling 'wobbly' during botox segment

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Holly Willoughby, 41, has left her followers amused after they discovered she has listed the Moon as one of her employees on her website. On Twitter, users were left in stitches after they discovered that she counts the natural satellite as a member of her company.

On Holly’s website, she has a section which introduces visitors to the “Wylde family”, with the Moon listed as the employee responsible for “guidance and intuition”.

One fan hilariously took to Twitter to screenshot it and wrote: “Absolutely obsessed with Holly Willoughby listing THE MOON on the list of staff at her website.”

The unusual employee list was revealed in September last year when Holly launched the site, and was first discovered by comedian Sarah Keyworth.

She wrote: “Holly Willoughby has just launched her new business and one of the employees listed is THE MOON.”

She joked: “Is she paying the moon? Is it on a salary? Does it take holiday?”

People were in hysterics in the replies and did not hold back with their quips.

Katie239: “I hear it’s just working in the downtime from its main gig. Moonlighting, if you will.”

Aaron_ash35 quipped: “Probably just works nights.”

And holly-jessica50 added: “Bl**dy celestial bodies coming here and taking our jobs.”

But Holly ignored the jibes, as she took to Instagram on Sunday to share herself enjoying a sound bath.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, she used selenite wands to create a calming noise from the crystal sound bowls. 

Captioning the relaxing video, she wrote: “Self Care Sundays. There is no better way to start a relaxing Sunday off than with the soothing energy from sound bowls and healing crystals.

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“How are you spending your Sunday?”

Holly has described Wylde Moon as an online space to empower women, explore crystal energies and offer fashion and beauty tips.

Explaining her hopes for her new website, Holly wrote for the launch: “I want WYLDE MOON to be a place where I can share the things that I love, the lessons that I’ve learnt, the things I see and instantly want to share with others.”

The This Morning presenter founded Wylde Moon in September 2021 and has been selling jewellery, crystals, diffusers and perfumes.

Just like Goop, which was founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, it provides fans with beauty, fitness and spiritual recommendations.

According to the website: “The pillars of Wylde Moon are about having a true sense of self; igniting your intuition, knowing your self-worth and nourishing your body and soul through music, food, laughter, sex, passion, beautiful things, or all of the above.”

The Wylde Moon platform is split into seven categories: women, moon board, podcast, energy, beauty, style, and family.

But the items are on the pricey side, one candle – The Wild – costs an eye-watering £65.

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