Dua Lipa's Mexico City Vacation Rental is a Curvy Tribute to Serpent God

Dua Lipa‘s vacation rental in Mexico City pays homage to an Aztec serpent god, which explains why it has such a … unique design.

The pop star posted up in the capital city inside an Airbnb that’s been officially dubbed Quetzalcoatl’s Nest … named after the mythical culture hero, Quetzalcoatl. The name translates to “feathered serpent” or “plumed serpent.”

The rental — which is just outside the city in a wooded area — is a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home that features a snake-shaped structure and twisting, cave-like walkways. Perfect for the budding herpetologist in you.

The place sleeps as many as 10 but make sure you bring friends who are in search of serenity because this place offers peace and quiet thanks to a park with botanical gardens, a cave of minerals and lakes as well.

There are quirky sitting areas to enjoy inside but the jaw-dropping views are better enjoyed outside … thanks to sprawling green space. And, Dua did exactly that … while rocking her abs and orange sunglasses with some friends.

Normies can book the incredibly affordable space for just $359 per night, assuming it isn’t completely booked.

Dua scored and made us all super jelly with the pics she posted on Instagram. She captioned it “🌱 dream 🏠 🌱.” Easy to see why.

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