Elton John, Filmmakers Slam Russian Censorship Of ‘Rocketman’

Elton John and the producers of the biopic Rocketman have criticized the film’s Russian distributor for deleting scenes depicting gay sex and drug use.

At a preview of the film in Moscow, around five minutes of content had been cut and an on onscreen statement at the end of the film showing references to the children that John is raising with his partner David Furnish had been changed.

“We reject in the strongest possible terms the decision to pander to local laws and censor Rocketman for the Russian market, a move we were unaware of until today,” a joint statement by the British rock singer and the filmmakers said.

“Paramount Pictures have been brave and bold partners in allowing us to create a film which is a true representation of Elton’s extraordinary life, warts and all,” the statement added. “That the local distributor has edited out certain scenes, denying the audience the opportunity to see the film as it was intended is a sad reflection of the divided world we still live in and how it can still be so cruelly unaccepting of the love between two people.”

“We believe in building bridges and open dialogue, and will continue to push for the breaking down of barriers until all people are heard equally across the world.”

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