Even Joe Jonas' Perfect Rear-End Can't Get Him Over 'Game of Thrones' End

“‘Game of Thrones’ came to an end and with that Joe’s really fallen apart. He’s a nervous wreck,” Nick tells the camera.

Joe Jonas is just like us, he’s still struggling over the fact "Game of Thrones" has ended.

In a hilarious behind-the-scenes video of their Harper’s Bazaar digital cover shoot, the Jonas Brothers express how much they already miss the HBO fantasy drama, although it’s only been a few weeks since the series finale.

While Nick attempts to deny he’s moved on from the show in the clip, Kevin can’t seem to stop throwing "Game of Thrones" quotes into every conversation. However, it’s Joe, who is married to ‘GoT’ actress Sophie Turner, that seems to have taken it the hardest.

In the clip, Nick, wearing a Jon Snow-esque black fur coat, first introduces the band and how they will be rocking some ’70s inspired fall-winter looks for the shoot. Kevin immediately chimes in with, "Winter is coming." In response, Joe breaks down in tears and runs off camera.

"What did I say about making ‘Game of Thrones’ references in front of Joe," Nick tells Kevin, who responds with another quote. "Not today."

"It’s been a really difficult period," Nick tells the camera. "A couple of weeks ago, unfortunately, ‘Game of Thrones’ came to an end and with that Joe’s really fallen apart. He’s a nervous wreck."

The "Jealous" singer adds it doesn’t help how Kevin "won’t stop quoting" the show. The camera then flashes to Kevin reciting some of the show’s most popular lines like, "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."

Although Nick claims he’s "A-Okay," he’s seen running around the shoot location with swords, swashbuckling and chopping up hedges. At one point, Nick even yells "for the North!"

But it’s Joe who needs the most cheering up. While sadly sitting on a large plant, someone asks Joe, "Yo, what’s up man? You okay? I told you your ass looks great in those pants, alright?"

Joe is then shown looking at his own rear-end but still finds himself dissatisfied, despite the perfect view.

Nick voices his concerns to the camera, "With the release of the new album, the tour and everything else coming up we really need Joe back as our lead singer and these emotional breakdowns every time someone mentions ‘Game of Thrones’ are making that very difficult."

"Thankfully, Sophie’s been really helpful in all of this," he adds. "You would think because he’s married to her that it would be easier but apparently not."

Kevin and Nick then go searching for Joe on the shoot location, only to find him in an empty bathtub watching "Game of Thrones" on an iPad, covered in tear-soaked tissues.

Watch the full clip above!

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