Freddie Flintoff wants to buy Top Gear car from first episode ‘I couldn’t stop smiling’

Don't Rock the Boat: Freddie Flintoff hosts ITV reality show

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Freddie Flintoff, 43, drove a replica of his dad’s Ford Cortina for the first episode of the latest series of Top Gear, and enjoyed the experience so much, he is now considering purchasing his own model. The former England cricketer shared his dad was “a chilled bloke” and driving the nostalgic Cortina brought back happy memories of his childhood.

Preston born Freddie shared: “Dad’s a chilled bloke and never got road rage, though someone once stole his parking space, so he wound the window down and gave the guy an almighty mouthful. 

“That was the first time I ever heard him swear. I prefer driving the Cortina to a new car.

“It rolls around a lot, so you’re forced to potter around, which relaxes you,” he added.

Freddie enjoyed the experience of driving the replica car to the point he considered buying one himself.

He continued to Radio Times: “I couldn’t stop smiling, so I really want to buy it now. I’m just not sure about driving Dad in it. 

“He’s always pulling me up about my driving. I’m like, ‘Dad, have you seen what I do for a living?’”

Freddie is set to return to screens soon alongside his colleagues Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris for the fourth series of Top Gear.

In one memorable scene from the new series, Freddie stops and asks for directions.

He does this mid-challenge as the presenting trio are racing to see who reaches a set destination first.

However, Freddie encounters one small issue, as he forgets to remember the directions given to him.

He explained to Lancashire Live: “The problem is though every time I ask for directions, I’ll do the window, I say, ‘Oh, do you know where this is?’ and for some reason, I never listen to them.

“And I’m being polite and said, ‘Thank you’, and what did she say? I have no idea. But I’m not one of them who is worried about asking – I’ll ask for help if I need it.”

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For the second time, the series has been UK-bound due to travel restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Paddy shared: “These films in the UK are really good and I don’t think the viewers will miss the big road trips this time.”

The trio has remained in the same Covid bubble in order for them to film and were relieved to be working.

Paddy added: “A lot of the stuff we were filming, we were a little bit out in the sticks, so you weren’t really aware of shops being closed and stuff like that.

“We were filming, we were always busy and it’s long days. 

“But it was nice to get out and see the lads and have a bit of fun and kind of switch off from the news for a little bit, you know? 

“And all the sort of… We’re all stuck in this terrible situation, and so it was nice to just take your mind off it for a few days.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – on sale now.

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