Grant Gustin Was Kind of Miserable While Filming The First Arrowverse Crossover – Find Out Why!

The first ever Arrowverse crossover happened between The Flash and Arrow back in 2014, and turns out that Grant Gustin was a little miserable while filming it.

While talking to EW, Grant revealed that his mask was the thing causing all the trouble and misery for him.

“We blocked it in the daylight, and I remember there’s paparazzi pictures of us blocking it. Stephen [Amell] is standing in his Arrow show jacket and I’m glued into my mask [looking] so unhappy watching this stunt rehearsal,” Grant shared. “They hadn’t figured out how to do my mask yet. So for the first nine episodes, I was glued in for like 12 hours at a time. Like, I’d eat lunch in my mask.”

He adds that at one point he was “sitting on the bed [in my hotel] in my mask, like needing to go up for that fight scene and I was sobbing because it was so emotional. Just my whole mask was getting spongy, and it was terrible.”

“It wasn’t glamorous that first day of the crossover. I just remember being tired and beat down and mad about being in the mask and excited for the next episode.”

But he didn’t let his misery overtake him and was excited to work on the crossover: “That’s what this experience is, though, every year. It’s amazing. It’s something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life, and it’s definitely not as glamorous as everyone thinks it is.”

The Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover kicks off this weekend on The CW.

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