Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Claims His Client Is Going Blind & Losing Teeth In Jail

Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is apparently going blind behind bars — and he’s also reportedly lost several teeth recently, too.

That’s what his lawyer Norman Effman claims, at least, in a new motion put up before a judge on Monday while the filmmaker actively fights extradition to Los Angeles on a new sex-crimes indictment.

Weinstein, who is currently imprisoned in New York, is trying to resist being shipped to California to face new sexual assault charges. As part of that motion, this week Effman informed the court that the disgraced film mogul very much needs optometric and dental work addressed before any transfer, having lost “four at this point.”

Effman is challenging the entire extradition attempt, saying that the prosecutors filed incorrect paperwork; cynics see the eye and mouth issues as still more attempts to delay extradition. Los Angeles prosecutors have refused to agree to a delay.

For now, the judge did grant Effman a one-week reprieve on Weinstein’s behalf, saying he will now rule on the motion to challenge the extradition on April 30. Weinstein already had his move to LA pushed back twice in the last year due to the coronavirus pandemic; we’ll see soon whether his lawyer is able to keep pushing that date with this new motion, or not.

If convicted on these new charges on the west coast, Weinstein could face up to 140 years to life in prison.

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