Holly Willoughby shares criticism from husband Dan Baldwin that sparked her to change

Holly Willoughby reveals that she meditates twice a day

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Holly Willoughby, 40, appeared on friend Fearne Cotton’s mental health podcast “Happy Place” to discuss achieving career and personal life goals. At one point she spoke of a piece of criticism levelled at her by her husband Dan Baldwin, which provoked a huge change in her. 

We’re always focusing on tomorrow, and we rarely pay attention to what is happening now

Holly Willoughby

The This Morning host started by explaining how not enough people live in the present moment. 

She said: “We’re always focusing on tomorrow, and we rarely pay attention to what is happening now.

“You never actually get there because then the next thing comes along.”

She then admitted that she herself is “terrible” at doing that.

The mother-of-three explained how her husband criticises her, saying that she can “organise the fun out of anything”.

The television host concedes that it is necessary to live this way in order to progress, but that she is consciously trying to stop over-planning and noticing the smaller things. 

“I feel like I’m starting to get a handle on myself again. It sounds so simple, but it really makes a massive difference,” she stated. 

In her new book, Reflections: Life Lessons on Finding Beauty, which Fearne and Holly discussed in the podcast, the latter writes eloquently about the expectations that might come from being present and aware. 

She wrote: “The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.”

Fearne, after reading the quote, affirmed that few people actually ever follow this advice consciously. 

The Happy Place host explained that many, including herself, often look for external validation from their career and life goals in order to “harness a feeling of safety”. 

Holly responded by saying she thought that obsession with achieving the next goal is often an exercise in finding distractions from the mundanity of life. 

This is not the first time that Holly has spoken openly about health tips and ideas. 

On ITV’s Lorraine, the presenter opened up about the morning activities she partakes in to keep happy and healthy. 

She said: “I’ve been meditating for a long time now, it’s something I do every day before I come to work.”

At first, the mum-of-three explained she thought she wouldn’t be able to fit it into her busy and hectic schedule. 

But now Holly abides by a strict 20-minutes a day meditation to let the thoughts “come in and go”. 

Also on the Happy Place podcast with Fearne, Holly spoke of “difficult moments” with her co-host, Philip Schofield on This Morning. 

“I was watching from afar when you got every person in the press saying you and Phillip were having a tough time meanwhile you’re great friends and there were no arguments,” Fearne said. 

Holly remarked: “It is difficult and that was a particularly difficult time for many reasons.

“I remember having this conversation with Phillip at the time, ‘We know [it’s not true].’

“I have to believe that as long as you know inside and you know the truth you know your truth then everything’s got to be okay.”

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