Homes Under The Hammers Martin Roberts leaves fans concerned: WTF have you done!

Martin Roberts drinks wine as he struggles with IKEA furniture

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Martin Roberts, 57, has had quite the week so far after running into problems at home left, right and centre. After falling victim to the instructions while trying to assemble an IKEA bed late on Tuesday evening, he then became the centre of attention for something else.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it

Martin Roberts

Taking to Twitter to tell fans that he had finally managed to put together the piece of furniture, albeit having downed a few wines to get him through the frustration, the Homes Under The Hammer star showed off the slap-up meal he had made himself to celebrate.

But his followers were less than impressed with what he had cooked up, branding it “disastrous”, “bin food” and asking him what on earth he had done to it.

Alongside a photo of the steak, egg, chips, mushroom and cherry tomatoes, Martin penned: “The bed is done… four hours later… having ruined three lots of oven chip… and finally at 10:10pm I can sit down for my tea.”

But even he pointed out the messy look of his evening dinner.

“Stress eating? Who? Me? Not gonna win Masterchef with this concoction,” he chuckled with a stream of laughing emojis.

Fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts, as one exclaimed: “WTF have you done to your steak?! Is it steak?!” to which Martin admitted in order to save time, he cooked it in the same pan as the fried eggs.

A second confessed: “Crikey Martin, looks like you got it out of a bin!”

The presenter took the comment light-heartedly, replying: “And it’s straight in to another!”

A third follower said: “I hope it tasted better than it looks!” to which Martin confirmed that it did.

“Did you read the legal pack before consuming this, Martin?!” a fourth used one of his many tips on the BBC property show to mock his cooking, but the presenter found it hilarious.

He responded: “Yes and ignored it against all my own advice!”

Someone else joked: “How far away from the plate were you when you threw that together.”

While another said: “Looks like a squashed tortoise!”

“One of my favourites. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it,” Martin advised.

It comes after he lost his rag whilst trying to build the bed, after realising half way through he had made a mistake.

“I need to share my pain,” he said, as he rolled his eyes, “so, I’m just building an IKEA bed.

“It’s a bed frame and I’ve just spent an hour putting it together and here it is,” he turned the camera around so his followers could see what he was talking about.

Putting himself back in the lens, he sighed as he forced a smile: “And, I’ve just discovered, I’ve put the fist piece on the wrong way around.

“So the headboard has lots of holes [in it].”

Turning the camera once again to show fans his mistake, Martin began shrieking: “It’s not supposed to look like that!”

Grunting, he shouted: “Nice and smooth, yes, like that!” as he panned the camera to the other pieces of the frame.

He continued: “Not like that!

“I’ve got to take the whole thing apart!”

As he explained the results of his error, Martin threw his hands about and rocked his head, as fans watched his frustration first hand.

And the irritation soon become too much, as he then filmed himself ripping up the instructions before taking a breath and a big gulp of wine as he ended his rant with a simple and calm yet not at all convincing, “I’m fine”.

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