Inside Chloe Ferrys tattoo collection – including Sam Gowland tribute cover up

Chloe Ferry has developed quite the passion for tattoos over the years since being in the limelight.

The Geordie Shore star has a penchant for physical transformations so it comes as no surprise that her body art collection has increased to noticeably more bold proportions recently.

A bikini-clad Chloe appeared very content sat poolside in Ibiza this week as she was spotted flaunting her latest inking — a giant dragon tattoo on her bum — added to an already extensive selection of lasered images that were also on show.

From misspelt sentences to an ex boyfriend’s name — Chloe has had all types of tattoos including her most recent piece of body art, all of which are explained here:

"Keep Me Safe" Wrist Tattoo

Chloe had the phrase “keep me safe” tattooed in cursive on her wrist during a friends’ trip to Dubai in January last year whilst on a drunk night out.

The 26 year old had flown to the UAE while the UK was in lockdown and was joined by Geordie Shore co-stars Sophie Kasaei and Bethan Kershaw, who also had her wrist tattooed with the same words.

Chloe showed off her wrist tattoo with pal Bethan on Instagram Stories later that week before she admitted that she wasn’t happy with the “embarrassing” inking after getting it while in a less than suitable state of mind.

Ex boyfriend's Sam Gowland Tattoo and Cover Up

Chloe had tattooed ex boyfriend Sam Gowland’s name on her wrist in loving gesture to her former partner before she eventually had the inking covered up when the pair split.

The Geordie Shore star shared a photo of the updated tattoo at the time as she showed the inking to have been changed to the word “Salmon” with a fish symbol added underneath.

“Plenty more fish in the sea. who likes me new tat?” Chloe captioned the snap as she said: “Think its time for this tattoo to go now, I’m going to get it changed to something very fun and spontaneous.”

Sam and Chloe first got together in 2017 and had a tumultuous relationship that saw several brief splits before the romance ended for good in February 2020.

Misspelt Thigh Tattoo

Followers of Chloe on Instagram may recognise her thigh tattoo most out of all her inkings as it is often seen in the many bikini and lingerie photos posted by the star on the social media platform.

Despite being on frequent display, Chloe voiced her dislike for her thigh tattoo along with a chicken she has inked on her finger in 2018 as she admitted in an interview that this particular inking was spelt wrong.

Unable to remember what the actual phrase lasered on her thigh says, Chloe told The Sun at the time: “Every single tattoo I’ve had is s***. Not one of them is good. I got one on me leg what’s not spelt right. All the punctuation’s wrong.”

Dragon Bum Tattoo

Chloe’s largest tattoo to date was first revealed in a post back in February as she shared a picture of herself getting the inking done.

The reality star posted a photo showing her stripped down to her knickers as she got the dragon tattoo whilst out on a day trip with her mum.

Fans first thought that the inking had been influenced by former co-star Charlotte Crosby’s ribcage tattoo, however Chloe explained in a follow-up clip that she booked the impromptu tattoo session after being inspired by YouTuber Nikita Dragun’s body art on her back.

"With the tattoo right, I'm getting it like more on me cheek – actually covering half me bum cheek," Chloe said.

"But yeah, I feel like it was about time I got a good tattoo. I've got a chicken nugget on me finger, I've got me ex's name on me wrist…"

Arabic Script Back Tattoo

Chloe had an Arabic script tattooed along her spine in July 2020 and filmed the entire application process for followers on Instagram Stories.

Seen lying face down on a tattoo bed in a Newcastle studio at the time, the reality star looked happy and relaxed as she had the words lasered onto her back and showed off the finished results in a clip posted immediately afterwards.

The Arabic script is Chloe’s second international language she has tattooed as she also has Japanese words applied on her ribs.

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