James Martin: Saturday Morning star leaves guests stunned with ‘record-breaking bra task’

Saturday Morning host James Martin, 47, was joined by actor Danny Mac, 31, and chef Nick Nair, 60, on his show last weekend. During a chat about the Hollyoaks star’s career, he spoke of his own talents.

I was astonished when I got it

James Martin

The chef began to chop up a chilli at a fast pace when he claimed that he holds a World record for being the fastest peeler and chopper in the world.

He said to Danny: “You may have got best actor,” before he pointed at himself and added: “Fastest peeler and chopper of carrots in the world.”

The actor then queried if the record was actually a thing, to which he replied: “It wasn’t at the time, but it is now, I got it.

“I’ve got the certificates in my toilet.”

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Taken aback by his admission, Danny did an awkward silence before telling the host he was “astonished”.

“I was astonished when I got it,” James chimed.

He then went on to flippantly say: “I was even more astonished about my other one… the world’s fastest removal of bras with one hand in one minute.”

His guests seemed a little unsure about his admission and laughed off the remark.

Trying to convince his guests, he added: “It’s a Guinness Book of Record, I’ve got that certificate as well.”

“Really? How did you go about that?” Danny queried, still seemingly unconvinced.

He explained: “You’ve got to blame Alan Titchmarsh for that, we was on his show and we were trying to break five records in five minutes.

“And that’s all the record that I had to pick from, everyone else had got in there first.”

A representative from the Guinness World Records has confirmed James did hold a record for the Most carrots peeled and chopped in one minute back in 2005.

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The chef’s record was later beaten by Rosalia Addis from Italy in 2009.

The rep added that bras being unhooked in one minute is not a record they hold.

Elsewhere during the show, James branded Nick an “idiot” after he mistook a fake lime for a real one.

The show’s host asked his fellow chef where his love of Asian flavours came from as he prepared a recipe.

Nick then reached for a lime from the kitchen’s fruit bowl only to realise it was plastic.

Laughing, James realised the chef’s mistake and informed there were also plastic knives in the kitchen.

“You idiot!” the presenter chimed as they all burst into fits of laughter.

“Your eyesight has gone a bit as well hasn’t it?!” James continued.

Saturday Morning with James Martin continues next week at 9.30am on ITV.

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