Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer spill on their real-life romance in Friends reunion

Friends reunion: Jennifer Aniston says 'something is happening'

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Jennifer Aniston, 52, and David Schwimmer, 54, have sparked a frenzy amongst Friends fans with their chemistry as on and off couple Ross Geller and Rachel Green ever since the sitcom began in 1994. However, it has now been revealed that the pair’s gripping on-screen romance also mirrored their relationship in real-life, particularly during the first series of the show.

Jennifer and David told Friends: The Reunion host James Corden that they had a “major crush” on each other behind-the-scenes.

The actors got onto the subject when James quizzed the cast on whether there were any off-set romances.

Jennifer then turned to David and sheepishly said: “Err, well, I mean… David.”

David eventually admitted: “The first season I had a major crush on Jen.

“And I think at some point we both crushing hard on each other, but it was like two ships passing because one of us was always in a relationship.”

He added: “And we never crossed that boundary. We respected that.”

After David’s admission, Jennifer told him she reciprocated his feelings at the time.

The Hollywood actress said: “It was reciprocal.”


She continued: “Honestly I remember saying one time to David, ‘it’s going to be such a bummer if the first time you and I actually kiss is going to be on national television’.”

“[But] sure enough the first time that we kissed was in that coffee shop. 

“So we just channelled all our adoration and love for each other into Ross and Rachel.”

Following the bombshell news, behind-the-scenes footage of Jennifer and David being affectionate in between takes played.

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David divulged while looking at the footage: “I thought back on the very first year or two [and] when we had breaks from rehearsal, there were moments when we would cuddle on a couch.”

The actor added: “And I’m thinking, ‘how did everyone not know that we were crushing on each other?’”

David then turned to his co-stars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry, who played on-screen couple Monica and Chandler in the sitcom, before they revealed they both knew “for sure” that something was going on between them.

However, Courteney then shared that in some ways, it was better that Jennifer and David never fully acted on their feelings.

She explained: “How great though, ultimately, because if you had and it didn’t work out, it probably wouldn’t have been as great.”

When the show began in 1994, Jennifer was dating Tate Donovan who also guest starred on Friends as Rachel’s brief fling Joshua. 

She went on to marry Brad Pitt in 2000.

David dated singer Natalie Imbruglia in the late 90s and then actress Mili Avital after meeting on the set of romantic comedy Kissing A Fool.

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