Jeremy Edwards and wife Lydia introduce baby son Teddy and reveal all the details on the newborn’s arrival

After a stressful IVF journey and spending two-and-a-half years trying to conceive their second child, Jeremy Edwards and his wife Lydia Metz exclusively talk to OK! Magazine about welcoming Theodore Huckleberry Edwards into the world.

The couple’s four year old daughter Scarlett now has a baby brother and in a raw interview – only available for OK! VIP members – Jeremy and Lydia open up about the meaning behind their son's unique second name following the "emotional" birth.

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The smiles on the faces of Jeremy Edwards and his wife Lydia as they introduce their gorgeous newborn son say it all. Born on 23 March at 2.27pm, Theodore Huckleberry Edwards, known affectionately as Teddy, became the final piece in their family jigsaw when he came into the world weighing exactly 9lb.

His arrival was all the more special as the couple endured a stressful IVF journey and spent two-and-a-half desperate years trying for their second child. Jeremy and Lydia’s adorable daughter Scarlett, four, was also conceived through IVF.

“IVF is a long and hard process,” confesses 50-year-old Jeremy. “It was very emotional when he arrived.”

The actor returned to Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks in 2020 when it was revealed his character Kurt Benson, one of the original cast, had faked his own death 21 years earlier.

But in January it was reported that Jeremy had quit the show for good, partly because of trolling about his weight and Kurt’s storyline. After losing the excess pounds, however, and admitting he’s all the better for it, he is now keen to set the record straight.

Here, Jeremy and Lydia, 36, talk about Teddy’s arrival and his unusual middle name, the actor’s Hollyoaks return, and why he feels “too old” for baby number three…

Congratulations to both of you. How did you decide on Teddy’s name?

Jeremy: We had a list from when we had Scarlett of boys and girls names. We liked Theodore because it’s Teddy when he’s little, Theo when he’s a teenager and Theodore when he’s older. It gives him options.

Lydia: Teddy was our favourite. We also read the names on our list to Scarlett and she actually picked Teddy, too.

Does he have a middle name?

Jeremy: Huckleberry. We couldn’t think of one and then Lydia’s sister suggested it.

Lydia: I think she said it as a bit of a joke and she genuinely thought I was joking when I told her we had gone for it as a middle name.

Jeremy: There was just something about it. We said it out loud, “Theodore Huckleberry”, and we quite liked it. It’s eccentric and
a bit funky. I like Huckleberry Finn from the Tom Sawyer book, and Theodore is a very boyish boy, so it’s quite fitting. He could also use it when he’s older. He could be Huck if he wanted. Middle names are a bit of fun. Mine is Quentin – I was named after a choirboy my mum heard on the radio.

Tell us about the birth…

Lydia: He was five days early. He was born by Caesarean in the end, which wasn’t by choice, but, medically, had to happen, unfortunately. I really wanted a natural labour but the choice was taken away. So I had to get over that, but it was actually
lovely birth. It was very peaceful.

Jeremy: Yes, even though it wasn’t what we would have chosen it worked out for the best. It went smoothly and was the safest option. It wasn’t worth taking the risk.

Lydia: From complications with my labour with Scarlett, and because Teddy was so big and tall, they decided it was safer to
do it that way. It was much calmer this time. I was worried about the recovery time, because it’s major surgery. But it’s a few weeks on now and I’m feeling good.

What occurred during Scarlett’s birth?

Lydia: I got rushed into surgery [for stitches] and was in there for three hours. I got two minutes of skin-to-skin with Scarlett, whereas this time no one was taking me anywhere or taking him away from me, which was really important. I guess this time I wanted a natural birth again because I almost wanted to do better and have a positive birthing experience. But in the end I did.

Jeremy: I was left on my own holding the baby in the middle of the night and waiting for Lydia to come out of the operation. Last time really was quite difficult and there was a lot of adrenaline and wondering whether everyone was OK. We were in shock for quite some time.

So it was an emotional moment when Teddy arrived…

Jeremy: It was very emotional, maybe because it was a much easier birth.

Lydia: We both cried this time.

Jeremy: All I could think was how massive he was. He was so long. He was 51cm and in the 98th percentile in terms of height, so he’s probably going to be enormous. Poor Lyds. He feeds constantly – he’s a machine.

Lydia: He’s already grown out of his newborn clothes and has gone up a nappy size.

What does Scarlett think of her little brother?

Jeremy: It’s been up and down. She’s got used to it now and she loves him.

Lydia: She’s very sweet with him. She sings to him when he cries and gives him kisses. At the beginning she was really into the nappy thing and the poo. Now she’s seen everything, she isn’t interested.

Jeremy: She just wants to play with him, so he’s a bit boring for her right now. He grabbed her finger the other day and she was telling everyone she taught him to grab things. I’m very pleased for her that she has a sibling, because she’ll make an amazing big sister.


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After all you’ve been through with IVF, is it even more special now he’s here?

Lydia: Definitely. It’s a longer, more precious process to get to this point. It feels very special. I very much remember the feeling
of worrying we weren’t going to be able to have any children, and that still clicks in me.

Jeremy: Lyds worried a lot more than I did. It is a stressful and hard process. But it’s great if it works out and you just forget about it once they’re here and get on with the job at hand.

Lydia: I remember going to places where there were families and thinking, “I really wish we had children.” It’s funny to think we can go back to them now with a little girl and boy.

Would you like more children?

Lydia: No, I do think our family feels complete. Initially I wanted three, but I think we very much feel this is us now.

Jeremy: We got our house and we changed everything to accommodate us. It could be done so we had room for more, but I feel quite old and I am feeling it. With Scarlett it’s a very easy life because I can talk to her and play with her. But starting again with a baby is hard work, so the idea of doing it again after this… It was a long road with the IVF, all the trying, the traumatic birth and then IVF again. Now we have our little boy I feel we’re settled. Hitting 50 with a baby on the way, I did think, “Oh my God!” But they’ll keep me young.

Have you had any messages from your friends Will Mellor, Sheridan Smith and Brendan Cole, Jeremy?

Jeremy: I’ve had lots of lovely messages. We’ve discussed meeting up in summer and they’ll be at my 50th. As it was full lockdown I wasn’t able to do anything, so me and some friends who’ve all had big birthdays will hire a place for a big dinner.

Lydia: We’ll have a christening at Winchester Cathedral. We’re going to have a double christening, as Scarlett’s got cancelled last year.

Will is godfather to Scarlett. Who is going to be Teddy’s godfather?

Jeremy: Greg Burns [Hits Radio host]. He’s one of our very close friends.

What happened with Hollyoaks, Jeremy?

Jeremy: What I was doing got cut short because of Covid. I will be back at some point but I can’t say more than that. They’ve had to cut the numbers of actors they can use on set so it’s hard to bring people back and do big storylines. It’s just playing a waiting game.

It was reported you’d quit for good…

Jeremy: No, I just got in a mood and was reacting because people were being mean on social media. People expect me to look like I did when I was 22, which is ridiculous. Then I saw it and thought, “Oh God, I look awful and heavy.” I’ve dropped loads of weight now. I think I look slimmer and I’m happier for it. I also think a lot of people weren’t happy with the end of the storyline. I did get a huge amount of positive stuff and loads of fan clubs were set up. When I go back I’ll be in a better place, I’ll look better and have a bigger storyline.

Were comments on your weight upsetting?

Jeremy: Yeah, it upset me at the time. People say ignore it, but it’s hard. But I’m a bit sensitive.

Lydia: It’s tough. People can be so horrible.

Jeremy: But I wasn’t happy with myself. I didn’t like where I was at. It was hard being stuck in all the time and I was aware when I looked in the mirror things didn’t fit properly and my face looked fat. I was angry at myself.

How much weight have you lost?

Jeremy: A stone. Now I want to get super fit and strong. I feel back to my old self and I’m looking forward to the future. I’m very happy. The kids are amazing and I’m happy concentrating on my family.

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