Jhené Aiko Shares ‘Vote’ From ‘Black-ish’ Election Special

Jhené Aiko has dropped a new song, “Vote” for the “Black-ish” election special.

The song featured during the first episode of the two-part, “Black-ish” election special, which aired on Sunday, October 4 on ABC. The singer raised awareness among her fans to use their power of voting during the upcoming presidential election.

“Now more than ever it is vital that we all VOTE,” said Aiko. “It was an honor working with ‘Black-ish’ to bring you this song.”

“I just want to get to the ballot/ I just want to feel like I’m valid,” Aiko sings on the track. “It’s the best way to make my voice heard/ And it should be automatic/ That’s my American right/ I just wanna focus on my vote.”

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