Kanye West Is Reportedly "Jealous" of the Time Kim Kardashian Has "Dedicated to Prison Reform and the Kids"

There’s another update about what exactly went down in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage as the couple prepares to split after six years. According to an Us Weekly source, “Kanye is jealous of the amount of time Kim has dedicated to prison reform and the kids. Kanye wanted the family to move to Wyoming full-time. It’s where he sees this direction of his life going. Kim just doesn’t see their lives full-time in Wyoming.”


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The couple has reportedly been in marriage counseling, but “haven’t had a joint session together in a while,” so Kim has been meeting with the counselor by herself: “Kim has continued to meet with their marriage counselor in solo sessions. Kim’s singular focus is about how this will impact the kids, and Kanye has been receptive to engaging in those discussions.”

Apparently settlement talks are ongoing as of now, and a source says, “Kim wants the divorce settlement finalized before formally filing.”

Here’s to hoping they work everything out amicably.

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