Kate Middleton To Act As 'Peacemaker' When Prince William & Harry Reunite At Funeral

A family reunion should be a joyous occasion — and it sounds like Kate Middleton is going to make sure of it.

As we’ve been reporting, the Royal Family will be coming together this weekend for the funeral of their patriarch, Prince Philip. That includes Prince Harry, who has been somewhat estranged from his family over the last year, not just because coronavirus quarantine has kept him locked down in the US, but because of his ongoing feud with “The Firm” and his brother Prince William specifically.

It’s unfortunate that the royal brothers’ first meeting in more than a year will take place under such sad circumstances, and their grandfather’s funeral probably isn’t the best place to hash out their differences. Luckily, Will’s wife will be on hand to act as a “peacemaker” for the pair and help them put on a “unified front” for Queen Elizabeth II, according to a source for the Daily Telegraph.

The insider said the future Queen Consort is “hopeful of a resolution” between the dueling dukes. The source shared:

“Being so close to her own siblings, Pippa and James, and having witnessed first-hand the special bond between William and Harry, she has found the whole situation difficult and upsetting.”

They added:

“She is certainly someone who shies away from conflict, and will be hoping to sooth the tensions.”

Nice of Kate to act as the go-between when she was specifically called out by Meghan Markle in the infamous Oprah interview. (In fairness, the actress said the Duchess of Cambridge had apologized personally for making her cry before the wedding, despite the Royal Family never correcting the false story in the press.)

That CBS tell-all only aggravated tensions between the two, but the brothers have reportedly agreed on the solemnity of the occasion. An insider revealed:

“William and Harry have managed to speak on the phone. They very much agree that this week is absolutely about supporting the Queen, the rest of the family and commemorating the life and legacy of their grandfather.”

The source continued:

“They know it is not about them on Saturday — it is about honoring their grandfather’s memory and supporting their grandmother. I would be extremely surprised if that wasn’t front and center of both their minds. They will be keen to spend time together as a family, in the same time zone for once.”

Another insider agreed:

“The entire focus is on the Queen. No exceptions. A family unified.”

Harry may be living a more free American lifestyle, but he and Will grew up learning official protocols and procedures. We have no doubt they can put their personal issues aside and treat this occasion with the appropriate respect. We’re just hoping that they can somehow mend their relationship along the way!

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