Kathryn Dennis Explains Extreme Spending: I Was Irrational!!

Even though Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis boned Whitney Sudler-Smith again, they’re not dating, yet alone married.

Her castmates are struggling to understand why she’s spending money like she’ll one day inherit from Patricia Altschul.

In a new interview, Kathryn is explaining her reckless spending.

Season 6 of Southern Charm has brought a lot of joy to viewers … and a lot of criticisms about Kathryn’s current lifestyle.

The wise Cameran Eubanks openly suggested that Kathryn is burning money by renting her house for $6,000 a month.

(We know that home ownership comes with hidden costs, but it can’t be as bad as what Kathryn’s shelling out)

The striking Naomie Olindo took aim at Kathryn’s needlessly fancy car — a Rolls Royce, calling it “foolish.”

She also pointed out that the public perception of Kathryn living such an opulent lifestyle is “not great.” Optics matter, folks.

In a new interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Kathryn makes it clear that she’s well aware of what her friends have said about her.

“I will say that they were coming from a good place,” Kathryn quickly acknowledges of the criticism.

She suggests that “That conversation got misconstrued and polarized.”

“The spending habits,” Kathryn says. “They know nothing about my spending habits, quite frankly.”

Seeing a girl driving around in a Rolls Royce tells you enough, though, right?

Despite her insistence that her castmates don’t know as much about her business as they think, Kathryn changes her tune.

“In retrospect,” she begins. “After a few more things happened.”

Well, that’s vague as heck.

“I realized whether or not they know what place they were coming from,” Kathryn admits. “I was making irrational, irresponsible decisions regarding money, etc.;”

Better late than never, huh?

“However,” she notes. “I caught myself soon enough.”

“My entire life has been basically making a mistake and learning afterward,” Kathryn points out.

That’s true for everyone, whether we admit it or not. That’s how people learn and grow.

“But luckily,” she says. “I have good friends.”

Kathryn clearly appreciates her friends “who try and help guide me in the right direction.”

Is that her version of a thank you?

“I’m very hard-headed,” Kathryn freely admits.

Deeply relatable.

“So,” Kathryn confesses. “I still kind of will do what I’m going to do.”

“But,” she notes. “Life is a perpetual learning experience.”

It certainly is!

“And,” Kathryn concludes. “I’m trying my best.”

Kathryn Dennis is absolutely right about how everyone is learning and growing from their experiences — including their mistakes.

That said, she is a mother of two.

While her worst mistakes (Thomas Ravenel) are in her past, she does need to make sure that she’s making the best possible decisions for her chidlren’s future.

We know that she has endorsement deals, a furniture line, and a reality career.

But while she’s doing well for herself as a 26-year-old, she doesn’t have the kind of wealth that justifies dropping 6 figures on a car.

Fortunately, she is (now) acting like she knows that.

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