Kellyanne Conway's 1998 Stand-Up Comedy Routine Is Going Viral (Again)

Kellyanne Conway

You may have blocked this out three years ago, but I have some news for you: Kellyanne Conway’s 1998 stand-up comedy routine has gone viral once again.

More than two decades ago — whilst seemingly cosplaying as Rachel Green in a black jumper and yellow long-sleeved shirt, her hair down save for a front piece clipped to the side — the former counselor to President Trump performed an 11-minute routine at a charity benefit.

Warning: This will make you cringe far more than it will make you laugh.

The full routine concludes with a song — a song — about her life in politics. I will describe this performance in as much detail as possible to save you the emotional and physical pain that watching it will no doubt cause. Conway (Fitzpatrick, at the time) dons a red feather boa and begins to sing about her “pundit blues” in a Miss Adelaide-like baby voice — this goes on for two incredibly long minutes. For my own well being, I cannot continue to analyze this footage. I implore you to weigh the pros and cons before you press play.

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