Kerry Katona says shes recovering well following breast reduction surgery

Kerry Katona has assured fans that she’s “recovering well” after undergoing breast reduction surgery.

The 41 year old starrevealed to OK! last week that she was having the procedure, and that she planned on going from an E cup to a C cup.

“I booked in for breast reduction surgery on 29 April,” Kerry told us. “I had a reduction last year, but I wasn’t happy with it. My boobs are far too big!”

“Pall Mall has been absolutely amazing,” she went on. “I’ve never had such great care ahead of surgery. I’m going from an E cup to a C cup, so it’s going to be a drastic change. I can’t bloody wait!”

Kerry’s since had the surgery and quipped that she’s joined the “itty bitty t**ty club”.

“Today is the big day of me joining the itty bitty t**ty club,” she told fans before going into theatre.

"I'm very excited. I'm actually a triple-D which is like an E. I'm hoping to go down to a C or a D."

Praising Pall Mall cosmetic surgeons, she went on: “I cannot praise Pall Mall enough, they have been absolutely amazing.

"I am nervous, my mouth is dead dry. I should be used to this by now, I've been sliced and diced that much I should probably give instructions.

"I'm like a flat pack from Ikea – that leg goes there, that t*t goes there."

Following her surgery, Kerry shared a selfie from home cosied up in her dressing gown.

She wrote on top of it: “Just to be clear I had the op on Friday and I'm recovering very well!"

Kerry’s surgery came after her mum Sue recently suffered a heart attack, leaving the 62 year old feeling “lucky to be alive”.

“I had a tight chest and a pain in my left arm, so I was using the medication I usually take for angina, which is a spray I put under my tongue,” Sue told us.

“Once I’ve taken that, the pain usually goes away. But this time I felt that something wasn’t right. I kept getting a weird pain in my throat and I couldn’t get my head around it.

"This had been going on for a few weeks, and it was happening at least twice a week. And then last Thursday, I experienced the pains again. But it was very intense.”

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