Love Island’s Davide teases marriage as he and Ekin-Su take huge new step

The loved-up couple captured viewers’ hearts during this year’s Love Island, and since leaving the villa Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu and Davide Sanclimenti’s relationship has gone from strength to strength.

The pair, who moved into their first home together in London last week, are now starring in a new ITV2 reality show, Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings. The two-part series will see them go on a road trip to Davide’s beloved Italy and Ekin-Su’s hometown in Turkey, where they meet each other’s family.

When we catch up with the pair, they’re clearly still smitten. Davide, 27, fondly tickles Ekin-Su, 28, throughout the chat, while she refers to Davide as “my man”. They say that despite the odd bicker since coming out of the show, they feel they’ve learnt to communicate and understand each other better.

Here, Ekin-Su reveals Davide is the first boyfriend her mum approves of and Davide says marriage will probably come soon…

Congrats on moving in together!

Ekin-Su: Thank you. We only have a bed and dining table! We’re sick of hotels, we just wanted to get into a house. I want to make homemade meals, I want the normal life now. We’ve been living in suitcases.

Davide: We have a bed and dining table, other things can come after that.

Now you’re living together, are there plans for marriage and children in the future?

Davide: Not yet, we’re just enjoying things. We’re very close to each other, we love each other.

Ekin-Su: You can’t plan marriage. I can’t say, “In a year I’m going to marry.”

Davide: It will come by itself, probably soon.

Ekin-Su: We know we’re good for each other, we’re well-suited, so if he sees me as wife material, that’s good. I can definitely see him as a husband guy, so if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen.

Davide: She’s wife material.

Tell us about your new show…

Davide: We had a very good road trip. We met each other’s families, we had a lovely time.

What was it like meeting Davide’s family, Ekin-Su?

Ekin-Su: It was beautiful. Italian culture is exactly the same as Turkish – family means everything. All the family are very loving, they love Davide, they love to see me. I really felt a part of the family and I miss them. I felt very looked after.

Davide: I felt the same when I was in Turkey.

Ekin-Su: My family love him so much. My mum never approved of any boyfriend until now, she said, “Davide’s a lovely, good guy.” My mum can see through people.

Which of the two places you visited would you settle down in if you had to choose?

Ekin-Su: I just loved how romantic Italy was, especially where Davide’s from. If I was older, retired, had kids and they’d all grown up, I’d go to his hometown.

Davide: Yeah.

Ekin-Su: [To Davide] Oh good, I thought it was just me.

Will we see another side to you in this show?

Davide: You’ll probably see us close to each other, more understanding also. I understand her more since I’ve been to her country and met her family.

Ekin-Su: We’ve actually improved on communication recently. If something was bothering him, he’ll say and I’ll listen, and vice versa. Then we meet in the middle and solve the problem.

What was the most difficult moment during filming?

Ekin-Su: There are times where you can get tired, bicker – you might see us disagreeing on something. But it’s normal, we laugh it off. Every relationship is like that. The difficult thing was we wanted privacy sometimes but we couldn’t because of the filming – it’s a reality show.

Davide: Being filmed 18 hours a day is a bit challenging, but we’ve always been ourselves on this journey. One of the best moments was the Turkish bath and massage.

Ekin-Su: I was laughing.

Davide: I was the only one crying.

And you slept in the motorhome!

Davide: I didn’t expect she was the kind of girl to camp. In the villa I sometimes thought, “She likes only the high life, the exclusive restaurants and nice hotels.” But then you find out that, like me, she likes simple things like cooking, camping – like a normal couple. I think during this road trip we’ve found out more about each other and like each other even more.

Who was doing the driving?

Davide: Me.

Ekin-Su: I had my feet up. I was like, “You know what, you do it, I’m the queen!”

Do you have a favourite dish to cook from each country?

Davide: My favourite is gnocchi, my mum always makes it for my birthday, so now Ekin’s learnt how to make them. She’s very good at it – even my mum said so.

Ekin-Su: He made the best Turkish vine leaves. It’s such a complicated dish – if you can make it, the family approves. He was communicating with my grandmother so well – they don’t even speak the
same language and they understood each other. He loves her and she loves him, they’re besties.

Who are you still in contact with from Love Island?

Ekin-Su: Everyone.

Davide: Everyone and no one.

Have you been invited to the WhatsApp group yet, Davide?

Davide: It’s actually my fault. If you had my English number, WhatsApp would be blocked. Nobody’s got my Italian number.

Ekin-Su: I’m in about 50 WhatsApp groups and I have no time to reply to any of them. No one’s active on there, the last time they had a proper chat was two months ago. I message them individually – I speak to Gemma [Owen] and Tasha [Ghouri] on Instagram.

Paige speculated about the number of couples still together, then Gemma and Luca split last week…

Ekin-Su: We don’t want to answer that, we don’t want to get involved.

Would you be up for another series of your new show?

Ekin-Su: Yeah, 100%. We’d love to go to Japan – it’s quirky. I’d like to explore Japan with my man!

Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings airs Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 November, 9pm, ITV2


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