Love Islands Sharon Gaffka says shes been sent violent messages from vile trolls

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Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka left the villa earlier this week but has already had to speak up about trolls that have been attacking her since her departure.

Speaking on her Instagram story, Sharon spoke about the lengths trolls have gone to to bully her, including exposing her home town.

She said: “I have to address a couple of things. I don’t normally like to give trolls airtime or even space rent free in my head, but this is just something I feel I have to get off my chest.

“I didn’t initially disclose my hometown when going in the villa for personal reasons. I wanted to protect my family first and foremost, and sharing locations and things like that is not safe for anyone – so thank you for those who have done that for me.”

While she admitted that a lot of lovely messages had come through from fans of her time on the show, she stressed that threats and trolling aimed towards her was directed to a human being and not just someone on TV.

She continued: “Second of all, since leaving the villa I’ve had a lot of lovely messages and they definitely outweigh the negative ones.

"But now I’m starting to get some more violent ones and I need to say to put a stop to it.

“At the end of the day, it’s a person you’re saying this to – not a character on a TV show.”

Sharon then spoke about how she would refuse to respond to negative messages aimed her way and pointed towards the ITV Duty of Care protocols as being “incredible” since she left the show.

She finished: “I’m never going to retaliate to these messages, I’m never going to send you anything horrible back. But I just want to say that I’m in a very good position, I’m very f***ing lucky that ITV are incredible and have been insane since I left the villa – I’m sure I can speak for every islander when I say that.

“I have amazing friends, a very strong family support and I’m very fortunate that I have that – but you don’t know if the person you’re sending those messages to has that.

“You don’t know later down the line if your messages could have very horrible consequences and repercussions."

Sharon recently had the best response when someone tried to criticise her for her past employment at McDonalds.

Quickly batting away the negativity when asked if it were true she worked there, She said: "Yeah baby! I'm not ashamed to say i used to serve fries and nuggets when I was 16! (not sure why people think i am or tried to hide it!) Jobs a job.”

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