Maggie Rogers Shares New Single Horses From Upcoming Album

Maggie Rogers recently released a new track, “Horses,” the third single from her forthcoming album, Surrender.

Rogers took to Instagram to announce the arrival of the song, writing, “i love this song with every part of me. ‘Surrender’ is out in 2 wks. can’t believe we’re almost there…”

The track, which Rogers produced and co-wrote with Thomas Edward Percy Hull (Kid Harpoon), begins with soft acoustic guitar and Rogers’ lovely vocals.

“Took me all this long to figure out it’s not worth it if I can’t touch the ground / I see horses running wild I wish I could feel like that for just a minute,” she sings in the bridge, leading to the song’s chorus.

“I’ve never had a day in my life where I have written two songs at once. And I certainly have never had a day where I’ve written three,” Rogers told Apple Music 1. “Started out the day with ‘That’s Where I Am’, came back after lunch and wrote, ‘I’ve Got a Friend’. Came back after dinner and wrote ‘Horses’. And ‘Horses’ is a one take vocal.”

Rogers previously released “That’s Where I Am” and “Want Want” from the upcoming Surrender album, which is due out on July 29.

(Photo: Olivia Bee)

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