Netflix’s Most Streamed Shows of 2021 Revealed (So Far) & the Number 2 Show Is a Surprise!

We’re three months into 2021 and there’s some new data about Netflix‘s most popular television shows so far!

Forbes gathered some information based on the most-popular section on Netflix to reveal the 25 most-watched shows so far throughout the past three months.

Some of the shows on this list should come as no surprise, and the number one show in particular is definitely a popular one!

However, the number two show on this list is definitely a little shocking as it’s not something every person would want to stream.

Let us know what shows you’ve been streaming lately and if any of your favorites are on this list! Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Click through the slideshow to see the top 25 most-streamed shows of 2021 so far on Netflix…

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