Newsmax Duped Into Interviewing Fake Paul Wolfowitz On-Air – for a 2nd Time

And yes, it was the same guy that tricked them three weeks earlier

“While we were covering special 9/11 remembrances and honoring those who had lost their lives, including heroic police officers and firefighters, horribly there were others whose only goal is to lie, deceive, and destroy. They dishonored the memories of true heroes,” a Newsmax rep said in a statement to TheWrap about being duped.

This is the second time in a month that Bichlbaum managed to trick the network. On Aug. 21, “America Right Now,” host Tom Basile also believed he was interviewing Wolfowitz on the phone, in order to get his insights on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

The Yes Men’s original plan was for Bichlbaum to pose as a fake colleague of Wolfowitz’s for the scheduled interview. But when he signed on to chat with the Basile’s producer, Bichlbaum was patched in to the show live… and Basile interviewed him for 11 minutes straight without catching on.

“It’s very clear $2 trillion could have gone to things that Americans could now be proud of, instead of a 20-year unwinnable war,” Bilchbaum said then. “The next time we have two trillion dollars lying around, let’s spend it on something useful like health care or education.”

You can watch that segment in the video below:
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