Oprah Winfrey divides internet as humiliating Dolly Parton interview resurfaces

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A newly resurfaced throwback video of Oprah Winfrey interviewing Dolly Parton has divided the internet.

Back in 2003, country legend Dolly was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she casually joked about her plastic surgery when quizzed about going under the knife.

And eighteen years later, social media is alight with fuming Dolly fans who claim Oprah was trying to "humiliate" the 75 year old singer and was "salty" for "not getting the reaction she wanted" after her probing questions.

"I feel like Oprah wanted her to be embarrassed but ms dolly said "nope"," one person tweeted while another added: "Not oprah looking mad asf when Dolly didn't react."

Another person tweeted: "I love me some Dolly, Oprah really wanted her to crack under pressure which is gross of her, but go off."

The fury kicked off when a TikTok user shared a throwback video of the interview, which has now generated more than 2.5million views.

"How are you defying age, Dolly? Whatcha doing?" Oprah asked Dolly in the clip.

Dolly joked: "Oh I don't know, I'm a cartoon so I just look the same all the time!"

Oprah replied: "But you've been open about that you've had some work done. Some tucks and pulls and sucks?"

The Jolene hitmaker hilariously responded: "Yes, I have, and I'll have some more when I need 'em!"

Sitting alongside Shania Twain, she added: "I have a funny thing I was telling the girls, all the girls that are singing on the tribute album, a lot of them are very young.

"I was already into plastic surgery when they were still sleeping on plastic sheets!"

Meanwhile, other's were not offended over the interview and stated that Dolly regularly took a light-hearted approach when it came to discussing the cosmetic work she has done.

"Oprah wasn't trying to embarrass her. Dolly's very open about all the work she's had done, and jokes about it all the time," said one person.

Another added: "This is getting ridiculous. Oprah did her job, and Dolly and Oprah enjoyed there time together. This is not the rodeo for either of them. This sensitivity is going way overboard."

A third wrote: This is another senseless beef. These women are two of the biggest baddest self-made women on the planet. You don't tear down female icons, you aspire to break as many glass ceilings as them. A good portion of the world is literate bc of impact that Oprah & Dolly have made."

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