Paramore Clarify Reflective Holiday Post Is ‘Not A Breakup Announcement’

Paramore recently took to Instagram to share a post reflecting on the band’s time together but quickly clarified that it is not a breakup announcement.

The band last performed in September 2018 and stayed quiet till they posted a muted video in June.

The band wrote on Instagram: “Happy holidays and stuff from the kids who stuck together. from post-school carpools to and from band practice… to traveling the world to play our songs. even to flying across the country to support each other in our own respective adventures.

we’ve known each other through every phase of life thus far… still so much more to go! 6 months from now all 3 of us will be in our 30’s. not sure how that happened. we should also say thanks to you, while we’re here, for carrying the torch for the band and believing in all the ways we’ve found to create. we love us and we love you too.”

After that post, Paramore took to their Instagram Story clarifying they are not breaking up.

“New emosh holiday post before we sign off!” the story post reads. “No, it’s not a breakup announcement, weirdos.”

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