Rhys Stephenson ‘furious’ at previous Strictly contestant Should have been me

Strictly: CBBC presenter Rhys Stephenson revealed in lineup

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Rhys Stephenson is best known as a children’s TV presenter on the channel CBBC. However, now the star is swapping news bulletins for sequins as he joins the Strictly Come Dancing line-up.

Ahead of his appearance in this year’s competition, Rhys opened up to Express.co.uk and other media about his annoyance at a previous contestant.

The presenter was chatting about some memorable dances from previous years when his fury at Will Bayley came up.

He explained: “With Will Bayley, I was a fan but I was also furious because he got to be Pokemon.

“I was like, of all the people that should have been me!” the star went on to joke.

“But you know what? He did a great job,” Rhys continued.

“That Poke-Doble was phenomenal, it was great.

“I just wish that I could have been the one to do it.

“But you know what? He held his own.”

Strictly fans will remember back in October 2019, Will performed the dance with his partner Janette Manrara.

The 31-year-old Paralympian performed a Paso Doble to the show’s theme tune.

He and his partner Janette became Ash Ketchum and Pikachu for the series’ Movie Week.

Chatting ahead of the show’s 2021 launch, Rhys also opened up about why he wanted to take part in the show this year.

He said: “I’ve been a fan since this Jay McGuiness’ year, I think that’s 2017.

“I just loved it from then on. I just always loved the idea of doing such a cool routine to really great music.

“Sometimes I’d even listen on my iPod and stuff and be like, ‘That’d be a really good song for Strictly.’”

Rhys went on to add how when he saw his CBBC co-star Karim Zeroul perform on the show, it seemed like it could be a possibility for him.

“It’s always been like a little pipe dream that I’ve kept to myself,” he continued.

“Then seeing Karim doing it two years ago and seeing how much fun he had that made me realise, ‘Oh my gosh, this show is as awesome as seems.’”

Strictly Come Dancing launches on BBC One on Saturday, September 18.

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