Ricky Gervais Calls Tom Hanks ‘Privileged’ for Thinking He’s ‘Above’ Golden Globe Jokes

The British comedian fires back at the celebrities including the ‘Forrest Gump’ star who failed to see the funny side of his monologue at the Golden Globe Awards early this year.

AceShowbizRicky Gervais has opened up on his infamous Golden Globes speech from earlier this year (20).

The comic took aim at “woke” celebrity culture, which generated some laughs in the audience during his time as the host of the awards ceremony, but one star who struggled to see the funny side of the monologue was Tom Hanks.

The “Forrest Gump” actor was seen cringing during Ricky’s skit, with his reaction soon becoming a viral meme – and the funnyman has now slammed Tom as “privileged” for thinking he’s “above” the joke.

Speaking on Christian O’Connell‘s “Stuff of Legends” podcast, “The Office” creator said, “The big meme was Tom Hanks going: ‘Why is he saying that?’ “

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“And people are going, ‘Oh look he’s on his high horse.’ But when Leonardo DiCaprio laughed, people loved him for it,” he shared. “I could say a lot worse things about them, but I don’t want it to get really nasty and for no reason.”

He continued, “I think people who laugh at a joke, they get a round of applause because people go, ‘Oh that’s good, they can take it,’ we don’t want people to be above it.”

“We even let people be privileged as long as they say, ‘I know I’m privileged but I’m nothing really,’ we don’t like people to go ‘Oh I deserve it, how dare you talk to me like that.’ “

“And we sense that, if we really think these people start believing their own hype, we want to bring them down a peg or two.”

Ricky has since insisted he won’t host the prizegiving again following his 2020 stint, insisting when asked, “Never gonna happen.”

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