Shinji Aoba: What we know about the Kyoto Animation arson attack suspect

Shinji Aoba has been identified as the man suspected of setting Kyoto Animation studio on fire on Thursday morning. Japanese officials confirmed that 33 people died and more than 36 were injured, with 10 of the injured in critical condition at the hospital.

Most of those who died in the fire were believed to have been killed by carbon dioxide inhalation, Reuters reported.

According to eyewitnesses, Aoba, looking angry and agitated, broke into KyoAni studio in the Uji suburb of Kyoto Prefecture on Thursday morning, doused the building with flammable liquid, and yelled “die!” as he ignited the liquid, believed to be gasoline.

Police arrested the suspected arsonist, who suffered burns to his face, chest, and legs, during the arson attack,  and took him to the hospital.

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