Sir Tom Jones breaks silence after his post-surgery health sparks fear

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Sir Tom Jones, scared fans earlier this year after revealing he had to postpone a concert due to health concerns. The 82-year-old had remained relatively quiet on social media ever since until his surprise appearance in James Corden’s new series Mammals. 

Sir Tom’s fans have been on careful watch over the star as his ailing health seemed to be getting the better of him over the past year. 

However, the Sexbomb hitmaker happily shared a positive health update on Twitter on Wednesday, and doesn’t appear to be planning on hanging his hat up any time soon. 

The musical sensation surprised fans last night when he revealed he is officially on the mend after an uncertain year. 

He proudly tweeted: “Papa has two new hips now! 

“For all those concerned and sent in well wishes, I am pleased to report my recent surgery went very well.

“I’m following orders and doing my physio, so happy to say I will be back soon!”

Fans flocked to Sir Tom’s page celebrating the good news, while some taking light-hearted jabs at the star. 

One wrote: “Well Sir Tom, time has caught up at long last on the gyrating hips.”

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Another said: “Dear Tom, I had been so worried about your health that is the best news that I have received today.”

Sir Tom already had his left hip replaced in 2017. 

The star had admitted in September that he was “just biding my time now until I can get a new hip”.

During his stage shows, Tom has told audiences he could only perform around four songs before his remaining real hip began causing problems. 

The star gave an insight into his stage shows, highlighting that he used to sit down for the song Windmills of your Mind and then stand to continue the show once the song finished. 

However, performing in California in October the singer sparked more concerns. 

He was seen using a cane to help him stand and spent the majority of the show sat down. 

This sight worried fans, bearing in mind that he had already postponed a concert in July due to health concerns. 

The Delilah singer had to postpone his Budapest appearance, sending the internet wild with rumours, including claims that Sir Tom had appeared, but later collapsed on stage.

Those rumours were squashed by Sir Tom himself on social media. 

He revealed the real health concern that plagued his tour was a recent diagnosis of viral laryngitis. 

Most recently, the star proved he wasn’t going anywhere with a delightful cameo in the new Amazon Prime Video drama series Mammals. 

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