'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown says she has more 'freedom' in a plural marriage than a monogamous union

‘Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown, four spouses explain the motivation to chronicle their ‘plural marriage’

‘Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown, along with his four spouses, explain the motivation to chronicle their ‘plural marriage’ for hit TLC series.

Christine Brown isn’t tempted to give up her plural marriage for a monogamous relationship.

“I’ve never been a monogamous [person], never,” the “Sister Wives” star recently told Us Weekly. “It’s so out there and beyond my understanding to have a guy around every night. I felt, like, it would cramp my style a lot because I’ve never had that as soon as Kody and I married. I was the third wife. And so, I really liked the independence that I have and I love the freedom that I have.

“I love that I can just have those evenings where I’m wearing the grossest, most comfortable clothes ever and I’m just, you know, curled up on the couch with the girls, eating popcorn and playing games or something,” the 48-year-old shared.

According to Brown, one perk of being in a plural marriage is that your husband isn’t always around.

Kody Brown and his four wives have a combined 18 children.

“That’s the deal,” the reality TV star told the outlet. “I don’t have a guy around all the time. I have so much freedom. If I’m, like… ‘We’ve got to go to Sedona for the day’ [with the girls], we just go to Sedona for the day… We go on these beautiful drives and we have adventures. Oh my gosh, there would always be someone else I’d have to talk to about it [in a more traditional relationship].”

Brown admitted that monogamous relationships just seem “like a lot of work.” However, she said plural marriages have their own set of challenges.

“I do have to do repairs myself,” she said. “Like, if a fridge breaks down, I have to call the appliance guy. But I think after a while, you just get used to it.”

According to the outlet, Brown entered a spiritual union with Kody Brown, 52, in 1994. They are parents to Aspyn, 26, Mykelti, 24, Paedon, 22, Ysabel, 18, Gwendlyn, 19, and Truely, 10.

‘Sister Wives’ has been airing on TLC since 2010 and recently launched its 15th season.
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“Sister Wives” has been airing on TLC since 2010 and recently launched its 15th season.

Kody’s first and only legally recognized marriage was in 1990 to Meri, The New York Times previously reported. The pair originally met in 1989 through mutual friends and tied the knot six months later when she was 19 and he 22. Five years later, they welcomed their daughter Mariah. The newspaper shared that Kody’s second wife Janelle came in 1993, followed by Brown a year later.

Kody and Meri divorced in 2014, AZCentral.com reported. He legally married his fourth wife, Robyn, so that he could adopt her children from a previous relationship. Kody has previously said he is “spiritually” married to Meri, Janelle and Christine.

Kody and his four wives have a combined 18 children.

(L-R) TV personalities Meri Brwon, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown speak during the ‘Sister Wives’ panel during the 2010 Summer TCA press tour held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 6, 2010, in Beverly Hills, California.
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Being married to more than one person, or bigamy, is illegal across the United States. The law in Mormon-heavy Utah is considered stricter because of a unique provision that bars married people from living with a second “spiritual spouse.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints abandoned polygamy in 1890 and strictly prohibits it today. The Browns consider themselves fundamentalist Mormons.

Back in 2019, Brown told Fox News that the family has agreed on not considering a fifth wife anytime soon.

“We really took the fifth wife thing off the table a long time ago,” said Brown. “And because we don’t want to snub the concept, we’ve always sort of been very casually dismissing it, and I think that’s one reason the question keeps coming up. But it’s technically been off the table as long as we’ve done the show.”

"Sister Wives" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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