So Tom Holland Challenged Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to Do Shirtless Handstands

On the path to peak quarantine celebrity: the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who are now Instagram-challenging each other to carpeted feats of strength, balance, and not-so-subtle Insta-flexing of their very sculpted back muscles.

“Okay, thanks @Olieg for this impossible challenge,” Tom Holland said on Instagram before doing a shirtless handstand against a wall and then putting on a Yankees t-shirt. He then nominated Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Good to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man training is (somewhat) paying off 🙃

(via @TomHolland1996 | IG)

First off: sucks for Mets nation that Queens-native Peter Parker is actually a Bronx Bombers fan. It also sucks for Ryan, who responded to the video by staring into his phone’s camera today for twelve seconds before exclaiming (Deadpool voice): “Noooo.”

Ryan Reynolds gives a very appropriate response after being tagged in Tom Holland’s strenuous IG fitness challenge 😬

(via @VancityReynolds)

But not to be outdone, Jake answered, doing the shirt trick faster (?), shouting out to a local business (Russ & Daughters), and then challenging his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Jake also had the added challenge of fitting the shirt over his man bun. So extra points for him!

Jake via IG Stories #2

Of course, Ryan was right to find the challenge a bit unfair. Tom received dance and gymnastics training as a young(er) kid. And also, he’s Spider-Man. Still, Tom’s athleticism landed him in trouble once when he was peer-pressured into attempting a backflip on set. He ended up breaking his nose!

Needless to say, the “impossible challenge” ought to be attempted carefully and with someone close by just in case. Always use a spotter.

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