So, was Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss’s falling out really about Scooter Braun?

Incredible cover @karliekloss!! Could not be prouder to be on this journey with you. Your greatest beauty is your love for others and we love you. Congrats! @britishvogue @edward_enninful #StevenMeisel @elainewelteroth

Scooter Braun posted this Instagram of Karlie Kloss’s British Vogue cover. It’s the same cover and cover story where she talked about converting to Judaism for Joshua Kushner and all of that. The interview came out after Karlie Kloss and Joshua had gone through their second wedding celebration, which was cowboy-themed in Wyoming. Interestingly enough, the Wyoming wedding was reviewed again by old-school Kaylor people. “Kaylor” was the portmanteau of Karlie and Taylor Swift, and there was a huge fanbase of shippers who believed that Karlie and Taylor were actually together, and romantically involved. If it happened – and I don’t know if it did – it was over years ago, because Karlie and Taylor have been on the outs for several years now. Basically, since Reputation, 2016/17.

Anyway, it’s all connected, I promise. Scooter Braun is Karlie’s manager. Scooter Braun was one of the guests at Karlie’s Wyoming wedding. Scooter and Karlie are tight. Is it possible that Taylor Swift decided that Scooter Braun was responsible for The Receipts of 2016, and that was when Taylor decided to cut out all of Scooter’s clients from her life, or at the very least, keep those people at a distance? Was the Kaylor fallout always about Scooter Braun, especially given what we know now about how Taylor believes Scooter has been waging a bullying campaign against her, through his clients?

We’ve gotten a few tips about this theory of the Kaylor breakup, and honestly, the timeline fits perfectly. The Receipts of 2016 – where Kim Kardashian posted Taylor and Kanye’s phone conversation on Snapchat – was the moment Taylor shifted so much in her life. In the months that followed, Tiddles burned brightly then burned out. Taylor’s squad was basically disassembled. She started her super-private thing with Joe Alwyn. She began recording Reputation. And on and on. It was also when Karlie and Taylor just stopped hanging out so much, almost like Taylor phased her out.

Anyway, the fact that Scooter posted Karlie’s British Vogue cover on his Instagram has reminded the Snake Fam that Karlie is managed by Scooter and that Karlie and Scooter are still tight. And that Scooter went to Karlie’s wedding and Taylor Swift didn’t. It’s all connected, isn’t it?

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